Schedule - USCGAUX D11NR Operations

 D‐Train 2015 Class Schedule‐ Saturday Room 0700 0800‐0900 0900‐0915 0915‐1015 1015‐1115 1115‐1130 1130‐1300 1300‐1315 1315‐1400 1400‐1500 1500‐1600 A B C D E F G Willow Glen I Willow Glen II
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AUX Comms Program:
Your Antenna‐ good, bad or ugly! FS Sanitation program New Member opportunities AUX Comms Program Overview Calif. Dept of Fish & Wildlife Marine Surveyor Computer Services Marine Safety Public Affairs Communications‐ Role of the Aux Intelligence Coastie Marine Safety PPE Program
Public Affairs Resilient Leadership Tea with EXCOM
1600‐1700 Registration Open D‐Train Welcome Break & Travel Time Incident Communications‐
Management Role of the Aux Intelligence Break & Travel Time Lunch
Break & Travel Time Incident AUX Music Management Program Boat Crew signoffs
VE Review/Update Human Resources Friday Schedule 1000 EXCOM 1230 Division Commanders Meeting 1400 District Board & Staff Meeting 1930 Member Appreciation Night Saturday Schedule:
0800‐0900 Opening Session
1130‐1300 Lunch
1500 Judging: Training Aids, Unit Publications, Historian 1800‐2200 Dinner
Sunday Schedule:
0730‐0830 PCA Breakfast
0830‐1100 TCT and OPS 0830‐1100 Coastie (in the foyer)
Course Descriptions are on the following pages! Course Descriptions Course Intended Audience Description AUX Comms Program: Your Antenna‐ good, bad or ugly! Fred Sellstrom. ADSO‐
CM Kevin Sellstrom‐ ADSO‐
CM ALL AUX Comms Program‐ Rob Firehock, ADSO‐
CM ALL AUX‐FS Sanitation‐ Linda Haynes, DSO‐FS AUX Chefs This seminar will focus on, what many consider, the most critical component of your communication system; the connection between your transceiver and ANTENNA, either VHF and/or HF. You may have the most expensive, feature laden and elaborate transceiver on your facility but without good connectivity to a quality antenna you may not hear and communicate. A discussion of antenna design, connectors, cabling and mounting will be discussed. Attendees will learn the optimal mounting location on the vessel as well as an automobile, truck or RV. The critical issues of grounding, switches between multiple antennas as well as optimal antenna selections for VHF and HF will be discussed. Attendees will depart this session with knowledge of various antenna’s to consider as they acquire, update or replace aging current equipment. This seminar will focus on the opportunities for qualified members to enroll and participate in the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s Communications programs as authorized. A discussion of each of the programs as well as information on how to become qualified and become engaged will be addressed. Members attending will be provided with the latest Telecommunications Operator (TCO) ‐
PQS guide and sign off document. Recommended mentors by Division will be provided those attending. This sanitation class meets the mandatory required yearly review for the Food Services program. It will include a review of the hazards in the galley, personal hygiene, keeping food safe by knowing the correct temperature for food and the cleaning and sanitizing of the galley. AUX Music‐ COMO AL Verdi Boat Crew Signoffs‐ Various Instructors California Dept of Fish and Wildlife‐ Capt. Don Kelly A.L Learn about the AUX Music program from COMO Al Verdi (D11S). ALL Bring your Boat Crew manual and get signed off on various skills, such as marlinspike, navigation, first aid, etc. Session will focus on the relationship between the Auxiliary and the Department of Fish & Wildlife. Topics will include missions that can be undertaken by the Auxiliary in support of the Department including a review of agency interaction in 2014 and how that interaction will develop in 2015 and beyond. Additional discussion will describe the incursion of off shore smuggling operations (“pangas”) from Mexico and how the Auxiliary can support efforts to detect and predict future landings. Learn how to operate Coastie, our animated robotic boat. He has navigation and searchlights, a rotating beacon, a siren, an air horn, and eyes and eyelids that move meaningfully. He talks, plays music, and interacts with the instructor and children during the presentation. Coastie teaches rules about what to do and not do in a water emergency situation. This class is mandatory if you would like to use “Coastie” at boat shows, parades, or your PA