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Alyssa Reuter
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(203) 984-4958
Austin, TX
Work Experience
Edge of Reality, Austin, TX — Technical Artist
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark ( PS3/360/PC/PS4/XboxOne/WiiU ) – Technical Artist
( Mar. 2013 – Mar. 2014 )
 Responsible for particle and material effects for environments, characters, props and cinemas in UE3
 Established texture creation guidelines and helped manage outsourcing to produce assets for new characters
 Improved lighting and environment map build tools (C++) and added new features to mesh painting tools (C++)
 Investigated particle effect performance issues due to memory, fill rate, and shader cost
 Created Photoshop Actions to increase artist efficiency
 Provided troubleshooting and acted as a technical resource for animation, environment and lighting artists
 Helped create prototype levels to determine project-specific workflows and best practices for art team
Loadout ( PC ) – Technical Artist
( July 2011 – Mar. 2013 )
 Acted primarily as a particle engine and graphics programmer working in C++ and HLSL
 Provided technical support to artists and worked with engineering to meet artistic goals
 Created content for game, including VFX for beam weapons, using in-house particle system
 Authored HLSL shaders for glass, obscenity censors, ethnic hair, and electrocution effects
 Added new features to C++ particle engine including beams, swept volumes, looping, splines, lights, modular
particle behaviors, and redesigned emitter shapes to give artists greater flexibility with a more unified control set
 Developed system (C++, C#) to apply character effects (HLSL) and manage multiple effects at a time
 Created tools (Python, C#) to create flipbook textures for particles and update files after data format changes
Mass Effect Compilation ( PS3 ) – Technical Artist
( Jun. 2012 – Oct. 2012 )
 Fixed particle and decal issues that developed while porting Mass Effect to the PS3
 Investigated particle effect performance issues
 Debugged material and shader bugs using GPAD and PIX
Sims 3: Pets ( PC / 360 / PS3 ) – Jr. Technical Artist (VFX)
( Mar. 2011 – Aug. 2011 )
 Responsible for concepting, creating, and optimizing console-specific particle FX, including karma powers,
environmental FX, indicators, and interaction FX using EA’s proprietary tools
 Helped establish VFX workflow and identified bottlenecks
 Wrote batch files to automate processes and fixed Python tool for exporting Maya animations into particle files
Electronic Arts, Los Angeles, CA — technical art intern
Command & Conquer 4 ( PC )
( May 2009 – Aug. 2009 )
 Rigged and animated vehicle and infantry units in 3ds Max
 Updated W3D Exporter tool (using C++ and the 3ds Max API) to improve artist productivity
 Developed RNA-compliant water shader with HLSL
SilverTree Media, Pittsburgh, PA — technical art intern
Disney’s Fairies Online ( Online - Flash )
( May 2008 – Dec. 2008 )
 Created vector art for in-game items and Tinkerbell avatar, concept art for new items, and emoticons for chat
 Managed and documented Flash art asset pipeline
 Wrote ActionScript feature to batch export PNG’s of art assets from asset management tool
Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online
( July 2007 – Dec. 2007 )
 Created two minute Flash animation for game installer
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Computer Science and Arts, Fine Arts concentration
 Dean’s List, Computer Science and Arts (Spring 2009 – Spring 2010)
(Aug. 2006 – Aug. 2010 )
Programming: HLSL, C++, some familiarity with: Python, MEL, Maya API, 3ds Max API, OpenGL, GLSL, DirectX,
ActionScript 3.0, C#, Perl, assembly
Artistic: VFX, particle systems, materials, shaders, some familiarity with: lighting, animation, modeling, rigging, drawing,
digital painting, concept art, photography, fashion design
Applications: Visual Studio, Photoshop, Perforce, PIX, GPAD, Unreal Engine 3, Maya, FX Composer, some familiarity with:
3dsMax, AfterEffects, Premier, Illustrator, FinalCut Pro, Unity 3D
Other Activities
Game Developers Conference, San Francisco, CA
Main Conference and Summits & Tutorials attendee
Parsons The New School For Design, New York, NY
Continuing Education: Fashion Design Basic Core
( 2011 – 2014 )
( Sep. 2010 – Dec. 2010 )