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Regione Siciliana
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Associazione Baco da Seta (Silkworm Association, in English)
Associazione Baco da Seta (SILKWORM, in english) was born in 2008 on the initiative of a
group of women who wanted to create in Sicily a focus of attention to gender policies and
gender equality.
Born as guidance counseling and training service, aimed especially at women who want to
start business The Association is actually able to operate in social disease context, in many
schools of the main towns of Sicily (Palermo, Catania) has brought initiatives such as
activities for contrasting violence and abuse in early adolescence; activities for legality and
cultural events; contrasting drug and alchool abuse and eat disorders.
Since 2011 Baco da Seta has started working with UFM (unaccompained foreign minors)
especially with young boys coming from third countries, in order to support them in social
and educational activities. It has developed a model based on non- formal education, on the
use of innovative tools in education such as theatre, arts and emotional instruments. Actually
Baco da Seta realizes activities of non- formal education to the equal opportunities and to
gender rights. In the project it can assume the role of organization and management of
activities with partnership in Sicily, involving local institution as far as schools and local
In 2014 Baco da Seta has realized a project in the IPM Bicocca prison (minors penitentiary
Institution) for Minors in: this was directed to foreign minors from Egypt, Syria and Morocco
aiming at making a musical laboratory; actually and since 2016 it is going to manage a project
funded by Italian Ministry for Youth and Education directed to Young people for developing
arts music and theatre. The project is called DAME (donne ed arte: mondi in evoluzione –
trnsl: Women and arts: evolving worlds)
of Women and solidarity; nature and environment; welfare and social development; vulnerable
targets (prisoners, UFM (unaccompained foreign minors), disabled persons, elderly)
Project ideas
Young should be aware of the resources of the planet and respect them, they also
should see in the nature and in the natural resources the sources of their life. The
proposal is based on food education as an instrument to achieve a deeper knowledge
of the nutritional opportunities. It is based on bio-mediterranean cooking and on an
exchange of food and nutritional habits to share and promote among young people.
The main subject of the proposal is the nutrition and the correct life style among
young and the issue to be obtained is their awareness of their active role in
promoting safe life styles and sound nutritional habits. Moreover we want young to
share their attitude in supporting each other by a peer to peer approach.
“save your food” is an exhortation to have respect of the natural resources and to
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promote the utilization of simple and biological cultures and in this way the planet
will be respected and will grow up safe and sound
Deadline for
declaration of
Partners requested are private or public subjects engaged with activities in the field of
youth education regarding foreign minors, hosting communities and/or Organizations
working with social activities and employment supporting for foreign persons
European dimension: partners will come from: Mediterranean area (Spagna, Malta,
Portugal); North Europe (Estonia, Lithuania); East (Romania, Poland, Bulgaria…)
February the 2nd 2015
Official Deadline February the 4th 2015
Associazione Baco da seta
Angela Cristofalo
[email protected]
+39 3895511482
Ufficio di Bruxelles – Regione Siciliana
Rue Belliard 12, 1040 Bruxelles Tel: 003226392570/71
Email: [email protected]