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February 2015
Newsletter of the
Chattanooga Hiking Club
Club Meeting
The Chattanooga Hiking Club meets at 6:30 PM on the
first Monday of even numbered months at the Outdoor
Chattanooga offices on River Street. Directions to the
meeting site are on the club website: chatthiking.com
Next meeting – Monday Feb. 2, 2015
Visit to Betty’s Bench and Marker
Sunday January 11, 2015
Several of us gathered to see first-hand Betty's bench and the
newly installed marker. They are in a very nice location, at a trail
junction just a short walk from the road near the Chattanooga
Nature Center headquarters building, but far enough up into the
woods to represent Betty's love of the wilderness. We admired the
workmanship of both the bench and the marker, and took a few
minutes to share memories of our dear friend. This will now be a
wonderful place to reflect on all that she meant to us and to the
larger area outdoor community.
This will be an important business meeting
to discuss club finances and especially the
future of our printed and mailed newsletters.
Input from all members is welcome and
Pictures from Madelaine
February 2015
Newsletter of the
Upcoming Outings
Saturday January 31, 2015
Gahuti Backcountry Loop dayhike
Location: Fort Mountain State Park, Chatsworth, GA
Distance: 8.2 miles
Rating: Strenuous
Pace: Standard
Driving Time: 45 minutes
The Gahuti Backcountry loop travels around the crest of Fort
Mountain in one of Georgia’s finest state parks. A grand view of
the Cohutta mountains and Wilderness greets you at the very
beginning. Especially during winter, the vistas are exceptional.
There are some short steep climbs and descents as the trail leads
through the ravines and around the ridge crests. Even though most
hiking books rate the trail as moderate, I consider it strenuous due
to the continuous ups and downs. Hike leader is Barbara
McCollum ([email protected]) or 770.289.7143. There is
a $5 parking fee.
Saturday February 7, 2015
Brainerd Levee dayhike
Location: Brainerd Rd, Chattanooga
Distance: 4.5-6.5 miles
Rating: Easy
Pace: Standard
The hike will begin on the levee at the intersection of Shallowford
and North Moore Roads then go to I-75, and on to Camp Jordan.
As this hike is mostly level, it is not difficult. There are a variety
of options for distance, eating and activity. I am suggesting
parking at the IHOP Restaurant lot between 7:00 and 7:10 am,
then car pool to Moore and Shallowford Roads. (I normally walk
different parts of this trail one to three times a week.) If the
weather is clear to only partly cloudy on the 7th, we should begin
hiking at dawn twilight as sunrise is at 7:35 am, and the moon will
still be up and nearly full. After hiking a little over 2.5 miles back
to the IHOP Restaurant, we can choose breakfast there or at
Chick-fil-A. After breakfast, cars can be relocated as needed from
Shallowford/Moore Road to IHOP or Camp Jordan. Hikers may
then continue on the levee to Camp Jordan -- about two miles.
Once there they may hike the camp walking trail (about two
miles) or play a few holes of disc golf, whichever they would
prefer. This hike location occasionally offers the opportunity to
view wild life. The more people willing to brave the weather, the
more options we will have to organize the cars and link up with or
leave the hike in progress. Best scenario would be to arrive at the
breakfast area at approximately 8:15 and leave there around 9:00,
arriving at the
Chattanooga Hiking Club
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Upcoming Outings
Camp Jordan bridge around 9:30. The walk on the trail around the
perimeter should take from 30 to 45 minutes. The entire hike with
breakfast should be completed between 10:00 and 10:30. Hike
leader is John Habecker, 570-742-7290 or [email protected] .
