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A Holy Time—Lent
Who Do You Say that I Am?
We enter the holy time of Lent on Ash
Wednesday, February 18.
Lent is not a time to be sad as much as it is a time
to draw closer to Jesus. Jesus asked his first followers
to come with him. In ways that are just as compelling
and sometimes subtle, Jesus Christ asks us to walk
with him, too.
One way he asked his first followers for their
attention and commitments was to ask a question:
“Who Do You Say that I Am?”
It’s a great question. We need to ask that
question of ourselves now more than ever. Who DO
we say that Jesus Christ is? In our words. In our
Actions. In our Hearts. In our Lives.
Come and explore the ways people who walked
with Jesus answered that question, “Who Do You
Say that I Am?” We’ll see that he is at work in our
lives like he was in theirs: There is Hope. There is
In Christ,
Who Do You Say that I Am?
Jesus’ Question to his first followers…and to us.
Ash Wed., Feb. 18, 12 Noon (40 minutes) &
7 p.m. (50 minutes)
Jesus’ temptations and ours…
Sun., Feb. 22—The man lying by the pool for 38 yrs.
Do you want to be made well?
Sun., Mar. 1—Syro-Phoenecian woman
Even dogs get the scraps from the
master’s table…
Sun., Mar. 8—Man whose son was ill
Lord I believe, help my unbelief…
Sun., Mar. 15—Mary anoints Jesus
She has done a precious thing for me…
Sun., Mar. 22—Peter resists Jesus who is washing
his feet
Lord, I am not worthy…
Palm Sun. Mar. 29—A glimpse at the whole Passion
Roman Centurion: Truly this was
the Son of God.
Holy Thu., Apr. 2—12 Noon (35 minutes)
& 7 p.m. (50 minutes)
I Am the Vine, You are the Branches.
Good Fri., Apr. 3—12 Noon (35 minutes)
& 7 p.m. (50 minutes)
Father, Forgive Them,
They Know Not What They Do.
Who Do You Say that I Am?”
Easter Sun., Apr. 5 – Mary, Peter, and the Beloved
Disciple at the Empty Tomb
Sermon: The Worst Thing is
Never the Last Thing.
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Building upgrades in process
The First Church Trustees
(Building Committee) elected 2015
officers on January 13. Chair John
Helter, Vice Chair Lynn Ayers,
Secretary David Schoenmaker,
Treasurer Chuck Leypoldt. The
Trustees have several projects in
various stages of study and planning.
Our architect, Dan Mulligan and
his staff at Inner Space have a
preliminary plan for increasing seating
areas in the Sanctuary for persons
using wheel chairs and walkers. His
initial plans will go to the Trustees in
their February meeting, and then there
will be conversations with a variety of
persons in the church about the plans.
The goal is to have accessible seating
areas up close and also further back to
give worshipers a range of options.
Dan’s plans show that some of
the Sanctuary’s differing-length pews
can be moved so that only two pews
would have to be cut in order to make
space for eight or more persons in
wheel chairs or walkers in the
Sanctuary. A goal of his plans was to
move the accessible seating area to the
space “inside” the pillars. The current
location for two persons in
wheelchairs is on the outside edge of
pillar. Since the entire Sanctuary floor
is slanted, any new locations identified
for accessible seating will have to
include leveling the floor in that area.
The Trustees have been working
with Marty Kasl of ETI, who is
finishing designs for potential
improvements to our heating and
cooling systems in the Sanctuary.
Among our needs: 1). Air conditioning
in the balcony area for the first time
ever, 2). Keeping the organ chambers
at a more consistent temperature, 3).
Ways to minimize sound of the
current heat pumps and 4). Improving
airflow to the choir areas. A part of
the reason the Choir gets so warm is
the large vents behind the choir are air
return vents. The only air they get is
what comes back to them after it has
been to the congregation and on the
way to return air vents.
Exploring options for automated
door openers for the northwest and
northeast Sanctuary doors as well as
the North building doors to the
parking lot has begun. O’Keefe
Elevator is also designing a way to
have an electric eye installed in our
elevator doors. They have installed
for the first time a phone system in
the elevator.
