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The Connection
Pickens Presbyterian Church
February 2015
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Beloved Friends,
Ash Wednesday, February 18, will be here soon. Your church has planned for a meaningful Lenten experience. An
Ash Wednesday Service is planned along with meaningful worship services throughout the season of Lent. We will
participate in the Pickens Ministerial Association’s Lenten luncheon series with a worship service and lunch
following each Tuesday of Lent. Through the Christian Education Committee, wonderful educational classes are
planned on what it means to be a Presbyterian. To many people, the season of Lent is still a little confusing. I think
the time of Lent is a wonderful time to reflect on our life with Jesus Christ and how we can become closer to him. To
help explain the season of Lent, I have copied below an article entitled The Paschal Mystery which is an excerpt from
the Companion to the Book of Common Worship (Geneva Press, 2003 110-111).
What we hear during Lent is the power and possibility of the paschal mystery, and that the way of the
cross, the way to Easter, is through death. To appropriate the new life that is beyond the power of death
means we must die with Christ who was raised for us. To live for Christ, we must die with him. New
life requires a daily surrendering of the old life, letting go of the present order, so that we may embrace
the new humanity. “I die every day!” asserts Paul (1 Corinthians 15:31). Resurrection necessitates death
as a preceding act. The church’s peculiar Lenten claim is that in dying we live, that all who are baptized
into Christ are baptized into his death. To be raised with Christ means one must also die with Christ. In
order to embrace the resurrection, we must experience the passion of Jesus. The way of the cross, the
way to Easter, is through death of the “old self.” In dying, we live.
Therefore, at the beginning of Lent, we are reminded that our possessions, our rulers, our empires, our
projects, our families and even our lives do not last forever. “You are dust, and to dust you shall return”
(Genesis 3:19). The liturgies throughout Lent try to pry loose our fingers, one by one, from presumed
securities and plunge us into unknown baptismal waters, waters that turn out to be not only our death
tomb but surprisingly our womb of life. Rather than falling back into nothingness, we fall back on
everlasting arms. Death? How can we fear what we have already undergone in baptism?
It is the power of the resurrection on the horizon ahead that draws us into repentance toward the cross
and tomb. Through the intervention of God’s gracious resurrection, lifelong changes in our values and
behavior become possible. By turning from the end of the “old self” in us, Lenten repentance makes it
possible for us to affirm joyfully, “Death is no more!” and to aim toward the landscape of the new age.
Faithfully adhering to the Lenten journey of “prayer, fasting and almsgiving” leads to the destination of
During the final week, Holy Week, we hear the fullness of Christ’s passion, his death, and resurrection.
From Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and on to the Triduum (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and
Holy Saturday), all of Holy Week focuses on the passion. As his followers, we travel Christ’s path of
servanthood through the Lord’s Supper and the suffering of the cross toward the glory of Easter, all of
which underscores the inseparable link between the death and resurrection of Jesus.
I hope this explanation helps. And I hope you are able to find a way to get closer to God in whatever way will work
for you. If you have any questions or would like help finding resources, please contact Jessica Varney or myself.
May you have a blessed and enriched Lenten season!
Blessings and Peace,
Our Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration
By Jay Pence
Pictures by Rocky Nimmons, Bill Ranson, and Jessica Varney
The celebration began as folks gathered in All Saints Hall for fellowship and warm beverages. The Rev. Beverly
Kelly offered a prayer before we departed for our walk to the front of the Court House. Participation in the
ceremony by persons from our church included, on the program, Zig Boroughs, who led the pledge of
allegiance, and Rev. Nath Briley, who offered a prayer.
All three speakers presented important messages. Mayor Pro Tem Fletcher Perry recalled his boyhood when he
went to the rear entrance of the store to buy a hot dog and when there were separate water fountains in the court
house for each race. He is thankful that none of the children seated on the court house steps will ever have those
experiences. Sheriff Rick Clark reported statistics on traffic stops that demonstrate that there is no racial
profiling. He said that as long as he can speak directly with citizens of Pickens County there will be no incidents
like Ferguson and New York City. On January 24, he participated in a community conversation on policing to
be held in Liberty. The main speaker was the Rev Artis Bufford, pastor of Easley Union Missionary Baptist
Church. Referring to the biblical Joseph, he elaborated on the importance of dreamers, and Bufford urged his
listeners not to become comfortable in their “Egypt” but to march on toward the Promised Land. And let us not,
like Rip Van Winkle, sleep through major changes taking place in our country.
