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The Principal’s
February 2, 2015
N.C.S.W. Ends
Pre-Registration Begins
National Catholic Schools Week ended last Friday afternoon.
It was a fun-filled week from start to finish! Many thanks go
to everyone who helped in any way with any of the activities.
It’s a miracle that the teachers got to teach anything during
the week with the parade, spelling bee, talent show, book
character dress day, 100th day of school activities, and
basketball game! We definitely needed the weekend to
rest and recover! This coming week will be much slower in
comparison. Amen!
Pre-registration begins Monday, February 9th for the 20152016 school year. Listed below are the pre-registration
St. Pius X Has Talent!
Monday, Feb. 09
Monday, Feb. 16
Monday, Feb. 23
Currently enrolled St. Pius X students
Parishoners with Non-enrolled students
To re-enroll your child for the 2015-2016 school year,
returning families must complete the Pre-registration packet
that is being sent home today. The packet, along with the
$100 pre-registration fee, must be turned in to the office IN
PERSON. The packets may NOT be turned in by students.
Parents must verify with Ms. Carla that they are up to date
with the following: tuition, lunch and day care payments
and family commitment balance. Pre-registration is not
complete, and a spot for next year will not be obtained, until
the above requirements are met. Final registration will take
place in May.
Noon Dismissal on Friday
Pictured above are the participants of the Talent Show.
Spelling Bee Champion
Congratulations to Mary Arnolds, a 6th grade, for outspelling
the competition in our school Spelling Bee last week! Mary
is the daughter of Tony and Martha Arnolds. Mary will now
advance to the Caller Times Regional Spelling Bee on
Saturday, Feb. 21, 2015. Congratulations, also, goes to
Elizabeth Arnolds in 4th grade (yes Mary’s little sister) who
qualified as the alternate. Elizabeth will take Mary’s place in
the event that she cannot attend the Regional Spelling Bee.
What a family affair! Elizabeth and Mary are pictured below.
School will be dismissed at 12:00 p.m. Friday so that the
teachers and staff can participate in a Lent retreat. After
school Care will be available until 6:00 p.m. that day.
Students who stay for After School Care will need to bring
a lunch from home as Ms. Gracie does not prepare hot
lunches on noon dismissal days.
Free Dress Day Tuesday
There will be a Free Dress Day on Tuesday, February 3rd,
for students who attended the 12:00 noon NCSW Kick-off
Mass on Sunday, January 25th in their full Mass uniform.
Thanks to the students who participated as readers, altar
servers and gift bearers. We always get compliments from
the parishioners who see our students at our school Masses.
The next Sunday school Mass will be this Sunday, February
8th at 12:00 noon. Students that attend this Mass, will
be given a Free Dress Day pass to be used on Tuesday,
February 10th.
P.T.O. News
Family Commitment balances are due TODAY! If you have
questions, please contact Laurie Cazalas, P.T.O. President,
or Ms. Carla, our school bookkeeper.
www. •
[email protected] • (361) 992-1343 • 737 St. Pius Drive • Corpus Christi, Texas 78412
Basketball Season Begins
Our Blue Jay basketball season begins this week. The
athletes are very excited to show off their basketball skills.
The games for this week are as follows:
During this ordinary time after the Christmas season we visit
the parables of Jesus. The parable of the Good Shepherd is
the central method of introducing young children in the atrium
to the person of Christ. It is Jesus, the Good Shepherd who
calls his sheep by name and leads them. They follow him
because they recognize his voice. He has such great love
for the sheep that he will lay down his life for them. When
they are lost, he will seek them until they are found and then
will carry them home with joy and call together his friends
and neighbors to join in his rejoicing. Lifting up the personal
and protective love of the Shepherd for the sheep draws
the child closer to the Lord Jesus, and develops a personal
relationship with him. What joy there is when the child
discovers that we are the sheep! That we are so loved and
cherished! When the child is older, we visit these parables
again, and they discover the moral element- that when we
sin, we are lost – and that Jesus calls us by name to the
sacrament of reconciliation, where he receives us with great
joy and rejoicing. How blessed we are to be a part of this
flock. Pictured below is Mrs. Paskill’s 1st Grade Class.
Tues., 2/3
Tues., 2/3
Thur., 2/5
Thur., 2/5
4th Girls vs. Annapolis Christian 4:00 (home)
4th Boys vs. Annapolis Christian 4:45 (home)
6th Boys vs. Bishop Garriga 4:00 / 6:00 (home)
5th/6th Girls vs. Bishop Garriga 5:00 (home)
If you haven’t paid your $25 fee, please do so before your
child’s 1st game.
Antonio Pereda, Ryan Lennan and Joshua Mitchell, of
St. Pius X Pack 157 recently participated in the Annual
Scouting Day of Recollection at Most Precious Blood
Church. This year’s theme was Epiphany-Three Kings.
Father Paul, Diocesan Scout Chaplain, gave the invocation
and spoke about what the day meant, Scouting as he is an
Eagle Scout himself. Each Scout received a special patch
to wear on their uniform.
Student of the Week
Congratulations to the following students who were chosen
to be Students of the Week this week. They will get a sign to
place in their yard. They are:
K-4 Bryan Bennett
3rd Giancarlo Mirabal
K-5 Caroline Speed
4th Addy Harney
1st Armando Botello
Blue Jay of the Day
Brian Riojas participated in the 80th Annual Nueces County
Junior Livestock Show in Robstown,Texas. Brian received
blue ribbons for his homemade chocolate oatmeal bars &
spicy salsa. He was a finalist for best showmanship for
Rabbit division. Brian was awarded blue ribbons for his
New Zealand rabbits.
Congratulations to last week’s Blue of the Day students.
They each received a special book and certificate, a Blue Jay
cookie, and a badge. They are:
1/26 Brady Farrell (K4)
1/28 Allison Chapman (1st)
1/27 Noah Arreola (5th)
1/29 Giana Militello (K5)
1/28 Julianna Contreras (3rd) 1/30 Preston Cazalas (4th)
Happy Birthday This Week to:
Mrs. Stovall (5th) Ms. Grace Pena (staff)
Luisa Hernandez (5th)
Colton Anderson (5th)
Corbin Kemp (K3)
Evelyn McDevitt (K5)
Addison Harney (4th)
Paul McNiff (3rd)
No pizza slices will sold this Friday due to
noon dismissal!
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