As energy-saving lighting options
improve, the Trustees have prioritized
completing Phase III of the lighting
project, which will mean the entire
Church Building will have energyefficient lighting.
How Do We Welcome: Lenten School 2015
Submitted by Liz Zeff
“How Do We Welcome? First UMC and People with
Disabilities, and Not All Disabilities Are Physical.” This is
the theme for 2015 Lenten School, meeting from 3-4:30
p.m. in West Vestry five Sundays in Lent--February 22
through March 22, 2015.
The study book is The Church and People with
Disabilities: Awareness, Accessibility and Advocacy written
by Peggy Johnson and is available in the church office, $10
This study was one of three offered at the 2014 United
Methodist Women Mission U held in Kearney in August
attended by eleven First Church members of UMW.
Among them will be the core leadership for Lenten School
including Brenda Bland and Liz Zeff.
To register, contact the church office, 402.466.1906 or
complete the registration below and return to the church
office or place in offering plate on Sundays. To learn more,
contact UMW members Brenda B. [email protected], or
Liz Z. [email protected] deadline: February 15.
“How Do We Welcome? First Church and People with Disabilities,
and Not All Disabilities Are Physical.”
Registration for Lenten School 2015
Five Sundays in Lent—February 22—March 22, 2015, 3-4:30 p.m., West Vestry
___ Yes, please register me for Lenten School:
Paper mail address
Yes, I will need child care:
___ Yes, I will come by the church office for a copy of the book, The Church and People with Disabilities: Awareness,
Accessibility and Advocacy, by Peggy Johnson, cost $10.
Please return this form to the church office or drop in the offering plate.
Registration deadline: Sunday, February 15, 2015
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Happenings ~ February 2015
Jay Stewart, Minister with Youth, Children & Families
Celebrating the Past: People’s City Mission—The youth
had a great time at the People City Mission in January. The
youth were very courteous and outgoing to the residents of
the People’s City Mission. However, the youth became
really intrigued by the Christmas story as displayed at St.
James Catholic Church. All of the youth were really amazed
by the display and were quick to ask Pastor Larry about the
meaning of the scenes. The youth did not want to leave the
display. In fact, we had to tell two youth that we were
leaving. The youth not only loved seeing the display, but
also loved talking about the meaning of Christmas. To God
Be The Glory!
Embracing the Future—The next time the youth and their
youth leaders are going to the People City Mission will be
February 1st, from 4:00 p.m. to approximately 7:30 p.m.
We’ll meet at the Church. You are invited to join and serve
with the youth at the Mission. Please let Jay Stewart know if
you are interested.
Celebrating the Past—Wednesday Youth Faith Night—
After one of our most recent Life
celebrations on Wednesday nights, a
youth intern came up to me and was
beyond elated! The youth intern smiling
from ear-to-ear said, “Jay we had such a
real and good conversation about life and
about the faith. People were sharing
honestly about their life and God. Two
young men in particular that I have never
met before said some powerful things!
It’s awesome to be able to grow with the
youth in faith in Christ!” Another adult
expressed, “These kids are hungry to live
for something deeper… They do not want to be
entertained, they want to be transformed!” To God Be the
Embracing the Future—Please join us as we grow in
friendship with each other and grow in friendship with God
through Worship, Dinner, and Small Groups. Our topic for
Wednesday Youth Faith Night for the season of Lent is
“Jesus is…..” It will be a great time to discover who Christ
is through the means of songs, Scriptures, messages, and in
Celebrating the Past: House Groups—At the most recent
“House Group” we discussed about “God’s initiating Love”
to all persons. One youth stated during our time, “I used to
Happenings ~ February 2015
think that I was the only one broken. I would go through
life thinking I am the only one messed up and I felt horrible.
But I came to understand that everyone has their own
struggles. I also came to realize that God loves me all the
time, even in the midst of my struggles.” The youth
discussed Isaiah 55, “Come to the Waters.” The youth and
the youth leaders learned that we are to come to the Waters
of Grace just as we are. It was amazing to see how God was
moving during this time, we had great laughter and we had
great sharing. To God Be the Glory!