As listeners began their walk to Griffin Ebenezer Baptist Church for light lunch, the choir led in singing “We
Shall Overcome.”
Lunch provided the opportunity for fellowship and for a service project, stuffing envelopes for a mailing by
Family Promise. After lunch several persons went to the homes of recipients of Meals on Wheels to help them
with small tasks they could not perform. The Day of Service is a collaborative effort of iHOPE (I Help Out
Pickens Everyday) and Meals on Wheels. The next Day of Service will be February 13 (Presidents’ Day).
Families, groups and individuals wishing to participate can call 864 868-4897. There will be more information
provided at churches and the newspapers.
The day of celebration provided fellowship for the two races, recognition of the good relationship we have, and
the challenge to continue marching with truly full acceptance of all people.
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VBS 2015
“In God we live, move, and exist.” Acts 17:28a CEB
Coming to PPC June 22-26, 2015!
Youth News
Our Junior and Senior High Youth will be collecting canned goods and
monetary donations on Sunday, February 1st. All donations will be used to feed
hungry people in our community. Souper Bowl Sunday is a nationwide event
that started with a simple prayer spoken by a seminary intern serving at Spring
Valley Presbyterian Church in Columbia, SC, “Lord, even as we enjoy the
Super Bowl football game, help us be mindful of those who are without a bowl
of soup to eat.” Remember to bring your donations on the first Sunday in February and take part
in this wonderful event led by our Youth. Together we can “tackle hunger!”
“Rooted and Reaching” February 22, 2015
The Youth will be leading morning worship at PPC!
A special offering will be collected on Youth Sunday which will help our youth afford
the cost of attending the summer Montreat conferences. Your generosity is deeply
appreciated by our youth.
Youth Schedule for February:
February 1 – Souper Bowl of Caring and Super Bowl Parties
The Jr High Party will be at the home of Jessica and Jonathan Haines
The Sr High Party will be at the home of Maria Ferguson
Youth will meet at the church at 6:00pm to travel to their parties. Youth will return to the church for
parent pick-up following the halftime show.
February 8 – Youth Fellowship – Youth Sunday Planning
February 15 – Youth Fellowship – Youth Sunday Planning
February 22 – Youth Sunday!
February 27-28 – Junior High Youth Lock-In
Confirmation Schedule: Sundays from 4:30pm – 5:20pm
February 1 – “Can We Talk” lesson beginning at 5:00pm instead of 4:30pm to coordinate with the
change in time for the Youth Super Bowl Parties
February 8 – “There is a Time” Lesson with Mentor
February 15 – “Can’t Keep It to Myself” Guest Teacher
February 22 – “Nailing it” and “Shaping Up”
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Ash Wednesday Worship
Come worship on Ash Wednesday, February 18, 2015.
We will have a meal (soup, salad, sandwich, and dessert) at 6:00pm and worship beginning at 7:00pm.
Wonderful Wednesday Lenten Soup Series
Wonderful Wednesday will be a Lenten Soup Series this spring. You can come together with your
church family in the middle of the week and be fed, body and soul. Join us for a light meal each
Wednesday beginning at 6:00pm. We will have delicious suppers with soups, sandwiches, salad, and
dessert. The cost for the meal is $6.00 per adult, $4 per child (11 and under), and $20.00 family
maximum. In order to be good stewards, we will have reservations for this series. You are encouraged
to indicate your attendance using the insert in the worship bulletin. Also, an email will be sent out on
Monday mornings. Following the meal, we will have various classes for all ages.
Nursery will be led by Ginger Chastain.
Children will be led by Holly Harden.
A Youth Program will be offered.
