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Friday, February 6, 2015 Meeting
Dealing with Construction Problems After the Warranty Expires
By: Michael R. Warriner, P.E., and Vice President for Construction
Management Group at Carollo Engineers.
Public Works construction projects come with varying warranty lengths
and terms, anywhere from one year up to three years or more. But after the
construction contract warranty expires, does that mean the contractor is “off
the hook” for anything that gets discovered afterwards? The answer is a
resounding NO.
The protections and options for the owner/operator of public facility
projects vary from state to state. California has statutes for the protection of
public works owner/operators against construction defects or breach of
contract independent of warranty clauses the agency may include in the
construction contract. Some contractors are aware of these clauses and will
choose to ignore them or deny their applicability.
This presentation will provide a brief overview of the statutes in place as
they pertain to construction warranties and the ability of the owner to insist
on corrections after the project warranty has expired. The advantages and
disadvantages of pursuing these claims will be discussed.
Michael Warriner is a Vice President for Construction Management
Group at Carollo Engineers. He has been the Resident Engineer for projects
up to $460 million in value. Michael serves as a construction manager, and
also provides schedule analysis, change cost negotiation, and dispute
resolution services. He has also worked as a claim consultant and expert
construction witness for public agencies.
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