Embracing the Future—House Groups will occur on
February 8th and 22nd from 12:15 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Our
focus for the season of Lent is trying to answer the question
Jesus asks the disciples, “Jesus is….” During this time we
will utilize inspiring video, Scripture, and discussion to try to
answer such an important question. We also share a meal
together as we also share great laughter through having
“Funny Video” challenge. Hope and pray you’re able to join
us as we continue to experience the amazing real love of
Jesus for us!
3P’s—Prayers, Pancakes, and Play—Join us on Sunday
mornings as we pray (Worship), eat pancakes, and play
games such as “Four Square,” “Basketball” etc. This is a
very relaxed time in which friendship can be built between
youth and youth leaders. We will meet every Sunday at
10:00 a.m. in the Church Gym. Hope to see you soon!
Peacemaking Workshop
Sunday, April 12, 2015
1:00-5:30 p.m.
Keynote Speaker: Leonard J. Pitts, Jr.
Leonard Pitts, Jr. is an
American commentator,
journalist and novelist. He is a
nationally syndicated columnist
whose columns appears in the
Lincoln Journal Star. Winner
of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for
Commentary, he writes for the
Miami Herald.
Pitts will speak on:
Eating (Jim) Crow
Divisions Created by Race & Divisions Created by Poverty.
2723 North 50th Street—402-466-1906
[email protected]
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UMW News
By Ad Morrissey, UMW President
Super Bowl Sunday is coming!
And at First Church, Souper Bowl
Sunday is also coming!
Happy New Year! I hope 2015 will be a year of
wonder for you. I know there will challenges along the way
for all of us. How we deal with those challenges helps us
Sunday, February 1st, our First Church family will have
the opportunity to share their gifts with Matt Talbot
Kitchen and Outreach. This mission is important because
it offers immediate relief for people living with food
challenges right here in our community.
I also know that the temperatures this year have been
cold. When I come into First Church, I'm immediately
warmed. To me, First Church has a warm and nurturing
spirit. I know God is alive and well and working overtime
at First Church. He works through us, in us and for us.
Matt Talbot serves guests two meals each day of the
year. Our First Church Team is committed to serving the
midday meal on the second Saturday of each month. One
of their delicious specialties is a thick and savory vegetable
As First Church works to better our community, it's
God that is guiding us to continue to do good works. We
strive to be the best that we can be. We strive to help all
people in all ways. We dedicate our lives to show God's
love by caring and sharing.
Join the First Church Souper Bowl Team! Help bring
nourishment and dignity to many people with your
monetary gifts of support for Matt Talbot Kitchen and
Outreach. (Please make checks to First United Methodist
Church with Matt Talbot in the memo.)
I want to share two upcoming events with you. The
first event is Church Women United February 6 at St.
Andrews Lutheran Church located at 1015 Lancaster Lane,
Lincoln at 9:30 a.m. The program will be Released &
Restored to be presented by Ruth Karlsson.
The Hunger Committee
Prayer Requests
The following people have given us
permission to share their prayer requests
with the family of First Church
The family of Milt Evans, who passed January 15.
Service was Saturday, January 24 at First Church
The family of Monte Page, who passed January 20.
Service was Saturday, January 24 in Dearborn
Heights, MI.
Loretta Metcalf
Bill Bowmaster
Sylvia Hanner, Hospice at Tabitha’s Elizabeth House
Elsie Hinrichs, home
Celia Faith, Madonna during the day and home nights
Tom & Shirley James, home
Boyd Fulmer, home
Gordon Yocum, Lancaster Manor
David Clark, Country House Residences, Rm. 4
Van & Marge Tyler, Tabitha GracePointe
Al & Judy Brhel, home
Dr. David Mickey, Masonic Home #270, Plattsmouth
Bev Barnett, home
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The second is the Legislative Briefing Day. This will be
held Saturday, February 14 at Christ UMC located at 4530
A Street, Lincoln from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Legislative Day
addresses bills that will be introduced to the Nebraska State
Legislature. There are forums. Lunch will also be served.
The cost is $20.00 for pre-registration and $25.00 at the
door. Lunch may not be available if you register at the
Brent Shaw—Organ Recital
Brent Shaw, First Church Minister of Music and
Evangelism, will be performing an organ recital on the
newly renovated Kilgen Organ at the Scottish Rite Temple
in Omaha on Sunday February 15th at 3:00 p.m.