Saturday February 14, 2015
Rock Creek, Little Frog Wilderness dayhike
Location: near Ocoee Whitewater Center
Distance: 8 miles
Rating: Moderate
Pace: Standard
Driving Time: 1 hour
This is a hike in the Cherokee National Forest on the east side of
Highway 64. It will involve a creek crossing that, depending on
prior rainfall, might require water shoes, garbage bags, etc. It also
requires a short car shuttle. The hike starts up a gradual climb,
over the ridge crest then a descent to the crossing of Rock Creek
where we will eat lunch by the creek. Crossing the creek, we will
do an ascent, in and around ridges to the intersection with the
Benton McKaye Trail then downward to the end of the hike at
Ocoee Powerhouse 3. The distance is 7 – 8 miles, rated moderate.
Hike leader is Bill Kinnaman, 423-240-9502 or
[email protected]
Saturday February 21, 2015
Moonshine Dip Trail dayhike
Location: Lookout Highlands, Lookout Mountain
Distance: 5 miles
Rating: Moderate
Pace: Standard
Driving Time: 30 minutes
The hike begins at the Lake Shelby trailhead and follows
a short section of road and enters a scenic watercourse. It follows
the stream over a wooden bridge and then crosses the stream 2
more times – on a stone bridge and a downed tree bridge, where
the trail splits. We will walk the Moonshine Dip Trail which
follows this stream gradually up the hill to Highlands Drive where
it exits on the road. The trail is generally level, passes a massive
“L” shaped tree, passes along a beautiful rock outcrop and Some
clear pools. It begins to climb gradually past a small falls and on
to several crossings along the stream. There is a lot of laurel and
magnolia along the way as well as small rock bluffs. The trail
continues crosses Highlands Drive at Moonshine Dip. Several
February 2015
Newsletter of the
Chattanooga Hiking Club
Page 3
Upcoming Outings
old stills are still visible on both sides of the road in this area. We
will loop around an old logging road and return to the trailhead.
Hike leader is Steve Barnes, [email protected] or 423339-3019
Saturday February 28, 2015
Chickamauga Battlefield dayhike
Location: Chickamauga Battlefield
Distance: 9.1 miles
Rating: Moderate
Pace: Standard
This loop hike will take us from the visitor center West to
Winfrey Field, South to Alexander-Viniard Rd, East to Dyer Road
and North back to the visitor center. We will see the artillery shell
pyramids that were built on the sites where 8 brigade commanders
(4 Confederate and 4 Union) were killed during the battle of
Chickamauga. Hike leader is Kendra Cross (423) 785-7424 or
[email protected]
Saturday March 7, 2015
Georgia Pinhoti Section 21 dayhike
(formerly Section GA8)
Location: near Summerville, GA
Distance: 9.4 miles
Rating: Moderately Strenuous
Pace: Standard
Driving Time: about 1 hour
Continuing with the Georgia Pinhoti series, this hike will start at
Mack White Gap (U.S. Highway 27) south of Summerville and
continue for 9.4 to the Narrows Picnic area in the Chattahoochee
National Forest. A shuttle is required. The trail follows the
ridgeline of Taylors Ridge and offers great views of the booming
metropolis of Subligna (near Villanow) as well as the town of
Trion. If you are looking for some beautiful scenery and a good
workout, this hike is for you. Based on time of day when the hike
is complete, late lunch or early dinner at Jim’s Family Restaurant
in Summerville or the infamous Armstrong’s Barbecue. Hike
leader is Barbara McCollum [email protected] or
Betty’s Memorial and Chattanooga Nature Center
Wednesday December 31, 2014
On this sunny last day of 2014, 9 hikers met at the parking lot
across from the Kiddie trail head on Garden Road. The plan was
to follow Ralph Van Pelt's accurate directions from this spot to
the intersection of Nelson's Upslope and Light's Mill trails
(Margaret's Glen). Here we found the beautiful bench and granite
monument placed in honor of Betty Petty by our club. Kendra,
Ralph, and Donald surely did a wonderful job searching out and
making this tribute to a valued friend of trails and environment a
reality. After viewing and speaking about Betty for a few minutes
we turned left on Light's Mill, right onto South Ride, right onto
Bradford Williams Ride, left on Light's Mill and came down into
Reflection Riding at the gazebo on the Lower Truck trail. Circling
back toward the entrance we checked out the Tree House (made
secure as it stands in a swamp by our own Bill Kinnaman) and
walked past the locked animal sanctuary. A fine owl hooted at us
and the wolves paced in their compound. Not able to get inside,
we were still able to see from a distance these protected animals.