events; or if you will be trailering Coastie to events. Coastie Training‐ Phil Grove ALL ALL Course Intended Audience Communications: Role of the Auxiliary‐ LCDR Lansing Computer Services‐ Irene Wetzel, DSO‐CS Human Resources‐ Simone Adair, DSO‐HR, Ann Zocchi, DCDR 7 Incident Management‐ Bruce Martin, DSO‐IM ALL TBA ALL A must for all Auxiliarists! Come learn about the Skills Bank, Internet Resources, Aux Directory, e‐testing, mandatory courses and more! Intelligence‐ LCDR Reid Intro to Marine Safety Programs‐ Sue Fry, DSO‐MS Marine Surveyor‐ Capt. Joe Rodgers Navigation Systems (PQS Signoff)‐ Jim Duncan, DSO‐NS and NS Team New Member Opportunities‐ DSO’s PPE Program Management‐ CWO2 Matt James OTO, 11th CG District Public Affairs‐ Jerry Edelen, DSO‐PA Resilient Leadership‐ Keith Drieberg, Ph.D USCG AUX Trainer& Neuropsychologist; Denver Drieberg, M.eD USCGAUXTrainer, Business Tech Trainer, & Law Enforcement Trainer Tea with EXCOM‐ Members of EXCOM HR Officers, Flotilla Commanders ALL Description ALL This course will review the entire application process: completing the application, the new forms required for application submission, and what to look for in fingerprints before submitting to DIRAUX. Learn about the brand new District program for Incident Management and Preparedness. Find out how the Auxiliary has and could provide augmentation and direct support to the USCG in a large incident. How will the Skills Bank be used? TBA ALL This seminar will review the latest news/updates in Marine Safety from N‐Train. ALL For over 35 years, Capt. Joe Rodgers has been the preeminent marine surveyor in Northern California and is a leading marine insurance adjuster for several providers including Lloyd’s of London. This session will include a review of the more common problems encountered on recreational vessels and what Vessel Examiners should be particularly aware of when doing Vessel Safety Checks. Capt. Rodgers will also discuss some of the local cases of marine mishaps that have occurred in the last several years. DSO Jim Duncan and some of his staff will be available during the weekend to Members requiring sign meet with members who are prepared to complete the NS PQS. Available off for NS PQS times: Saturday 9‐11:30a, 1‐4p. Must pre‐register with Jim at: [email protected] New Members Come and learn about the various programs available to new members. Some (but ALL are of our District Staff Officers (DSO’s) will review their programs and how you can welcome) get started in them. FS, VE, PV, NS, Comms, Boat Crew, Instr OPS Officers Attendance by FSO‐MA's and FSO‐OP's strongly recommended, FC's also advised to participate. Two‐hour curriculum will cover issuance, build‐up, MA Officers maintenance, and administration procedures for Flotilla Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program. CWO James will facilitate discussion and student hands‐on exercises conducting inspections and logging maintenance. ALL Come learn the latest updates about public affairs from N‐Train. Will also review the requirements for the Public Affairs PQS. ALL Resilient leadership is a special form of leadership. It is the catalyst that inspires people to achieve excellence, to attempt things that they would never have dared. It motivates those who follow, and inspires trust, honesty and fidelity. Resilient leadership is the term used to describe those leadership behaviors that help others withstand crisis, and adapt or rebound from adversity. In this short workshop we will review the core components of resilient leadership and discuss ways to avoid the deadly sins of crisis leadership. We will review USCGAux scenarios to help illustrate these leadership principles. ALL Come and meet the members of EXCOM, the District’s Executive Committee in a casual setting. Members of EXCOM will be available to discuss a variety of topics. Bring your questions! Tea and snacks will be served. Course Intended Audience TCT and OPS workshops‐ COMO Gail Ramsey ALL Vessel Examiner Update‐ Mike Lauro, DSO‐VE Vessel Examiners Description This is your first opportunity to attend the 2015 TCT and Operations Workshops. This update is required for all members who are involved in operations. This course will be offered on Sunday morning. DSO‐VE Mike Lauro will provide an update on what’s new from National in vessel safety checks. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers.