Tutorial and tips for upload the documents

Transfer students
How to apply
Choose your language
Type the user and the
password that you get
from registration
Click in New application
Choose the
Degree that you
want to study
Here you can
choose the
priority order
in case you
apply for two
Don’t fill out
Acepta la política de
protección de datos
Fill out the
personal data
Click in “New record”
Fill out your previous
studies data as we
explain below
Find your Home University
And select
Pick the country of your University
Fill out the name of
your Home University
if it doesn’t appear in
the searcher.
Last, fill out the name
of the Degree that you
were studying in your
Home University
Upload the documents
Have the files scanned :
You have ti upload all the
documents required
You can’t continue the
application until you have
been uploaded all the
mandatory documents.
Upload each document in its
corresponding site and save
If its possible, group all the
syllabus in one document.
Each time you upload a
document, it will desapear
from the list below.
Tips for scan the documents
Scan in a single file. The application form has one single space for each
document (except the syllabi that have 4 space). Most documents have several
pages, for that is important to group all in a single file.
IMPORTANT: Upload in each space the corresponding document.
PDF is the best format. The application allows upload files until 4MB in
several formats. PDF is the most appropriate because allow to group more
pages in a single file and with less weigh. Some machines scan in TIFF or JPG
format. In that case, save your files as a PDF.
Use a medium resolution. If you scan with a high resolution the file will be too
heavy and you wont be able to upload it. If the resolution is too low the
document will be unreadable. We recommend use a resolution between 150
and 200 ppp and once scanned the document, check that is readable.
Always in black and white. If you scan the documents in colors, the weight of
the file will be tripled and you will not get that weighs less than 4MB.
Choose “Electronic Payment”
Fill out your credit card data
Click “Aceptar”
Some banks require a security password for Internet payments
This message will appear if the
application is successfully recorded
Payment Document
You can print or send to the email that you provide in
“Personal data” the application
document and the proof of