Mission Control WAN Offloading How do I

Mission Control WAN Offloading
How do I reduce the costs of my WAN connection while at the
same time boosting its performance, security and availability?
WAN offloading, or taking the strain off
your WAN infrastructure through secure
local access points to the internet,
brings the following advantages:
1 Lower costs: Reduce the data traffic and thus the bandwidth needed on the cost-intensive WAN connection by
up to 70 percent.
2 Boost performance: Increase the performance of your
WAN for business-critical applications.
3 Satisfaction: Enhance user satisfaction by making surfing
faster and safer.
4 Control: Secure local internet offloading at the touch of a button in line with your globally defined security policy.
5 Business continuity: Use local offloading at the various
company locations as a backup infrastructure, thereby
considerably increasing your flexibility in an emergency.
The high volume of internet traffic places
a huge strain on the WAN infrastructure:
Internet traffic on company networks is steadily increasing. Rich media content, such as TV
over the internet during the World Cup, video platforms like YouTube, or the use of social
media applications in the workplace, have given extra momentum to this development. The
high volume of internet traffic places a huge strain on the cost-intensive WAN. In fact the
load is often so high, that business-critical applications on the WAN are starved for valuable
bandwidth, resulting in sluggish access times or even interruptions in availability.
Local Site
Mission Control
Security Gateway
Local offloading is secured by means of a distributed proxy infrastructure in line with the
centrally defined security guidelines. In this
way, you support your branches by providing
them with optimum protection that takes
into account both your globally defined aims
and local requirements.
Renowned companies, institutions and non-profit organizations in over 110 countries use
Mission Control services to ensure the availability and smooth operation of their IT and
communications infrastructure 24x7.
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Renowned companies, institutions and NGOs rely on Mission Control Services from Open Systems to ensure the
sustained availability and smooth operation of their IT and
communications infrastructure. Around the clock. 365 days
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