Letak Kongres mira BG 2014 ENG 1

„Our possibilities are unlimited.
The future is open. We create
our future with what we do and
with what we do not do.“
„Sexuality is the most intensive way to
practice how to overcome polarity.
This is where everyone feels something
missing, looking for unity.“
Johannes Rau
Dr Ruediger Dahlke
“The Healing Power of Illness”
„The Elementary
Female Power“
Tasks and Responsibilities of Men and Women in the Time of Change
Belgrade, April 30 – May 4, 2014
Join workshops and presentations during the Congress and activate your awareness of the female and the male power
within you, discovering your potentials.
Realizing basic dynamics and laws of destiny, you stop being a victim of the circumstances, which you can't change. The
experience of polarity and resonance allows you to become an integral part of the whole - of the world. Experiencing
yourselves as an individual who is responsible for everything what happens with and around you. Acknowledging this
you become ready to discover and to follow your very personal mission in life – here and now.
Prepared for this new journey, you lose the need to escape into work, alcohol or any other addiction and become able to
accept crisis and changes as opportunities for a more fulfilling life and for spiritual growth.
We look forward to your participation in our workshops and presentations given by experts, through which you will
contribute to the creation of new perspectives in realization of life in peace and love.
With one of his latest books "The Erotic Myth" Dr Ruediger Dahlke makes us familiar with the law of polarity demonstrating how we can activate our hidden potentials. The neurologist Dr Ranko Rajovic (functional knowledge and
development of a child‘s brain) will tell us how we can learn based on acknowledgment of prenatal consciousness and
the consciousness of children. Through resonance dance and other exercise Devi Rada Rageth will show us how to
change the needs of our spirit with movement. With archetypal constelations by Dr Dimitris Stavropoulos, we could
reconcile through realization of messages in greek mythology. Pradeep Darooka will through the mythology of Sheeva
and Shakthi present the tantric path to love and peace. Dr Ljiljana Bastaic will introduce us to imago therapy in relationships. Bibi Schreuder will work with children and their parants or theachers who have difficulties with learning or autism.
Prof. Dr. Vuk Stambolović with his workshop „Poetry - everybody can write“ will encourage us to live our own poetry - and
write our own song of life. Prof.dr Sladjana Jovic points to the importance of integrative health. Dr Sanja Stamenic-Ostric
will talk about spirituality and love in business, Nada Miskovic about production of organic and healthy food, prof.dr
Stanisa Stojiljkovic about the ecology of our body, Njezna Pivac-Ilic on spirituality in our day-to-day life, Vlado Ilic on
approaches to spirituality and love through meditation and family constelations, as well as other local lecturers and
lecturers from all over the world...
We look forward to rediscover with you the opened doors of the New
which is already waiting for us...
Opening on April 30, 2014 at 5pm
Arrival and distribution of the congress
agenda from 2pm
9:30 am - 8 pm
Join the Gongs for Peace
with Silvana Leskovar
Kindly make reservations with Silvija
„The Elementary
Female Power“
Tasks and Responsibilities of Men and Women in the Time of Change
Belgrade, April 30 – May 4, 2014
Lectures, workshops and conversations with lecturers.
Accredited lectures and workshops in Serbia for
continuing education of medical workers and teachers.
DAH theatre, Magical Flute with Bora Dugic, shamanic
dance and dance of the shadow and other creative
Creative workshops for children and children care
Elementary School Lazar Savatić,
Kej Oslobođenja 27, Zemun – Belgrade
Fees: € 190
€ 140 for those who register by April 21st, 2014
with €50 deposit
Information and registration:
Vlado Ilić
[email protected]
Silvija Paunović
[email protected]
Rade Anđić
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Branka Šimunec
[email protected]
Antonio Bratoš
[email protected]
Bosnia and Hercegovina:
Jadranka Stojanović
[email protected]
Haritini Papakirillou
[email protected]
Ljiljana Petrović
ljiljana.petrović[email protected]
Ukraine and Russia:
Vladimir Inžir
[email protected]
Ivan Polić
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Elena Ilieva
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