This FREE recital is hosted by the River City Theatre
Organ society!
Statement of Purpose (Rev. 1985)-With God’s grace, First
United Methodist Church strives to be a growing, inclusive community of faith, working together, sharing Jesus’ love, and using
our gifts to build and nurture a spiritual community.
Statement of Inclusion (Adopted 1985):
First United Methodist Church membership is inclusive of all persons
regardless of education, ability, economic status, gender, race, ethnic
group, age, or sexual orientation [or immigration status].
Happenings ~ February 2015
Children’s Church
Children’s Church now divides into three classes with
teachers Laura Tinnerstet, Kayla Houck, Brent Shaw and
Jay Stewart.
Wednesday Faith Night
Opportunities for Families
Treblemakers – Wednesday evenings 6-7 p.m. Divides
into age appropriate groups. Meets when LPS is in session.
Children ages 2 through 3rd grade. Singing, Bible, Games,
and Arts and Crafts. Shannon Hickenbottom, Kayla
Houck, Laura Tinnerstet, Sara Bankson, and Brent Shaw
help lead these two groups.
Wednesday Evening Upper Elementary Class (“preyouth group”)—6 to 7 p.m. This time is for those
transitioning out of Treblemakers but are not
yet ready for youth. Stephanie Caldwell and Stacey Stewart
will help facilitate with the help of others.
Nebraska Authors Introduce New Books
Submitted by Chuck Leypoldt
Two Nebraska authors will introduce and discuss their
new books on Sunday, February 22 in the Fellowship Hall
of First Church—Lincoln from Noon to 2 p.m.
Kathy Nelson of Stromsburg has written More than
Football: George Flippin’s Stromsburg Years. Released in
October 2014, it is a biography of the first African
American to play football at the University of Nebraska.
He later joined his father as a doctor in Stromsburg,
Chuck Leypoldt of Lincoln published his
autobiography in January 2015. It’s title is Lost in Wonder,
Love, and Praise. He describes it as a sentimental and
sometimes irreverent memoir of growing up as a preacher’s
kid, working as a pastor, banker, and insurance agent in
Nebraska from 1970 to 2012.
Chuck’s grandfather worked for the Flippin family in
1909, and he shared this information and a photo with
Kathy, and she used it in her book. When Chuck started
his project, Kathy became a trusted advisor.
All Ages Welcome!
Parents’ Night Out
Friday, February 20th 6:30-8:00 p.m.
at First Church in the Nursery
Children are welcome to hang out with Jay and
Brent while their parents have A Night Out!
Heart Transplant Needed
A long time member of First Church, Brad Vifquain,
has been accepted into the heart transplant program at
UNMC and is now on the waiting list for a new heart. The
medical bills are out of control and with only Medicare, he
needs to come up with a substantial amount of money.
A HUGE Community Garage Sale is being organized.
Your donations of household goods, clothing, antiques,
collectables, jewelry, books, tools, Husker items, and
furniture (no beds) would greatly help Brad’s efforts to fund
raise for his heart transplant. Donations of gift cards and
cash will also be gratefully accepted. A date for the sale will
be announced soon.
Brad is the son of V. Kent & Virginia Vifquain. He was
baptized and confirmed at First Church. You may contact
Brad at 104 Trenridge Way, Lincoln, NE 68505, 402-3047844 for more information. Pick up and/or delivery of
items can be arranged with Brad. A cash donation account
has been established at Members Own Credit Union, 1391 S
33rd Street, Lincoln, NE 68510 and the account number is
Fabulous Finds
2702 N 49th Street, Lincoln
50% OFF
With our Church Family…
Memorial Services
Marjorie Lehr, January 14, 2015
Milton Evans, January 24, 2014
Monte Page, January 24, 2015, Dearborn Heights, MI
Happenings ~ February 2015
all Men’s and Women’s clothing
Hours are Wed.—Fri. 12-5 p.m.
Sat. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Fabulous Finds is First Church’s boutique with quality used clothing and
other items. Proceeds go toward Missions. Thank you for your support.
