Solution Overview Traffic Management For IP PBX Deployments

Solution Overview
Traffic Management For
IP PBX Deployments
One of the principle benefits delivered by VoIP technology
is the cost savings associated with carrying voice and data
traffic over a common network infrastructure. While
simple in concept, the implementation of a converged
voice and data network is often complex, time consuming
and costly.
Solution Benefits
•Guarantees high quality voice
•Maximizes WAN link utilization
•Low acquisition cost
•Simple to deploy and manage
Companies using shared WAN links for inter-office voice
communications are usually forced to deploy expensive,
special purpose traffic shapers to meet the stringent jitter,
latency and packet loss requirements for toll quality voice. Edgewater Networks provides a simple,
low cost alternative to these solutions that takes the complexity out of traffic management for VoIP
EdgeMarcTM Series Converged Network Appliances
Our EdgeMarcTM Series appliances combine sophisticated traffic management mechanisms including
classification, prioritization, queuing and rate limiting to ensure toll quality voice calls. Fortunately,
this complexity is hidden by an easy to use web based GUI.
Traffic Management Setup
Step 1: Input bandwidth required for voice
Step 2: Identify voice endpoint or trunk
interfaces by IP address
Step 3: Press “Submit”
EdgeMarcTM Series Appliances Handle The Rest!
Highlights of our traffic management solution include:
The ability to prioritize voice traffic over data traffic
The ability to manage bandwidth using different upstream and downstream link speeds (e.g.
The ability to maximize WAN link utilization by allowing data traffic to burst up to full line
rate in the absence of voice calls
The ability to control the data transfer rate of upstream TCP devices to limit WAN link
EdgeMarcTM Series appliances are the ideal bandwidth management solution for enterprise WAN
links supporting IP voice and data.
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EdgeMarcTM Series appliances are deployed in the network between WAN and LAN connections in
headquarters, branch office and SOHO locations. One appliance is required for each end of a WAN
link and they are installed logically between IP PBX trunk interfaces, IP Media Gateways or IP PBX
and IP Phone connections. A typical network configuration is provided below.
Solution Benefits
Guarantees high quality voice. Priority queuing is used to ensure high priority voice calls
are serviced before general-purpose data traffic.
Maximizes WAN link utilization to save money. Data traffic is allowed to burst up to
full line rate in the absence of voice calls to enable better utilization of expensive network
Low acquisition cost. Starting at a list price of $395 the Edgewater solution is 1/10th the
cost of competing products.
Simple to deploy and manage. Provides the network manager with comprehensive
control over network resources using an intuitive web based interface.
EdgeMarcTM Series Product Family
WAN router
or Modem?
Total WAN
US List Price
EdgeMarc 300 EWN-0300-01
Headquarters or branch office
(up to 100Mbps)
EdgeMarc 300T EWN-300T-01
Headquarters or branch office
EdgeMarc 30 EWN-0030-01
Headquarters or branch office
1.544Mbps or less
512Kbps or less
EdgeMarc 5
For more information about EdgeMarcTM Converged Network Appliances please visit our website at or send email to [email protected]
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