Please join us for the adult education opportunity focusing on Presbyterian beliefs. Whether you
are new to the church or a long time member, we hope you will enjoy hearing from various
ministers from across our Presbytery.
“What Presbyterians Believe About…”
“Election and Predestination” by The Rev. Dr. Allen McSween on February 25th
“Creeds and Confessions” by The Rev. Tom Malone on March 4th
“Sacraments” by The Rev. Mary Morrison on March 11th
“Scripture” by The Rev. Deborah Foster on March 18th
“Baptism” by The Rev. Dr. Dennis Tedder on March 25th
Pickens Ministerial Association Lenten Series
The Pickens Ministerial Association is sponsoring the Community Lenten Luncheon series. Everyone
in the community is invited to worship, fellowship, and break bread together. All services are on
Tuesday at noon with lunch to follow.
February 22
March 3
March 10
March 17
March 24
Pickens View Wesleyan Church
Holy Cross Catholic Church
Grace United Methodist Church
Faith Chapel Lutheran Church
Pickens Presbyterian Church
April 3
Good Friday Service at the Seventh-day Adventist Church. There will be no lunch
served following the Good Friday service.
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Lenten Sunday School Options
During the season of Lent, Lenten studies will be offered during Sunday school. Please take this
opportunity during this special season of the church year to come to Sunday school and enjoy studying
the Scriptures together.
The Ashers Class – taught by Gaye Mouritzen will be studying Jesus’ Final Week from the LifeGuide
series. This class meets in the Session Room.
A Lenten Study will be led by Larry and Anne Jennings in The Carmical Room. This study was
written by Anne’s niece, Columbia Seminary student, Marilyn Tucker, and will invite participants to
use the season of Lent as an intentional time to draw closer to God. Over the course of Lent,
participants will read the Gospel of John and will explore and discuss several of the spiritual practices,
such as “Saying Yes and Saying No”, “Household Economics”, and “Keeping Sabbath” found in the
book “Practicing Our Faith” edited by Dorothy C. Bass. It is hoped that the cultivation of such
spiritual practices will enrich the lives of participants long after Lent is over.
The Fellowship Class – taught by Rev. Nath Briley and Amy Briley will be studying Mosaic: When
God Uses All the Pieces. Examine how the God of the universe uses the broken pieces of our lives to
reframe our purpose, turning our discarded hopes and dreams into something beautiful and useful—a
mosaic in which God uses all of the pieces. The author says, "This journey will take us along the same
path Jesus walked in the days surrounding his journey to Jerusalem. We will see the similarities to our
own stories as well as the lessons we should pick, like pebbles along the path." This class meets in the
The Seekers Class is “bookclubbing” through the Gospel of Mark as well as using excerpts from The
End of Mark and the Ends of God. Jo Anne Gessell facilitates the discussions. This class meets in the
McJunkin Room.
Presbytery Update
In my sermon on January 25, I alluded to the vote of Presbytery at the meeting that afternoon. The
Presbytery was to vote to make some changes to our constitution. As many of you may know, the
constitution of the PC(USA) consists of the Book of Order and the Book of Confessions. Our
Presbytery voted and approved to add a new confession (The Confession of Belhar) to the Book of
Confessions. There needs to be a 2/3 vote of all of the presbyteries to add to the Book of Confessions.
There were many amendments voted on for our Book of Order. They all passed including the
controversial amendment about marriage. The basis of the proposed change is “Marriage involves a
unique commitment between two people, traditionally a man and a woman, to love and support each
other for the rest of their lives.” All amendments need a simple majority of the all of the presbyteries
to pass. There is an important fact that has not changed about marriage: All marriages on church
property must be approved by session.
If you want more information about any issues of the PC(USA), please go to
If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me. As always your elders are available for
questions and concerns, as well.
Blessings and Peace,
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Children’s Choir
The Children’s Choir meets in the Choir Room on Wednesdays at 5:30pm. Donna Simms, June
Harden, and Donna Nabors lead the children each week. The Children’s Choir will not be meeting the
first Wednesdays of February and March (February 4th and March 4th).
