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Zakes Mda is a South African novelist. He wrote about realities
of race of the black people .It is a racy satire on life in one
cross section of the new South Africa. In the novel Black
Diamond Zakes Mda tackles every conceivable South African
stereotype skillfully. The present novel is about contemporary
life in Gauteng and will resonate with all South Africans. It has
been an attack on South African political and social system for
revealing the raw seams of a society in flux, for exposing the
“black elite as corrupt sellouts”. There has been took many
changes in political and economical system of the country. The
plot of the novel revolves around on African Magistrate Kristin
Uys and other main characters in the novel. The incident of his
judgment of imprisonment of Visagie brothers is a crucial issue
in the novel. It is inner voice of black people in South Africa
and especially about their empowerment in various fields of the
country. Black peoples turns in to criminals and laborers’
because of the policy of the government. The character of Tumi
shows the mentality of the black people in the country. They
want comfortable life style and they want their rights. It is a
strong protest against the government’s policy.
Key Words: Black, Race, Cultural, South African, Political.
Zakes Mda’s novel Black Diamond is a contemporary South African fiction that brings into
sharp focus on African middle class. It is popularly known as black diamonds, and many of
whom are beneficiaries of the government sponsored black economic empowerment
programme. The story of the novel centers on African Magistrate Kristin Uys who commits
the ultimate occupational mistake and she sentences the Visagie brothers to jail for running a
brothel. She is on a one woman crusade to wipe out prostitution in the town for reasons that
have personal significance for her. She manages to grab Stevo for contempt of court and
gives him a summarily six-month sentence. The younger brother of Stevo who Shortie, and
he was with brain cells just as challenged in the length stakes, remains free. When take orders
from jail and he did dirty work for his imprisoned brother.
Vol. 1
Issue - 1
Aug, 2014
ISSN 2349-5189
An International Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal
Don Mateza is a security guard and he is on the verge of promotion. He was patiently waiting
for his opportunity to rise up the ranks. He was overlooked for BEE rewards for his struggle
days which is a bone of contention for his girlfriend Tumi. When the firm is hired to protect
Kristin Uys then Don is dispatched to move into home; despite Kristin’s protests and the
Tumi’s upset. Tumi will do anything in her power to change Don’s future in to black
diamond which was included in arranging annoying meetings with other successful black
people and buying him bright yellow designer clothing and she doesn’t understand why she
has to accept these simple security job. She thinks Don should be rich and powerful.
Kristin Uys is angry that black man has been stationed inside her house and complications
weaving through all these lives and relationships get increasing complicated and unexpected
while changing circumstances. Former friends of Tumi have been forgiven by her for being
successful beneficiaries of the government’s black economic empowerment policy, while her
fiancée has to work for a security company. Don’s friends forgot about this point and they
have fear of one day they would cheat by him. He would become a black diamond in his own
right. The present novel is latest novel about race, humor and sense of irony. It is set on
contemporary Johannesburg .The story of the novel follows an eclectic cast of characters as
they work out their roles in city. Where these BEE rules, old stereotypes are smashed and
criminal demand revenge on the judicial system. The protest is a weapon for anyone to use.
Magistrate protested but her boss the chief magistrate; a black man employs a bodyguard to
look after her meanwhile, Don still keeps his buddies from the bush, many of whom are still
stuck in the township and do crime. After a heist that goes horribly wrong, one of them
Fontyo is arrested while the other Bova succumbs to a hail of bullets. When Stevo released
his only action is to take revenge against the magistrate. So this is the emotional appeal of the
oppressed group. Dog is used ironically for so called black diamonds. Tumi’s warped,
myopic and money thinking is important in the novel to show the mentality of black people.
Toloki is a professional mourner in a vast and violent city of South Africa, He wrote about
the pitiable conditions about the race, crime, hatred and poverty. He came from village with a
woman Noria; they help each other. Their story is interwoven a magical and painful picture
of South Africa today.
It is painfully a typical South African fiction about the right to education and clashing with
worker’s right. Black Diamond talks in a voice of Nelson Mandela’s. Main character in novel
is actually in novelists mind; a woman, who happens to be of lower social standing a
Bushman woman, whom he falls in love with. Mda’s aim is to employ the past to show how
the present is shaped and in the process, how it will affect the future. The title black diamond
is unique and meaningful .In South Africa, a particular society which has been for centuries,
characterized by racial segregation, political oppression and economic exploitation. Culture
has always played a key role both to reinforce these conditions and to challenge them.
Nowadays the culture is dominated by political structure is that of reconciliation, the arts will
play a role in reflecting that situation, and in mobilizing people for reconciliation. Each ethnic
group throughout the continent had its own artistic modes that ranged from secular
performances to religious rituals.
Vol. 1
Issue - 1
Aug, 2014
ISSN 2349-5189
An International Peer-Reviewed Open Access Journal
Zakes Mda’s novel is a real portrayal of black people in South Africa. It is protest against
government’s policy. Don Mateza a black man who is security guard who wants to achieve
his rights through becoming black diamond. Black diamond sounds Nelson Mandela and
which is pictured by the novelists. Black people haven’t good position in South Africa, they
had to do duties like security guard and higher positions were held by white people. A
character like Tumi has selfish nature to get money is surprising. Don, Stevo, Shortie
represent black people in South Africa. Their harassment, negligence, poverty, lower jobs
have picked by the novelist skillfully. Race is the hindrance in the way of black people for
being get their rights.
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Vol. 1
Issue - 1
Aug, 2014