2014 RULES Universally Challenged APRIL

Cyber Security Challenge UK: “Universally Challenged” Competition 2014/15
Rules & Other Info
Thank you for getting involved in Cyber Security Challenges’ “Universally Challenged” Code Breaking
Competition 2014/15.
Why should you take part?
 It’s fun
 This competition allows inclusion of international students to participate as entrants of the teams.
 Your code/puzzle will be reviewed and assessed by a panel of industry experts before we unleash it
to other university teams to play.
 You will get the chance to test personal skills and watch a leader board showing fellow University
team scores from across the UK.
 You will receive feedback and a certificate of entry from industry; raise the reputation of your
University’s capability and your team could be crowned winners at a Cyber Security Challenge UK
event in 2015.
 Your profile will be raised via PR through our social media and press coverage capability.
How do you win?
You create a cool cipher and crack as many others as your team can. If you find innovative ways to link it to
your course or Professors...then great!
Intro: What makes a good code breaking puzzle? An example of one of ours is here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4Odla8I0Hs that was an easy one, but it gives you the idea!
A. Think of a great name for your team/entry. Create a Twitter handle for it and follow us
@Cyberchallenge and here: @stephkayaks then we can keep in touch!
B. The output of any encryption or encoding must be in UK English.
C. Codes/puzzles that require brute force or dictionary attacks should be computationally possible,
within a reasonable time frame. The success of completing your challenge should be a test of lateral
thinking and problem solving, not computational power and resources.
So for example, the use of an exceptionally long, random string as an encryption key is not
[Codes/puzzles that are considered to be unreasonably complicated will incur penalties: i.e.
reduction of points when reviewed by the Panel. Plus are more likely to receive negative feedback
about entertainment value from Students away from the Leader board]
NOTE: Professionals currently working in the cyber security industry are not allowed to take part
Universally Challenged 2014/15 | [Pick the date]
The following technical rules will be checked, so please stay within the guidelines:
A. Email [email protected] Using your team name in the subject box
when you have completed your cipher by latest: 31st OCTOBER 2014
B. I will need you to send me the description of how to crack your code/cipher separately.
C. You will receive an invitation to an online [DROP BOX/A.N. Other] folder created for your
D. The Challenge Panel will check that it meets the technical rules and requirements of the
E. ALL Games will be published by 31st DECEMBER 2014 –giving everyone the same start time to play!
The industry panel will award marks out of ten in each of the following categories, whilst assessing
different elements of your development and breaking.
1. Ingenuity/imagination
2. Lateral thinking in creation
3. Sense of Humour
Points will be deducted in cases where ciphers have been made to be almost impossible or deemed
unfeasible to complete. Creative License will be given to the panel to decide number points to be
deducted and won!
10 points will be awarded to each university on successful completion of another Code/Puzzle. This
will show automatically on the leaderboard!
Send us a hi-res University Logo, when submitting a Team Entry.
The Challenge retains the right to use the IP and NAME of each code/puzzle entry for all other
candidates that register’s via the Challenge website.
The Challenge will always use the university NAME and LOGO, to show who created the game.
Gameplay enquiries to: Steph Aldridge: [email protected]
I would like to highlight the below you tube clip: if you can get your code/puzzle linked to this we’d like
to know HOW! https://cybersecuritychallenge.org.uk/___newsflash___.php
NOTE: Professionals currently working in the cyber security industry are not allowed to take part
Universally Challenged 2014/15 | [Pick the date]