Legal SOS Terms and Conditions

Overview of Legal SOS
We all know that in life certain situations arise and you need the appropriate legal advice
ASAP. By subscribing to legal SOS you have instant telephonic access to our large network of
qualified criminal lawyers, on call 24-hours a day. By the push of your panic button on your
phone, you will be speaking to a qualified lawyer within a minute to assist you and provide
you with the appropriate legal advice.
Accessing the service
 If you are a 24/7 ASAP premium member (If you are not a premium member you will
not have access to the service) you will automatically be allowed access to the Legal
SOS service. Pressing your panic button on your phone (*120*880*725444#) or
pressing our 24/7 APP on your smartphone, will send an alert to our 24/7 365 day
call centre. The call centre will call you back and after confirming your details and
will transfer you to the qualified lawyer to assist
Details of the service
 The Legal SOS service covers you for 30 minutes telephonic consultation (per
incident) with a qualified lawyer about criminal legal matters. The service can not be
used more than 3 times in a 12 month period. The service can be accessed 24/7 365
days per year.
 After the 30 minute telephonic consultation (per incident) with the lawyer the
member has the choice whether to continue requesting additional advice which if
taken will be an additional charge. This charge is to be agreed between the lawyer
and the member and is completely separate to the terms of the Legal SOS service.
24/7 ASAP accepts no recourse or liability for any fees incurred after the 30 minutes
has been reached.
 If you have reached the maximum 3 times in a 12 month period (from
commencement of the service) to use the Legal SOS service then on the 4th occasion
the service will not be made available.
 The cover only relates to criminal matters in South Africa and not in any other
 If the member requires legal advice but the requirement is not related to a criminal
matter then the member will not be transferred to the legal expert or will be
informed they are unable to provide this expertise. Non-criminal criteria includes
but is not limited to: family law, labour dispute, work injury claim, contract reviews.
The Legal SOS service will not be able to provide that expertise and is not in the
terms of the use of the service.
 The criminal legal advice is not provided by 24/7 ASAP and is subcontracted to one
of our qualified legal Service Providers. Therefore 24/7 ASAP does not accept any
liability for loss, damage or unsatisfactory advice, failure of the service or any claim
of whatsoever nature in respect of the service.
*Please read the general 24/7 ASAP terms and conditions in conjunction with the
specific Legal SOS conditions. This can be accessed at or please call
to request a hardcopy of the Terms & conditions on 031 582 8366 to be sent to your