Earthlab Cosmetics Brochure

Natural Cosmetics
Natural, Gluten-Free, & Vegan
Handmade In Canada
No Animal Testing
No By-Products
No Parabens
No Toxic Chemicals
No Bismuth Oxychloride
No Synthetics
Truly Clean Makeup!
Why Choose Earthlab Cosmetics?
Earth Lab Cosmetics produces clean, natural,
gluten-free, & vegan makeup. Our primary focus
is on what is in a product and not what a product
looks like!
We are a family owned company located in
beautiful British Columbia. Most of our products
are handcrafted and contain as few ingredients
as possible!
Some of the minerals in our line contain
beneficial properties and we have received
many customer testimonials indicating our
products have helped with skin conditions, such
as acne and rosacea.
Although our minerals are suited for all skin
types, dry and mature skin types will find these
minerals are nothing like a traditional powder.
Instead these minerals soften the skin without
building up and offer a youthful finish.
In 2012 Earth Lab Cosmetics won a Consumer’s
Choice Award from Alive Magazine, Canada.
Clean Cosmetics.
We continue to strive to produce products we can
be proud of.
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Mineral Eye Shadow (MPP)
Gluten Free
Blushes - Bronzer (LMB)
From Peach to Light Pink,
or Dusty Rose to Deep Mauve,
our blushes will brighten
your cheeks in a soft,
natural way.
Earthlab blushes
set, blend easily,
and are long wearing.
These brilliant, natural
mineral powders are
actually raw pigments!
A little dab gives you
unbelieveable colour! Use
them on your eyes, cheeks,
lips and even on your nails! Yes,
you can create natural non-toxic
nail polish with them...ask us how!
Loose Mineral Foundation
Earthlab Foundations feel
weightless and last all day
without any frequent
touch-ups. Plus, you’ll
benefit from these natural
minerals because they
contain beneficial
properties and reflect
sunlight! Enjoy soft even
coverage without
looking like you're
wearing makeup!
Earthlab's 100% Natural
Mineral Concealer offers
flawless coverage without
any heavy build up.
Actually, no one will know you're
wearing it!
Natural Lip Gloss
Earth Lab also offers silky, smooth, handcrafted lip gloss –
that feels more like lip balm! This paraben –free formula is
not sticky, it’s super moisturizing, and doesn’t bleed!
These silky glosses come in a variety of
shades to choose from.
Raw Mascara
Raw Mascara is made in a Raw Food process to avoid high
temperatures. This process helps retain the beneficial
properties of the key ingredients, such as the natural
stimulant, Rosemary.
This wonderful mascara doesn’t
clump, flake or smudge!
Application tip:
Several layers are
necessary with the
natural formula –
so layer away!
Vegan Lash Mascara
Vegan Lash Mascara is a natural,
aloe based formula, made with
Certified Organic Ingredients.
Great for the
most sensitive
This is
not thick
and goopy
mascara –so don’t let the empty looking
wand fool you. Just apply several layers of
this light, buildable mascara and enjoy natural,
stand out lashes! No makeup remover required –
washes off easily with water.
Vegan Mineral Pencil
These handcrafted vegan, mineral eye pencils, glide on like
a soft crayon. No need for harsh eye makeup removers that
can cause other damage. You’ll enjoy long
lasting wear with the benefit of all
natural ingredients suited
for even the most
sensitive eyes!
Vegan Lip Stix
Earth Lab’s Vegan Lip Stix offer a truly natural, vegan
friendly formula that lasts longer than most other
natural lip products in the marketplace. Vegan Lip Stix
are moisturizing, long lasting, paraben and gluten-free!
Vegan Brush Set
This 7-piece set is all you'll
need for perfect mineral
makeup application. Enjoy
super soft synthetic brushes
with eco-friendly bamboo
handles. Includes carrying case.
100% Vegan Approved.
No Animal Cruelty!