Eat your heart out John as these joyful hikers enjoyed lunch and
banana pudding at the Purple Daisy: Renee Grace, Bill Kinnaman,
Reggie Jay, Patti Giles, Tristan Carico (added some miles as he
extended his trek up the mountain), Tennyson Carico, Trish
Appleton, Wayne Chambers, and Che Carico, reporting.
New Year’s Mullen’s Cove Loop
Thursday January 1, 2015
Not the prettiest of days, but not too chilly, and we did see a little
sunlight for maybe half an hour early on. But we had a great
turnout; what a way to kick off the new year! After setting up the
car shuttle, the whole gang proceeded down to Indian Rock House
and then on to Snoopers Rock. For a few it was their first look
from that marvelous vantage point. From there Gwen led a group
of four back the way we had come, thus creating a new version of
the moderate hike option for this annual outing. The rest of us
hiked the short connection back up to Tower Road. At that point
most ended their hike and left in the waiting shuttle vehicles.
Seven of us crossed the road and headed for the Mullen's Cove
part of the hike. After lunch at Hemlock campsite, we stopped
briefly at Mullen's Cove overlook, then continued on, especially
enjoying the section that follows along Short Creek. Hiking the
easy part were Becky Braddock, Bill Kinnaman, Shirley Wright,
Teresa and Mac Dean, Karen Dale, Lindy Johnson, Faye and
Melvin Nunez, Sue Christensen, and Kathy Seymour. The
moderate hikers were Bill LaRoque, Marian and Bob Hull, and
co-leader Gwen Brimer. Doing the whole loop were Joe Teringer,
Louis Spencer, Merry and Diehl Boggs, Janet Hale, Joyce
Campbell, and John Rowland reporting.
February 2015
Newsletter of the
Chattanooga Hiking Club
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Fiery Gizzard/Raven Point
Saturday January 10, 2015
Well we didn't have any snow, but we more than made up for it
with a gazillion and forty-two icicles (I counted them myself whew)! The creeks were running full, Sycamore Falls was strong,
icicles were hanging everywhere, and ice covered rocks were
abundant. The views at and on the way to Raven Point were great
as usual, but the ice down in the upper gorge was the star of the
show today. On the way back I stopped halfway down the descent
from the rim down the Doghole Trail and looked at the wonderous
display of ice. My comment was, "Some people think we're crazy
out here hiking in this cold; but they've never seen this!" Enjoying
the beautiful day and the beautiful scenery were Sarah and Tim
Frost, Shirley Wright, Amy Wright, Gwen Brimer, Bob
Butterfield (who continued on to camp at Small Wilds that
night!), and John Rowland reporting.
CT from Barker Camp Rd to Stevenson’s Branch
Wednesday January 14, 2015
Snooper’s Rock view, New Year’s – Mac Dean
Cloudland Canyon Sitton’s Gulch
Wednesday January 7, 2015
Certainly cold today (high would be @ 32), but 16 came out to
hike from the Trenton trailhead up to the lower falls via the
Sitton's Gulch trail. Daniel's Creek was filled with rushing and
roaring water. We encountered no ice on the trail as had been
expected and the Daniel's Creek bridge and wooden steps needed
for access to the lower falls were fine for passing. The viewing
deck at the lower falls was, however, covered with ice and
beckoned the reckless to try a little ice skating! Monty joined us
as his home is nearby and he told us of interesting cave openings
on the bluff near the beginning of the trail. We plan to return in
the spring to enjoy the abundance of wild flowers on the lower
section of the trail, to explore the caves, and to visit his favorite
barbeque restaurant in Trenton. Off for lunch at Mellow
Mushroom, the movie Wild, or errands were: Wayne Chambers,
John Rowland, Susan Garrett, Weston Carico, Ellie Carico,
Emery Carico, Debbie Lambert, Gwen Brimer, Margaret Newton,
Jennie Chandler, Trish Appleton, Suzanne Dorough, Sue
Christensen, Elizabeth O'Conner, Monty Simmons, and Che
Carico, reporting.
