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Paris, September 3rd 2014 – The World Economic Forum, the “Global Competitiveness Report 2014 –
2015”, proposes a global competitiveness index placing France in 23rd position out of 144 countries.
The stabilization of France’s ranking this year has halted the drop in competitiveness observed since
2010. France thereby ranks 10th place within the European Union.
France has initiated major reforms and programs to better the business environment, with most
notably the Job Security law that resulted from an agreement between key labor unions and employers,
the new Investments for the Future program, and the establishment of the French Public Bank (BPI).
“These measures improve the image of our economy and encourage us to continue with initiated
reforms” declares Muriel Pénicaud, President of the Invest in France Agency, Ambassador for
International Investment, and Managing Director of Ubifrance.
In 2014, France registered an increase:
of ten places in the “Labor Market Efficiency” pillar, incorporating data measuring flexibility;
of ten places ten places in the “Financial Market Development” pillar, incorporating data such
as ease of access to financial loans.
This ranking also highlights that France maintains its structural assets and offers competitive
world-class infrastructure (8th place);
a skilled work force and high-quality education system, recognized throughout the world
(8th place for the quality of its management schools, 17th place for its quality of mathematics
and science education);
an “aggressive” business culture in adopting new technologies (17th place in the
“Technological Readiness” pillar);
efficacy of corporate boards, its “leadership” in innovation (19th place in the “Innovation”
pillar) and the quality of its scientific research institutions (12th place);
the size of the French economy (8th place for the “Market Size” pillar).
International rankings have taken on a considerable importance in the making of an opinion for a
given country, particularly regarding its economy. These rankings influence the decisions of investors
and potential partners of French companies. Analyzing these results is essential to evaluate France’s
competitive advantages in a global context. This is the exact purpose of the Invest in France Agency’s
White Paper which deciphers the discrepancies between perceptions and the economic reality.
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