Women’s Circle
The Eve Circle will meet on Monday, February 2nd at7:00pm at the home of Penny Perkins. Carpoolers
please meet at the church to depart at 6:30pm. The Sarah Emily Circle will meet on Tuesday, February
3rd at 9:45am at the church hosted by Jane Townsend and Christa Schwab. Gaye Mouritzen will lead
the study.
The women of the church enjoy making
beautiful, cozy blankets for children in the
Family Promise of Pickens County
program. If you would like to participate,
watch for future “No-Sew Fleece Blanket
Work Days” to be announced.
Words of Thanks
Thank you much for the cards and cookies at Christmas time. Your continued love shows.
Mal Newton
February Birthdays
Anne Jennings
Caleb Briley, Nancy Goldsmith
Jayden Harden, Debbie Teeple
Caroline Bowen, Thomas Cribbs
Ralph Perkins
Jonathan Glenn, Maggie Morris
Mack Swayngham
Thomas Holland
Teri Lilland
Kerry Owen
Deborah Hendricks
Pamela Marsh, June Simms
Will Varney
Ken Acker, Kaity Stokes
Faye Padgett, Miller Townsend
Megan Cole
Joe Gessell
Ken Roper
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Our Church Family
“I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers.” Ephesians 1:16
Please remember the following in your prayers.
Susan Acker
Pat Boney
Jean Bryson
Marian Givens
Jeanne Hagood
Al and Bonnie Henderson
Musette Hoefer
Jonathan Holder
Donna Nabors
Mal Newton
Family and Friends of Members:
Betty, friend of Roy and Arvilla Stoddard
Brenda Fishpaw, aunt of Tina LaFoy
Carolyn Webb, mother of Cyndi Banks
Chris Ferguson, husband of Maria Ferguson
Chrisey Lowe, cousin of Lisa Thomas
Eleanor Hawkins, mother of Debbie Teeple
Gyneth Tilley, mother of Leo Tilley
Inka Josefson, mother of Len
Kali Rivers, granddaughter of Patti Rivers
Kim, daughter of Patti Rivers
Margaret Taylor, cousin of Tina Lafoy
Mary Lucas, aunt of Patti Rivers
Pat Garrett, brother of Della Black
Thomas and Jamey Dodd, in-laws of Cheryl Reece
The family and friends of Jessie Hampton Holliday
The family and friends of Edward W. Kelly, III.
The family and Friends of Ann Powers
The family and Friends of Ruby Holliday
The family and Friends of Lois Griggs
Hank Owens
Taylor Owens
Cheryl Reece
Wil and Anna Simmons
Lucia Spratt
Arvilla Stoddard
Mack Swayngham
Bill Taylor
Kent Townsend
In the Armed Forces:
Alexander Burgess, Air Force, Zig Borough’s grandson
Ryan Buurman, Air Force, Korea, Carol Marsh’s
Matthew Engel, Army, USA, Aubrey Righetti’s
Jack Folger IV, Army, USA, Fort Riley, Kansas, great
nephew of Jay and Dot Pence
Pat Hanley, long time recovery from injuries sustained in
Iraq, Zig Borough’s grandson’s friend
Rebecca Harper, Army, daughter of Richard and Jennie
John Hyland, long time recovery from injuries sustained
in Iraq, former PPC member
Erica Shehan’s husband
Michael Maynard, Army, USA, David & Kathy
Chamlee’s nephew
Zack Shuler, Air Force, in England, Raymond &
Margaret Dawkins grandson
Victor Wade, Air Force, USA, Al & Bonnie Henderson’s
Missionaries and Mission Partners:
Peru – David and Marilyn Simmons
Michael and Tiffany Simmons
Todd, Stephanie, Naia, Anya, & Kaitlin Edgar
Ghana - The towns of Donkorkrom and Mpraeso
Please call the church office, 864-878-9422, when a concern needs to be added to or taken away from the list.
Thank You.
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Serving One Another
Ushers and Greeters
1 Mary Sue Day
8 David Chamlee
15 Debbie Teeple
22 Anne Jennings
Debbie Carmical and Aubrey Righetti
Mary Holland and David Chamlee
1 Debbie Hendricks
8 Joe Christopher
15 Grayson Lamb
22 Kay Rentz
Toddler and Preschool Church
1 Carole Thomas
8 Martha Brooks
15 Kristen Blackwood
22 Jennifer Roper
Children’s Moment
1 Rev. Nath Briley
8 Rev. Beverly Kelly
15 Jessica Varney
22 Junior High Youth
Pulpit Elder
1 Jay Pence
8 Aubrey Righetti
15 Larry Jennings
22 Teri Lilland
Sunday Morning Refreshments
1 Kay and Leo Tilley
8 Kathy and David Chamlee
15 Jennifer Harper
22 Dianna Morris
Crisis and Celebration Coordinator
Tina La Foy
Sanctuary Guild
Katherine Gitto
Communion Set-Up
Joe and Faye Padgett
Sunday School Superintendent
Debbie Carmical
Youth Meals:
1 Super Bowl Parties
8 Kay Rentz
15 Missie Townsend
22 No Youth, Youth Sunday
Souper Bowl Sunday
9:30 AM Sunday School
10:30 AM Fellowship
11:00 AM Worship
5:00 PM Confirmation
6:00 PM Youth Super
Bowl Parties
11:00 AM Centering
1:30 PM Ministry for
7:00 PM Eve Circle
9:30 AM Sunday School
10:30 AM Fellowship
11:00 AM Worship
4:30 PM Confirmation
5:30 PM Youth
9:30 AM Sunday School
10:30 AM Fellowship
11:00 AM Worship
12:30 PM Session
4:30 PM Confirmation
5:30 PM Youth
Youth Sunday
9:30 AM Sunday School
10:30 AM Fellowship
11:00 AM Worship
4:30 PM Confirmation
11:00 AM Centering
1:30 PM Ministry for
11:00 AM Centering
1:30 PM Ministry for
11:00 AM Centering
1:30 PM Ministry for
9:00 AM Jane B Morris
Service Fund
9:45 AM Sarah Emily
5:00 PM CDV Class
6:30 PM Christian
Education Meeting
9:00 AM Jane B Morris
Service Fund
5:00 PM CDV Class
6:30 PM Worship
9:00 AM Jane B Morris
Service Fund
9:00 AM Jane B Morris
Service Fund
9:45 AM CDC Children's
12:00 PM Rotary
7:00 PM Choir Practice
9:45 AM CDC Children's
12:00 PM Rotary
5:15 PM Evangelism and
Membership Meeting
5:30 PM Children's Choir
7:00 PM Choir Practice
9:45 AM CDC Children's
12:00 PM Rotary
5:30 PM Children's Choir
7:00 PM ASH Wednesday
7:00 PM Choir Practice
9:45 AM CDC Children's
12:00 PM Rotary
5:30 PM Children's Choir
6:00 PM Wonderful
7:00 PM Choir Practice
10:00 AM Book Club
6:00 PM CDC Training
6:00 PM OD Hendricks
High School Reunion
10:00 AM Book Club
6:00 PM Beekeepers
6:00 PM Girl Scouts Meg Cole
6:30 PM Mission and
Outreach Meeting
10:00 AM Book Club
10:00 AM Book Club
6:00 PM Girl Scouts Meg Cole
8:00 AM Beekeepers
7:00 PM Junior High
10:00 AM CDC
Pickens Presbyterian Church
311 West Main Street
P.O. Box 834
Pickens, SC 29671
(864) 878-9422
[email protected]
Ministers: All Members of the Church • Pastor: Rev. Nath
Briley • Parish Associate: Rev. Beverly Kelly • Director of
Christian Education and Communications: Jessica Varney •
Administrative Assistant: Mackenzie Owens • Choir Director:
Ashley Dodgens • Organist: Donna Nabors • The Session:
Cyndi Banks, Mary Sue Day, Jessica Haines, Teri Lilland,
Richard Harper, Larry Jennings, Len Josefson, Jay Pence,
Ralph Perkins, Allison Ranson, Aubrey Righetti, Dennis
Schwab, Robert Simms, Kay Tilley, Matthew Varney
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