Page 5
The articles on this page are by Coleen Seng
UPCO 43rd Annual Meeting
Sunday, February 8, 2015, 2-4 p.m.
Huntington School—46th & Adams
UPCO was started by First Church in 1972. Now, after 42
full years, the organization still responds to community
needs and works for the betterment of University Place.
Come join the meeting on February 8th and enjoy some pie
and coffee as pertinent topics of the day are presented plus
election of officers and new Board Members.
Mark your calendar now for this important annual meeting!
Guidance to Success
The tutoring program will be starting on
Monday, February 2 at 5:30 p.m. Nebraska
Wesleyan University students are the tutors.
First Church volunteers provide the
youth, tutors and volunteers with sandwiches, fruit, chips
and veggies for a meal each week. Jan and Paula Hartig will
be the food providers on February 2, and Lynne and Rich
Schroeder will provide food on February 9.
If you are interested in volunteering to bring food for
these meals, call Coleen Seng at 402-466-1906.
Human Needs Fund
On Wednesday mornings our intake
process operates only from 9:30-11:30 a.m.
Our priority is to help families with children living in
or near the University Place neighborhood.
Whenever funding is available, assistance will be provided.
Members of First Church will always have assistance
Thank you to all who have contributed to this fund.
Please know that these funds are being used as
judiciously and graciously as possible.
Anyone may contribute to this fund by making a check
out to First Church and writing “Human Needs” on the
memo line or you may place cash in one of the giving
envelopes in the pews and write “Human Needs” on the
First Friday Diners
February 6, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.
Misty’s Restaurant
Sunday Route 1
First Church folks have been delivering Meals on
Wheels on Sundays for 25+ years. Volunteers are needed.
This is an easy route with one stop at an apartment building.
Zita Schneider at 402-466-7196 would like to hear from you
if you can volunteer on Sunday between 10:30 a.m. and
Noon. Please call!
The following is a prepared statement from Tabitha.
“Tabitha Meals on Wheels has delivered a hot, noon
meal to the homes of individuals in the Lincoln community
since 1967. It remains the only program of its kind helping
individuals remain independently in their homes. People
who receive meals do so for many different reasons: they
may be unable to go get groceries any longer; their physical
limitations or memory issues may cause difficulties in cooking complete meals; or, they may want to eat more healthfully. The program is based on the Gospel from Matthew
25, ‘For I was hungry and you gave me something to drink.’
A verse from Scripture is in every meal sack.
“Meals provided by Tabitha Meals on Wheels are prepared by Tabitha’s nutrition department and are well balanced, including grains, proteins, vegetables and dairy.
“Tabitha Meals on Wheels clients receive not only a
balanced meal, but families gain the peace of mind knowing
that a volunteer is checking on their loved one with every
meal delivery.
“Recipients pay for their meals either fully or at a reduced rate based on their income or assets. We know this
service is important for individuals to live independently in
their homes—that’s why we never turn anyone away because of financial constraints.
“Our supportive Meals on Wheels donors and a team
of 900+ volunteers are essential in providing this much
needed service to those in need in our community.
“Routes take about 90 minutes and begin at 10:30 a.m.
A reliable automobile, valid driver’s license and proof of
insurance are required.”
Mayor’s Interfaith Prayer
6235 Havelock Avenue (corner of 63rd & Havelock
Tuesday, April 30—Cornhusker Hotel
Please call Sharon Johnson or the Church office
by Noon on February 4th if you are planning to attend.
The speaker will be Dr. Sarah Sayeed
from the Interfaith Center of New York.
First Church will plan to have a table.
Tickets will be $25 each.
More information to come soon...