Having lots of rain lately the hiker's set off from the gate at the
end of Barker Camp Road to pick up the CT and hike to
Stevenson's Branch camp site. This section of CT is fairly new
and just one more piece of the trail as it heads north. We can
surely thank those CTC volunteers who have been so instrumental
in building these trails - they are carefully laid out in a beautiful
wilderness - this one at the top of Montlake Mountain. The trail is
accessed via a gate that is usually locked - with a 1.1 mile gravel
road that winds downhill, bearing right, and joining the CT with
an easy to spot sign. Bear left at the sign. Fairly level and with
some ups and downs for a while, eventually it cuts right and down
into the gorge steeply with switchbacks leading to Cooper's
Creek. Crossing this creek, the trail then leads to the campground
beside a waterfall. Today the water was swift, deep, and cold, so
hungry hikers sat down beside Cooper's Creek (not crossing it)
and found some warmth as the sun began to break through the
clouds. Not disappointed as the lunch spot by the creek was
beautiful were: Louis Spencer, Susan Garrett, Gwen Brimer,
Debbie Lambert, Trish Appleton, Suzanne Dorough, Wanda
McCarter, Margaret Newton, Joyce Campbell, Larry Parks,
Wayne Chambers, Patti Giles, Wendy Gunn, Renee Grace,
Charlie Breeding, Teresa Dean, Tom Long, Suzanne Riggle, and
Che Carico, reporting.
February 2015
Newsletter of the
Chattanooga Hiking Club
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Outings Schedule
Gahuti Backcountry day hike (S)
B McCollum
Brainerd Levee day hike (E)
J Habecker
Rock Creek Cherokee NF day hike (M) B Kinnaman
Moonshine Dip day hike (M)
S Barnes
Chick. Battlefield day hike (MS)
K Cross
GA Pinhoti day hike (M/S)
B McCollum
Smokies day hike (S)
J Rowland
Wednesday Day Hikes - Che Carico - The Wednesday group
hikes many of the same trails as the weekend hikers. Since a
schedule is not published in advance, please call Che at (423)
886-5135 on Monday or Tuesday and listen to the week’s hiking
plan or before Sunday email her at [email protected] to
be added to the email distribution list to receive the week’s plan
every week.
Hike Difficulty Ratings
The information below is provided as a guide only. Each hiker
assumes the risks associated with hiking in the great outdoors,
including the responsibility of paying any bills associated with
rescue efforts or medical care. The wise hiker always carries
water, food, and first aid items.
Easy (E): 6 miles or less; mostly level or only slight incline.
Moderate (M): 6-10 miles with an elevation gain that will
generally not exceed 350 feet per mile, with a total elevation gain
of no more than 1000 ft.
Moderately Strenuous (MS): 6-10 miles in length, but include
rocky trail conditions, tricky stream crossings, or elevation gain of
more than 1000 ft but less than 2000 ft.
Strenuous (S): a distance of 10-14 miles or with more than 2000
ft total elevation gain, but no more than 3000 ft.
Extremely Strenuous (S+): Usually involves distances of more
than 14 miles or more than 3000 ft in elevation gain. There might
be very steep/rugged climbs, deep stream crossings, or
unmentioned trails.
Pace: Standard pace is 2 miles an hour; less on steep or rugged terrain. Fast pace is
2.5 to 3 miles an hour or more and may not vary much regardless of terrain.
Attention: When calling to go on an outing, please specify exact number of people
who will be attending. Do NOT just show up with a friend or family member
unannounced! This puts your hike leader in an awkward position as most hikes
involve some planning of transportation. Also we frequently hike in wilderness
areas and other places where the number of hikers in a group is limited. If that is
the case, and the hike is already full, you may be turned away!
