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By Brenda L. Madden
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Brenda L. Madden
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Brenda L. Madden
7... Ronnie McDowell
A Special Moment with Dolly Parton
9... Annie Bany
Rising Pop Artist
11... Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Colorado Music Hall of Fame
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Alternative to Current Performance Licensing Models
Global Music Rights is alternative to current performance licensing models, that offers a multitude of publishing
administration solutions and licensing performances on behalf of copyright owners.
They also offer their expertise to writers and publishers seeking assistance on complex, demanding music rights projects. Global Music Rights is a strong supporter of copyright and defend all creators' rights in efforts to maximize
the value of intellectual property.
Global Music Rights was founded in 2013 by Irving Azoff and represents music rights holders for the licensing of
their public performances. Former Performing Rights Organization (PRO) executives Randy Grimmett and Sean
O’Malley run operations and bring with them more than 30 years of collective experience in music publishing.
Global Music Rights offers licensing, distribution and collection services for the exclusive rights granted to music
creators and owners by copyright law.
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Jim Ed Brown
In Style Again
Opry member, Jim Ed Brown’s new CD, In Style Again, is his first studio album in 30
years. This project is a musical gem with Jim Ed delivering each song with his characteristic smooth vocal style and an underlying depth that only comes with age and understanding. Of particular interest is the title cut, “In Style Again.” It’s unbelievable that the
music industry would allow such talent to go unrecorded for so long, but with the release of this album, Jim Ed Brown proves that he is always in style!
RailRoad Rob
Leaving On That Train Southbound
Railroad Rob brings back some familiar tunes on his CD, Leaving On That Train
Southbound. From “The Auctioneer Song,” “Wabash Cannon Ball,” Blue Moon Of
Kentucky” and “The Wreck Of Old #9,” there is plenty to enjoy on this project. Railroad Rob is obviously having fun with this country/bluegrass production and it shows in
his vocals. The album culminates with a sobering rendition of the spiritual “How Great
Thou Art.”
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Ronnie McDowell
Singer • Performer • Painter
A Special Moment with Dolly Parton
Ronnie McDowell is highly respected by his peers and loved by his fans. Radio favorites and chart topper’s such as “Older Women” and “You’re Gonna
Ruin My Bad Reputation,” along with “Watchin’ Girls Go By,” “All Tied
Up” and “In A New York Minute” laid the foundation to an impressive career
spanning more than forty years.
It wasn't that long ago that Ronnie was presented with the opportunity to sing
a duet with the legendary Dolly Parton called “Last Night I Dreamed About
Elvis.” It seemed like the obvious choice because she knew he had the same
love for Elvis as she did. Dolly shared with Ronnie her story about the time
Elvis wanted to record “I Will Always Love You,” she was so excited about it
and had told everyone. Due to disagreements over publishing with Colonel
Tom Parker, Elvis’ manager, Dolly never got her Elvis moment.
Touched by the story, Ronnie put one of his lesser known talents to work and
not only created an Elvis moment for Dolly, but one designed to stand the test
of time. Ronnie shares, “When the time came to reveal the big surprise,
I took the cover off and Dolly’s expression was priceless and was followed by screams and more screams. I filmed it and I’m so glad I did
because it was magic.”
Painting description: Elvis and Dolly are on a picnic in her hometown
of Sevierville, TN with the Great Smoky Mountains in the background.
The lyric sheet to “I Will Always Love You,” which is also the name of
the painting, is laying on the blanket with Dolly holding her guitar with
a butterfly resting gently on it.
When Dolly had a moment to compose herself, she exclaimed
“Damn! I WISH I looked that good!”
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Rising Pop Artist • Fresh, Playful and Edgy
Photo by Marty Wayne Photography
Fast-rising pop singer-songwriter Annie Bany brings her fresh, playful and edgy vibe to "Stupid Cupid: A
Bittersweet Bash" - a unique singles-oriented, 21-and-over Valentine's Day show at Nashville's world renowned live music venue 12th & Porter - an iconic musical landmark set to close at the end of February.
Annie, who hits the stage at 10 p.m., is part of a stellar indie artist lineup that includes Taylor X and the Kate
Hasting Band. Tickets are $10 at the door and $5 if purchased in advance. Doors open at 7pm and show time
is 8 pm. The evening's festivities will include hourly prize giveaways and Valentine drink specials.
12th & Porter is located at 114 12th Avenue N., Nashville Tenn. 37203. For more information, please call
(615) 320-3754 or visit
Annie Bany was born and raised in Oregon and is a multi-talented performer. She is building momentum for
her debut single "Hot Lipz" via its colorful, high-energy video, which features Annie in a day/night roller rink
scenario, perfectly mixing innocent charm with a hint of sex appeal as she longs for - and rolls along with the guy whose affection she wants. Annie is currently working on a full-length album, set for tentative release
in late spring or early summer.
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Colorado Music Hall of Fame
Following the Colorado Music Hall of Fame induction of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Firefall, Poco &
Manassas, CMHOF Chairman of the Board Chuck Morris reunited with longtime friends and clients he had
both managed and promoted over decades, Grammy & CMA Award winners The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.
(L-R) AEG LIVE Rocky Mtn. President Chuck Morris, Jimmy Ibbotson, Jeff Hanna
Steve Schweidel (NGDB Manager) Jimmie Fadden, John McEuen, Bob Carpenter.
The gala at the historic Paramount Theater, included video tributes and interviews as well as an historic
array of exhibits and archival photographs. The Colorado Music Hall of Fame, a non-profit organization,
honors those individuals who have made outstanding contributions, to preserve and protect historical artifacts, and to educate the public regarding everything great about Colorado music. •
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Hits - Just To Name A Few
Mr. Bojangles • Long Hard Road • Modern Day Romance • Fishin' in the Dark
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