A word from International SOS

A word from International SOS
Telemedicine system for professional clinical users in remote locations
International SOS
One of the world’s leading international healthcare, medical assistance, and
security services company. Over 25 years experience.
Integrated medical, clinical and security solutions to organizations with
international operations (Include planning and preventative programs, in-country expertise, and
emergency response)
Not a repatriation provider, but a global risk management company.
Nevertheless 20.000 medical evacuations a year (incl. 2.000 air-ambulance flights)
12,000 employees lead by 1,200 physicians and 200 security specialists.
9,200 corporate clients worldwide (multinationals, governments and NGOs),
representing 60 millions members (serving more than 350.000 military
Worldwide Reach
International SOS :
70 Offices
27 Assistance Centers
Map not to scale
34 International Clinics
Over 750 Remote Medical Facilities
Serve more than 120 military locations
27 International SOS Assistance Centres
Doctors and nurses, multilingual coordinators,
security experts, logistics personnel delivering
24/7 medical and security assistance services
in over 90 languages, all over the world.
Same Case Management System linked through
all continents by a private network, making it one
single worldwide virtual assistance center
International SOS Clinics
34 International SOS clinics providing
international quality standard of care, in cities where
medical care of an international standard is not available or
where cultural and language barriers make it difficult to
receive appropriate care + more than 700 remote
medical sites.
Doctors available to provide all types of
treatments, ranging from simple vaccination to
emergency treatment. Specialist care is also available in
many fields (especially gynecology, pediatrics and
International SOS Clinics
International SOS Clinic
Hassi Messaoud, Algeria
Main actors within Intl.SOS for this study
Paris Assistance Centre
Coordinating doctors
Hassi Messaoud
Intl.SOS Clinic (& Adrar site)
Treating doctors & Paramedics
SMI Port Harcourt
Intl.SOS Clinic (& Lafarge site)
Treating doctors & Paramedics
Main actors within Intl.SOS for this study
Paris Assistance Centre
Hassi Messaoud
Intl.SOS Clinic
Adrar site
International SOS role with this study
Active contribution to design and trials
Medical expertise
Demonstrating the role of telemedicine for
providing medical support to remote sites
Routine test calls as well as collecting feedback &
Assessing capabilities & testing monitor
First Impressions
Very user friendly
Less than 1 hour for the training needed
both for software and Tempus
Enthusiastic reactions for physical
features (light, compact, robust)
Trial Phase
Trial Phase
Short trial phase, hence
no evacuation but…
…revealed to be very helpful also for medical advice:
Support from Clinic to Remote sites
Support from Paris Assistance Center to Clinic
Site Clients showed eagerness for the system: Will now
be deployed locally
They perceived the assistance offer as more attractive
when telecommunication device was included
Key Factors for its Success
Quality of telecommunication system in remote sites
Enhance communication between remote sites, clinics
and Assistance Centre
Responsiveness and speed of exchange of medical
information, documentation, traceability
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