Cancellations: Hike leaders are entirely at the own discretion regarding the
weather. It is possible that a leader may decide that, due to weather conditions,
they do not feel safe hiking on that day. Lightning kills many people every year
and can strike hikers on a trail. Also many of the areas where we hike are prone to
flash floods that can kill or injure. The leader will call if deciding to cancel before
the day of the hike. In the event that the decision to cancel is made on the
day of the hike, the leader will give you the courtesy of showing up at the
designated meeting place to announce that the hike is cancelled.
Heading for Stevenson’s Branch – Teresa
Kanati Fork, Thomas Divide, Newton Bald
Saturday January 17, 2015
In January the trails at upper elevations in the Smokies usually
have ice and snow making them difficult to hike. Not so today as
hikers started up the Kanati Fork trail. After 2.9 miles Thomas
Divide is reached. The lovely gap here provided a perfect lunch
spot. At this junction some our faster hikers had turned right and
hiked the 1.8 mile section to Newfound Gap Road and back to
then follow behind those who had turned left to head toward the
Newton Bald trail. And yes that group did catch up and pass the
ones who opted to catch the additional short section another day!
As Tim Chomyn was one of the hikers who chose the extra 3.6
mile section, he saved some of his SPECIAL brownies to share
with the "shorter distance" (11.4 miles) hikers when he caught up
with them! He had hauled three Tupperware containers up the
mountain as our group was too large today for just one batch.
What a guy! The evergreens were outstanding against the "black
lace" leafless hardwoods. Run offs did have perhaps more water
than usual, but not too much to rock hop. We met quite a few
other hikers and got a real good look at Elk at Oconaluftee. Out to
enjoy another great Smokies hike were: Tom Long, Debbie
Lambert, Gwen Brimer, Sarah Frost, Tim Frost, Reggie Jay, Eric
Anderson, Michelle Anderson, Barbara McCollum, Bob
Butterfield, Janet Hale, Beth Jones, Tim Chomyn, Joyce
Campbell, Karen Smith, Che Carico reporting and Wayne
Chambers leading.
Chattanooga Hiking Club
P.O. Box 24834
Chattanooga TN 37422
Member Announcements
Len Foote Hike Inn info from Wayne
Wayne has reservations for our group for Wednesday, February
25, for 20 rooms, or 40 people. Cost this year is $45.00/person. As
many have done in the past, several will stay Thursday night. If
you’re not on board and wish to check it out (although it may
already be booked solid), contact Wayne Chambers, 855-9926.
Available to CHC members with address label from newsletter:
*Rock Creek*: 10% off regularly priced merchandise. You must
present your current newsletter with your address label.
Club Officers and Support:
President - Elizabeth O’Connor (423) 313-3525
Vice President - Stormy McGauley (423) 505-4525
Treasurer - Donald Box (423) 892-6754
Secretary - Kendra Cross (423) 785-7425
Outings - Patti Giles (423) 899-0829
Newsletter/Webmaster – John Rowland (423) 802-7704
Membership Database - John Rowland (423) 802-7704
Membership Information - Chris O’Conner (423) 991-3220
Trail Maintenance - Steve Barnes (423) 339-3019
Midweek Outings - Cheryl Carico (423) 886-5135
Website: chatthiking.com
An Honor to Bob Fanning
Bob is our Canadian contingent, a regular part-time hiker with us
for several years as he commuted back and forth between home
and work in Dalton, GA. He has been honored by a Member of
Parliament as Volunteer of the Month!
“Out on the trails and in the classrooms, Bob Fanning has been a
wonderful mentor to young photographers and nature explorers in
over forty Focus on Nature school workshops. His ability to
connect with the students and help them see their world with new
eyes is an inspiration to the other volunteers who work with him.”
Congratulations, Bob! Well-deserved praise, no doubt. We’re
proud of you! Hope you can come visit us again soon.
For anyone who wants to see it on the internet: