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Volume 27, No. 2
GMS Summit 2015
30th Annual GMS Financial Management Conference
June 21 - 26, 2015 - Denver, CO
Don’t forget to mark your calendars and plan to attend the 30th Annual GMS Financial
Management Conference to be held in Denver, CO, June 21-26, 2015. As in previous years,
the conference will be divided into two segments with the regular conference June 21-24
followed by intensives June 25-26. Sunday, the 21st will offer registration during the day
followed by our Welcome Reception on Sunday evening, featuring Frank Sinatra impersonator, Don D’Angelo.
Our 2015 conference is being held at the Grand Hyatt Denver, conveniently located one
block from the mile long 16th Street Mall, featuring a free shuttle, shopping, dining, and
entertainment. Performing arts, museums, landmarks, and Colorado Rockies baseball are
all less than 1 mile away. Denver offers something for everyone!
February 2015
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GMS Summit 2015
Early Bird Special
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to Justify Conference Attendance
Updating Multiple
Dates in RLSS
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Webinar - Cost
Allocation Supplements
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Attendance/Benefits Worksheet
For complete conference information, please visit the GMS 30th Annual Summit site at This site includes everything you need GMS, Inc.
including the agenda, accommodations, special offers and a place to register online. Also, 10559 Metropolitan Avenue
Kensington, MD 20895
watch future issues of News from GMS for a brief description of each session.
Who Attends the GMS Conference?
Phone: 800-933-3501
Fax: 301-933-3502
E-mail: [email protected]
If previous years are an indication, we can expect close to 300 participants from GMS client organizations located
throughout the country. Attendees include fiscal staff, auditors, revolving loan management staff, Executive Directors,
human resource staff and program managers. Many GMS clients
view this as annual in-service training for their fiscal personnel. In
addition to the scheduled sessions, the conference offers a great
opportunity to discuss issues and solutions with other GMS clients
Last Call for Special “Early Bird” Pricing! who might be experiencing the same situations as your agency.
Are you planning to attend the GMS Summit From strictly a GMS viewpoint, we wish all GMS clients could
2015 this June in Denver, CO? If so, time is attend, since the conference is our best way to provide you with
running out to take advantage of our special the most up to date information on using GMS software, audit
“Early Bird” pricing.
standards, human resource issues and other information important to all GMS clients. Every member of the GMS staff will be
at the conference providing a tremendous opportunity for face-to
Regular Conference
“Early Bird” fee is $425; after February 15, 2015, $495 -face consultation and assistance.
Special 1 1/2 Day Intensives
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“Early Bird” fee is $325; after February 15, 2015, $395
Register HERE today!
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Present versions
of Software are:
How to Justify Conference Attendance
By Mike Doyle
As a manager you may often be faced either with your own need to attend a professional conference
or requests by your team members to attend one. Professional conferences can be expensive and not
all budget managers understand their importance or the benefits derived by conference attendees. In
this article, Mike Doyle discusses how to go about justifying the expense of attending a conference
and provides some handy worksheets you can use to do so.
As a manager, how do you propose any allocation of resources in your organization? You need to
understand two components to make decisions:
Expense (the investment)
Return on Investment
This article provides some easy-to-use tools to help you calculate the investment and identify your
Understanding Your Conference Expenses
Conference expenses are affected by a number of factors. Before you can even begin to justify conference expenses, you need to calculate what those expenses are. To do so, use the following Expenses Worksheet to develop a cost estimate for attending your selected conference.
Expenses Worksheet
Conference Registration
Pre & Post Conference Class Registration
(if applicable)
Materials Fees (if any)
Usually optional
Transportation: Airport to hotel & back
Mileage Reimbursement
Parking Reimbursement
Books? Software? Media?
Airline websites
Conferences usually have special
rates with the hotel
If flying: Taxi? Car rental?
To conference or to airport & return
For flight or at hotel
Food Per Diem
Your Agency’s policies
Multiply by number of employees attending
Total cost (may not need mileage & parking reimb for all employees)
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Dates in RLSS
When entering Loan Activity in the RLSS software since you’ve updated to a new computer, are you receiving odd dates in the New
Paid Thru Date and Next Payment Due fields? If yes, this can be
easily remedied.
Exit your RLSS System. Left click on your Windows Start button.
Select Control Panel. (Control Panel may be found under Settings
on some computers.) For Windows 7 machines, select Clock, Language & Region followed by Region & Language Options. On the
Formats tab, change “Short date” to be MM/dd/yyyy. This will correct the date issue.
While on this same tab, we recommend you also select Additional
Settings, Date Tab and change “When a 2-digit year is entered, interpret it as a year between” to be 1960 to 2059 to avoid future
problems with your Aging Report.
Once you’ve made these two changes, click on Apply followed by OK
on both screens.
Accounting 1.2.300
Updating Multiple
Part of your Year End procedures may include making a copy of the previous
year’s database, placing it
in a separate folder and
point the ODBC setup using convert1 or convert2,
etc. This is particularly
useful to allow you to go
back to a previous fiscal
year and generate a report
without having to go
through the reverse roll
forward process. If this is
a practice your organization follows, it is imperative that as you receive
GMS software updates
from our office, you follow
the update procedure and
update all accounting databases you access through
the GMS software. This is
necessary to help assure
you will be generating accurate reports from all fiscal years. This rule also
applies if you have purchased additional databases from GMS for multiple companies.
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GMS Summit 2015
Computer Clinic
In addition to specific sessions, the Computer Clinic is open
throughout the regular conference giving you an opportunity to
test drive any GMS product. GMS staff members are available
in the Computer Clinic at all times to answer questions and proSession Highlights
vide assistance. In the Computer Clinic you can experiment and
In addition to sessions led by GMS staff featuring training on the practice as much as you want!
GMS Accounting and Financial Management and the Revolving
Loan Servicing System, we will offer new sessions on the Super One-on-One Appointments
Circular plus an internal controls session, both presented by
Get the most value for your conference attendance and schedule
CPA, Jason Brooks. Additional new sessions will be Remaining a one-on-one appointment with one of our Service & Support
Healthy in an Office Environment plus for our Revolving Loan
Specialists to discuss face-to-face your specific issues. A limited
Clients, BMI will present On-line Pre-qualifications and Loan
number of appointment slots are available and must be preApplications!
scheduled by contacting Robin Berseth. Her phone # & email
are listed at the end of this article.
Training will take place during the regular session and also in the
intensives to be held immediately after the regular conference.
As in the past, the computer clinic provides an excellent oppor- Intensives
The post-conference Intensives are always well attended as you
tunity for hands-on training and working with all aspects of the
have the opportunity for a very detailed session on your topic of
GMS software.
choice. These 1 1/2 day concentrated courses have been refined
with years of experience and are in great demand year after year.
Up to four concurrent sessions are scheduled in each time slot
providing a choice of topics useful to your organization.
Choose from any one of these topics:
continued from page 1
Accounting Sessions
Accounts Payable Processing
Payroll Processing
Month End Processing
Basics of Year End Part 1 and 2
Report Writer Basics Part 1 and 2
Report Writer Advanced
Bank Rec and Other Tools Functions
Accounting Setups & Master Files
Overview of Accounts Payable Supplements
Overview of Payroll Supplements
Overview of Selected GL Supplements
Overview of Year End and Audit Supplements
Accounts Receivable & CR Processing
Importing, Exporting and Paperless Filing
GMS Cost Allocation Options
Q&A with Accounting Staff
Balance Sheet Reconciliation NEW!
Super Circular by Jason Brooks, CPA NEW!
Time & Attendance by Debbie Sabin NEW!
Sessions for RLSS System Users
RLSS Setups, Master Files and Schedules
RLSS Reports and Master Query
RLSS Features and Supplements
Handling Special Situations within GMS-RLSS
On-line Pre-Qualification and Loan Applications NEW!
General Sessions for all Users
Remaining Healthy in an Office Environment NEW!
Design and Implementation of Internal Controls by Jason
Brooks, CPA
“They invented hugs to let people know you
love them without saying anything.”
~Bil Keane
Training on the Accounting Software
Year End Procedures/Preparing for Audit
Laptop Training on RLSS
We hope that we will see you at GMS Summit 2015 in Denver.
For further information on conference activities, please feel free
to contact Robin Berseth, our Event Director at 800.933.3501,
extension 403.
Page 4
How to Justify Conference Attendance
continued from page 2
Understanding the Benefits
Training. Will there be workshops designed to teach attendees a special skill and/or help your team overcome current
or future challenges?
Quantifying the Benefits
Let’s face it: many benefits from conference attendance are hard to
quantify. For example, many experts agree that the top benefit of
Although you might understand the benefits of the conference that
conference attendance is networking value. Where else can you
interests you, your manager may not. Therefore, to be most effecfind so many industry contacts facing the same issues as your ortive in justifying the conference, you need to clearly articulate the
ganization? Are there solutions you’re not aware of?
connection between your organization’s knowledge requirements
Although networking is undoubtedly the most important aspect of a and the conference program. DO NOT assume that your manager
conference, it is also the toughest for which to quantify any value. will be able to automatically make those distinctions.
On the other hand, if an employee came to you and said, “I want
you to fund me for $4000 and I don’t know what it’ll do for you,”
then you would likely scoff at the offer…and maybe even mumble
a few colorful metaphors about his/her suggestion.
When you propose a conference for approvals, don’t focus on how
much you want to go; focus on what you will specifically bring
back to the organization as payback for the investment.
Some specific details you’ll need to identify include:
Session content. What sessions have particular relevance to
your organization’s work? Specifically identify:
 Tools (authoring tools, content management systems,
 Technologies (XML, DITA, etc.)
 Processes (structured writing, single-sourcing, etc.)
Vendor contacts. Will the conference showcase vendors with
tools you use or are evaluating for potential future use? Is this
an opportunity during which you’ll be able to compare competing tools?
Best practices. Will there be training sessions in areas that
will immediately benefit your group?
To support this process, use Benefits Worksheet below to help you
focus on the benefits. Use whatever makes sense for your particular organization and conference, and omit the rest.
It’s All in the Selling
After you have identified the specific knowledge benefits, you’ve
provided both the expenses & benefits your manager needs to decide the value of your proposition.
Salespeople work the same way. They don’t let customers infer the
value of what they are selling, they make that leap for them.
Sell your conference proposition!
About the Author
Mike Doyle has been in the technical documentation & training
business for almost 25 years, as a manager, author, teacher, & conference organizer. He founded the Documentation & Training
Conference (
Reprinted with permission of
Benefits Worksheet
Your Organization’s Benefits
*be sure to change these topics to fit
your agencies needs
Networking Benefits
Teambuilding (if sending a group)
Specific Needs & the Sessions That Meet the Need
This conference will allow (specific team members) to network with other professionals & vendors in the industry.
We will be able to take the pulse of what is happening for
tools, technologies, & processes & hear ideas we weren’t
even aware of.
This conference will help build our team, providing a
forum for team members to discuss tools, technologies, &
processes & how we might apply them in our company to
improve our information products, workflow, & processes.
Current Tools
Future Tools Exploration
Current Technologies
Future Technologies Exploration
Current Processes
Future Processes Exploration
Vendors with Tools & Technologies That You Are Exploring