How to Make a Passive Income – Report 2

Make Money Online ​
Report 1​
: The Quickest Way! Introduction Let’s face it we all dream of getting rich quick on the Internet. The honest truth is that there is ​
way to get ​
RICH on the Internet. It is a ​
step­by­step process, which I will be revealing in a series of 3 reports. But don’t give up just yet because the definition of an Entrepreneur is ​
‘developing a successful ​
from several failures and repeating it.’ Well over the last 6 months, I’ve had several failures! The trick is I’ve made the failures and quickly moved on, learning from my mistakes and stubbornness. This is why I’ve written this report not to highlight the failures but to start you on a process of finding out the successes to save you a lot of time and money! So the short story goes that after 6 months of trying various Money Making Online ideas I eventually ran out of money. I was also running out of time to pay my bills so I needed to take the following 4 steps to change my all too familiar PayPal balance from showing anything but 0.00! ​
FAST! So let’s go make some money! I tested the ​
system and it paid out via PayPal into my bank account in exactly 1 MINUTE​
after earning my credits! Remember to refresh your screen for results. The fact that you have began to oil the 0.00 in your PayPal account with a few cents will help you feel better and get you motivated and attracted to receive more! Here’s my screenshots to prove it! $1 – Early Bird – How to Make a Passive Income – Report 2 Just a quick note if you didn’t have any money at all then you could always use the QMEE and other systems like it to earn a few dollars to get started! Tips on using QMEE: BE PATIENT! 1. Search as you would normally 2. Look around the sponsored website (Wait at least 5 seconds!) 3. Remember to donate some of your new found riches to their charities! Here are some keywords to get you going, but they change them and don’t get excited too quickly as you they will stop showing ads: ● Mp3 ● Mobile Phone $1 – Early Bird – How to Make a Passive Income – Report 2 4 Quick Steps So here are the 4 steps you can take: 1) Be ​
on the task of Making Money Online ­ FREE 2) Be ​
to ​
about Internet traffic 3) Be ​
to think outside the box – be creative! 4) Last but certainly not least – ​
! ­ FREE Now lets break it down: 1) How to Be LASER FOCUSED No distractions! That means NO FACEBOOK, NO TV, NO PROCRASTINATION! Did I mention I was Lecturer! To help you become laser focused take a ​
Snack ‘n’ Learn ™​
break and get a healthy dose of ​
Grant Cardone​
– He will fire you up for the next task! 2) Be OPEN to LEARN about Internet Traffic – Budget $50 I may have had many failures but I’ve come to this point because I’ve learnt so much along the way. Be open to learn from others who have been where you want to get to! Here are a few ideas to get you ​
to get you started: Paid Version – Targeted traffic opportunities​
: ● Advertise your website banners on ​
websites. Many well known sites are surprisingly cheap! PlentyofFish StumbleUpon ​
Paidverts (You can also make money by watching ads) Free Version ● Post your ad on free classified websites ​
Craigslist USFreeAds ● Display your ads at Local community areas offline – Find out the weekly cost! ​
Grocery store Newsagents Libraries Church Notice Board School News Letters ● Find a Fiverr Gig that will do the distribution for you! ● Pay for direct mailing of your flyers advertising your website! The ultimate Internet Traffic objective is to use ​
ad space! $1 – Early Bird – How to Make a Passive Income – Report 2 4) Last but certainly not least – PRAY! – IT’s FREE Not sure what you thought when you read this! First, give yourself a pat on the back for getting this far! But seriously it helps to mediate on your future financial success. Take an early morning walk and be grateful for the small things you have now and the big things you have coming to you. It will really focus you for the task ahead. Here is a ​
you can use to affirm your future success! $1 – Early Bird – How to Make a Passive Income – Report 2 Next BIG Step! Purchase Report 2 – How to Make a Passive Income Online for only $1. I will share with you my step­by­step how you can achieve a passive income online within a short time. The report will contain easy to understand graphics and current ​
links. It took me 6 months! But I will share what I’ve learnt so that you can do it in 6 days! The report will be available 2 days after purchase. Preview: GRAB YOUR EARLY BIRD REPORT TODAY! $1 – Early Bird – How to Make a Passive Income – Report 2