Olivet Youth Group Parent Newsletter

Olivet Youth Group
Parent Newsletter
February 2015
Calendar for this month
Super Sunday
5 PM- Super
Bowl Party
9:30 AMBreakfast with
Senior Adults
5:45 PM Youth Worker
9:45 AM- 12
PM- Serve
6-8 PM
5 PM- Youth
Regular Schedule:
5:45 PM Youth Worker
8:30 AM Contemporary Worship Service
9:30 AM Small Group Bible Study
10:40 AM Blended Worship Service
Wednesdays- 5:00-6:15 PM Church Supper
6:30-7:30 PM Youth Group in Refuge
Events this Month:
Sunday, February 1- Super Sunday- Students are encouraged to bring their friends and
lots of cans of soup to donate to the community (I recommend that they put them in the
designated Razorback box outside of the sanctuary). We will have college athletes
coming to speak to the students during Sunday School.
Sunday, February 1, 5 PM- Super Bowl Party- All students are invited to come to
Ashlee and I’s house (319 W 46th Pl, Sand Springs, OK 74063) to hang out and watch
the Super Bowl. Some snacks will be provided but boys are encouraged to bring a 2 liter
and extra snack food and girls are encouraged to bring a dessert. Parking is limited so 1
students need to try to carpool.
Sunday, February 8, 9:30 AM- The youth group will be having a fellowship breakfast
with the Senior adult class before breaking up into their small group classes. Students do
not need to bring anything. They just show up and be ready to hang out with some
awesome senior adults in our church.
Saturday, February 14, 9:45 AM- Youth will need to meet at the Sand Springs
Community Services at 9:45 AM. We will be helping them in any way needed from 10
AM- 12 PM.
Sunday, February 15, 6-8 PM- Bowling at Sahoma Lanes Bowling Center- Students
need to bring $5 and meet at the church by 5:30. We will provide transportation for
them to the Bowling Center. We will bowl from 6-8 and return to the church by 8:30.
Sunday, February 22, 5-6 PM- Youth Meeting- Students may come and share their
ideas for the group, give feedback on previous events, help plan new events, etc. with
me. This is an optional meeting but I encourage all students to attend
Sunday School: The Gospel Project- The God Who Saves
2/1- Big Group (Special Speakers)
2/8- Small Groups (Gospel Project- Sloth)
2/15- Small Groups (Gospel Project- Gluttony)
2/22- Small Groups (Gospel Project- Lust)
Wednesday Nights: One Big God
2/4- Video (Louis Giglio- How Great is Our God)
2/11- Bible Study (Genesis 1:1-5)
2/18- Bible Study (Genesis 1:6-10)
2/25- Bible Study (Genesis 1: 11-19)
Upcoming Events
Local missions: One Saturday a month we will try to do a local missions project to
serve our community. This will generally take place on the SECOND Saturday of the
Monthly fellowships: Starting this month, excluding summer, there will be one event a
month for Students to come and have fun.
Parent Meeting: Next meeting date TBA. I would like to have Parent Meetings
throughout the year. This will be a time for you to share your ideas and visions for the
youth ministry, and for you to get information about upcoming trips, events, etc. All
parents are welcome to come express their ideas and opinions at this time. If you missed
our first parent meeting last month and have any questions or ideas to share with me,
please contact me.
Big Events:
o Spring Break- Mission Trip- 3/15-3/20, Location: Mission Arlington in
Arlington, TX, Price: Between $125-$150. There is a sign up list for students
who are interested in the youth Room. Official sign up packets with more
information will be handed out soon!
o Summer- Falls Creek Youth Camp- 6/29-7/4, Location: Davis, OK, Cost:
around $165. Students who are interested in designing the t-shirt for camp this
year may start submitting designs to me now.
o Fall- Disciple Now Weekend- Date and Location TBD
Extra Opportunities
There are needs within our community that I believe our students have the ability to help
with outside of regularly scheduled youth group events. Whenever anyone comes to me and
asks if we have any teenagers willing to help or volunteer for something, I want to make sure
that both your students and yourself are aware of that. I will announce these opportunities to
your students every time I see them and will help those who are interested get plugged into
the right place.
Day Springs has asked us if we have any students interested in helping with childcare
on Tuesday nights while their mothers are at bible study. Typically it would be from
around 5:30- 7 PM. They have mentioned that they have a hard time finding
volunteers particularly on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of each month. Please let me know
if you have any questions about this or if you or your student might be interested in
helping. This is an opportunity that is open to students as well as their parents! There
is no age limit.
Thoughts for the Month
This section of the newsletter is a chance for me to share with you some thoughts
that will be directed at connecting your heart with your student’s heart. The teenage years
of your student’s lives are crucial in their development into Biblical Men and Biblical
Women. One of my greatest desires in youth ministry is to see students serving the Lord
under the guidance of their parents/guardians. Every parent/guardian has the God-given
role to be the main spiritual influence in their student’s life. It is my role to equip you to be
the best spiritual influencer you can be. I want you to know that I am here to serve you
and do whatever I can to help connect you to your student.
I would like to take this month to personally invite you to be a part of what is going
on in the Youth Ministry. If you see something on the calendar that you would like to be a
part of (Serve Saturday, Wednesday Night, Fellowship Event, etc…) you are more than
welcome to show-up. I would actually encourage you to come to at least 2 things a year.
There will be times throughout the year where we will have a Parent/Youth event. When
your student sees you worship/have fun/serve the Lord, it allows your student to gain a
deeper connection with you and a better understanding on how to serve the Lord. We are
called to lead our students to follow Jesus well; let’s do that the best we can!
If you have any questions/comments/concerns at all about anything regarding the
youth ministry, the curriculum, or me, please do not hesitate to contact me. My info is at
the bottom of this page.
Love you guys,
Tim Moses
Questions or Concerns? Let me know!
Tim Moses, Youth Pastor
Olivet Baptist Church
Cell: (817) 637-6612
155 N 65th W Ave
Office: (918) 245-2241
Tulsa, OK 74127
Facebook: Olivet Youth Group
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]