June, 2014
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Auckland, NZ
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Connecting with our neighbours just
isn’t as easy as it used to be. These
days we’re much more comfortable
jumping online and catching up
with friends around the world than
talking with the good folk over the
fence, which means for most of us,
the communities within which we live
remain a mystery.
A new website aims to change that by
providing a free and private platform for
neighbours to connect with one another. fosters interaction
and conversation between neighbours
and community organisations, creating
an easy way for New Zealanders to talk
and share online.
Neighbours use the site to organise
community events, share crime and
safety matters, recommend local
services, plan street parties, discuss
council matters, sell, giveaway, borrow
or loan items, find lost pets and to
connect with their local organisations.
Neighbourly also provides a channel for
community groups and leaders such as
police, residents associations, Rotary
and Lions Clubs, local boards, churches,
schools and sports clubs to take an even
more active role in their local area.
Neighbourly also offers crime
prevention and emergency planning
tools — including a free urgent crime
and safety feature for members who
have signed up for text alerts to be sent
to their mobile phone.
In February, Neighbourly launched in five
Auckland suburbs (St Heliers, Mission
Bay, Orakei, Kohimarama, Glendowie)
and after a successful two month pilot
has expanded across New Zealand.
The Neighbourly team believes
reconnecting neighbours online will
encourage connections in the ‘real
“Gone are the days of popping over
to the neighbours to borrow a cup of
sugar or whiling away the hours chatting
over the fence about the weather,” says
Neighbourly co-founder Casey Eden.
“We all lament the ‘good old days’ and
hope Neighbourly will go a long way
in helping build those strong, safe and
friendly New Zealand communities so
many of us grew up in.
“And let’s face it — we could all benefit
from knowing a few more of the people
living around us.”
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