Sharon (402-304-8871), Church office (402-466-1906)
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Happenings ~ February 2015
February Lectionary
Jeremiah Blake
Al Brhel
Ryan Marquis
Raiden Shanahan
Patricia Steiner
Amy Lehman
Michelle Lyons
Jack Geist
Mike Million
Larry Pankoke
Aaron Admire
Wally Barnett
Coleen Seng
Millie Jurey
Kim Osmond
Larry Latas
Eric Hall
Cory Mason
Amber Cushman
Toby Hauser
Jennifer Bangert
Sandra Conrad
Ron Gaddis
Dean Kissinger
David McCreary
Braden Forst
Grady Turner
Shirley Baum
John Eischeid
Taelynn Ericson
Dustin Johnson
Riley Lanxon
Jim Mager
Emma Betts
Moxon Jurey
Chloe Lyons
Karen McCreary
Conley Hinrichs
Dawn Gannon
Randy Leach
Donna Barnell
Loretta Metcalf
Shannon Hickenbottom
Bev Barnett
Sheryl Wolfe
Mark Bartolome
Jacob Korell
Carmen Germond
Hanna Louderback
Jim Mayfield
Ad Morrissey
Happenings ~ February 2015
am: 24, 29
pm: 8, 84
Isa 51:9-16
am: 56, 57, 58
pm: 64, 65
Isa 51:17-23
am: 61, 62
pm: 68
Isa 52:1-12
am: 72
pm: 119:73-96
Isa 54
am: 70, 71
pm: 74
Isa 55:1-13
am: 69
pm: 73
Isa 56:1-8
am: 75, 76
pm: 23, 27
Isa 57:3-13
am: 93, 96
pm: 34
Isa 57:14-21
am: 80
pm: 77, 79
Isa 58:1-12
am: 78:1-39
pm: 78:40-72
Isa 59:1-15a
am: 119:97-120
pm: 81, 82
Isa 59:15b-21
am: 146, 147
pm: 83, 85, 86
Isa 60:1-17
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Isa 61:1-9
am: 87, 90
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Isa 61:10-62:5
am: 148, 149, 150
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Heb 4:1-10
John 3:16-21
Heb 4:11-16
John 3:22-36
Heb 5:1-10
John 4:1-26
Page 7
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
An Open-Spirited Community of Faith & Action
Located just West of Nebraska Wesleyan University
2723 North 50th Street—Lincoln, Nebraska 68504-2765
Lincoln, NE
Permit No.
You’re Always Welcome!
Sunday Worship ~ 8:30 a.m., 10:45 a.m.
Sunday School ~ 9:30—10:30 a.m.
Office Hours ~ Monday—Friday, 8:30 a.m.—5:00 p.m.
Office phone—402-466-1906
Larry Moffet, Pastor
Cell/Text: 402-770-7355, [email protected]
Coleen Seng—Director Community Ministries
[email protected]
Brent Shaw—Minister of Music
[email protected]
Jay Stewart—Minister with Youth, Children, and Families
[email protected]
Carol Ann Clark—Office Manager
[email protected]
Laura Sheldon—Office Assistant
[email protected]
Tim Van Meveren—Sunday Custodian
Matt Borland—Custodian, Setup & Closing
Tom Schroeder—Custodian, Wednesday Setup & Closing
EARLY Deadline for the March 2015 Issue of the HAPPENINGS Sunday, February 15, 2015.
Worship at First Church
Sunday, February 1—Fourth Sunday After The Epiphany—Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Sunday, February 8—Fifth Sunday After The Epiphany—There Is A Balm in Gilead
Sunday, February 15—Transfiguration Sunday—Give Me Jesus
Wednesday, February 18—Ash Wednesday—Jesus’ Temptations and Ours…
Worship at 12:10 & 7:00 p.m., Sanctuary
Sunday, February 22—First Sunday in Lent—Do you want to be made well?
March 1—Second Sunday in Lent—Even dogs get the scraps from the master’s table...
March 8—Third Sunday in Lent—Lord I believe, help my unbelief...
March 15—Fourth Sunday in Lent—She has done a precious thing for me...
March 22—Fifth Sunday in Lent—Lord, I am not worthy...
March 29—Palm/Passion Sunday—Roman Centurion: Truly this was the Son of God.
April 2—Holy Thursday—I Am the Vine, You are the Branches.
April 3—Good Friday—Father, Forgive Them, They Know Not What They Do.
April 5—Easter Sunday—The Worst Thing is Never the Last Thing
Page 8
Save the Date!
April 12, 2015
1:00-5:30 p.m.
Leonard J.
Pitts, Jr.
Happenings ~ February 2015