Alberto´s Letter for FD Bulletin - International Flying Dutchman Class

International Flying Dutchman
Class Organization
Dr. Alberto Barenghi
Lecco, 12-01-2015
Dear friends,
the FD sailing season 2015 has begun in Sydney with the World Championship.
I was very glad to meet some of the fleets, there, and I congratulate and thank the Royal Squadron
Yacht Club, the Organizing Committee and all the volunteers engaged in such a wonderful event.
Moreover, during the Championship have been held the IFDCO Competitor Meeting and AGCM
As always, I thank all of you very much for your engagement in this strategic time in renewing and
supporting the Class.
With regard to the IFDCO management and turnover of the Officers, according to the decision
taken during the AGCM 2012 and 2013, a new deal for the FD Class has begun, and since 2015
we have a new IFDCO President, V.P. Communication and a new Treasurer
As reported in the IFDCO website, the new Officers involved in the Class life and IFDCO
management, will work to project the Class in the future and to ferry our Class to the new
generation of sailors and Officers.
Of course, each new Officers, according to their own skills and the style will influence the Class
management in their specific role, looking to the best benefit for the Class.
This is required to ensure the continuity, reliability, and growth of the Class.
Anyway, the IFDCO needs to go ahead to finalize the future strategies with a team approach,
mandatory to improve and fasten every procedure.
So, after 14 years of Presidency and further years as Commodore of the Mediterranean Countries,
now I hand down my love and passion for the FD Class to a new President.
The 25 years lived as FD sailor of which 17 spent as IFDCO Officer, means a life dedicated to the
FD, which I consider the ideal concept of sailing, and to the FD Class that I feel as my family.
I thank all of you since I have had the chance to live such experience in a team-work with Officers,
National Secretaries and sailors, all friends involved in such a permanent “Dream and Reality”
called FD.
In such a long time I learnt not only to sail but also to understand the history, mechanism, style,
strategies and steps, mandatory to increase and improve our Class in the sailing sport environment
and care of ISAF, National Sailing Federations, Sailing Clubs and Sponsors.
I cannot forget the comments and suggestions received by all of you, and especially the experience
and style inherited by people as Ian McCrossin, Peter Hinrichsen and the Officers that in different
roles worked and helped me in the Class management.
Moreover, I was so honoured and lucky to learn the essence of the FD, by people as Clè Jeltes and
Ann Truett, considered milestone in the history of our boat.
I thank all of you for your commitment and dedication to support me during my Presidency , with
the aim to improve the FD Class in fame, growth and technical development.
I wish to the new President Tony Lyall, the new Treasurer Peter van Koppen, the new V.P.
Communication Marc Strittmatter and all the Officers, Commodores and National Secretaries, to
enjoy in managing and contributing to our Class life.
Of course, I ‘ll go ahead to sail by FD and to live in the FD Class family ; moreover, if you like,
I ‘ll be at disposal of the IFDCO for any needs, with my passion and experience.
I wish all of you a new wonderful sailing season 2015.
See you, soon.
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