Barrie Fair Ambassador Program

Barrie Fair
Ambassador Program
Ambassador Convenor: Christine Handy
[email protected]
Barrie Fair Ambassador Competition
Thank you for your interest in the Barrie Fair Ambassador Competition! This is a wonderful
opportunity for youth to show their skills and support their community and the Barrie Fair. It is a great
opportunity to become involved in our community and promote our local fair.
Past Ambassadors comment that they come out of this program with improved public speaking
skills, greater confidence and improved leadership abilities. They have met many new people and other
fair ambassadors building lasting life-long friendships. They all share fond memories of their time in the
Ambassador Program.
When you become an Ambassador of the fair, we would like to remind you that you are
representing the Essa and District Agricultural Society (EDAS) and the Barrie Fair and need to act
accordingly. Due to this, each contestant is required to demonstrate an understanding of the rules and
duties of the Ambassador Program by signing an agreement. The simple rules and duties listed below
have been developed to make each Ambassador’s experience enjoyable and memorable.
These rules/duties include:
Duties Junior and Senior Ambassador:
Being present every day of the Fair after your crowning. The duties at the Fair will include giving
out awards, making draws, making announcements and or announcing winners. An exact
Ambassador itinerary for the Fair will be provided to the Ambassadors upon winning the
Attending events throughout the year. Please see the attached list of events. The Ambassadors
will be assisted by a member of the Board in making arrangements for these appearances.
Attend at least one meeting of the Board of Directors.
Attend the one-day OAAS District #5 meeting at the end of October/early November where you
will meet other Ambassadors from the other fairs in our district. Enjoy lunch and participate in
the Ambassador Leadership Program (expenses paid for by the EDAS).
Message composed by the Junior and Senior Ambassadors to be included in next year’s Fall Fair
Be a member of the organizing committee for the Ambassador Competition for the next year’s
Barrie Fair.
Attend the next year’s opening ceremonies to congratulate the new ambassador and relinquish
your title as well as give a 2 to 5 minute talk (can be read from notes) about your year as an
ambassador and what you have gained by the experience.
Duties Senior:
Attend the OAAS weekend convention at the Royal York Hotel in February. (Fees and chaperone
will be provided by the EDAS.)
Attend the CNE Ambassador Competition in August, representing the Barrie Fair and Essa and
District Agricultural Society. (Fees and chaperone will be provided by the EDAS.)
Expectations Junior and Senior Ambassador:
The Essa and District Agricultural Society (EDAS) expects that their Ambassadors will represent
the organization to the best of their ability. We ask that you exhibit a higher than normal level of
responsibility while representing the Society in an official capacity.
While at the Fair or participating in Fair related activities, Ambassadors will not smoke substances
of any kind, chew tobacco or drink alcoholic beverages. Chewing gum and Cell phone use are
activities that must be limited to times when you are not in the public eye.
Courtesy and respect should be practiced at all times. Our goal is to have a positive experience
for the public and Ambassadors. Ambassadors are highly visible. Comments from the public
reflect on the Ambassadors directly and on the Barrie Fair and the Society as a whole.
Dress for Success. No Jeans.
Dress according to the duty you will be fulfilling/activity you are participating in.
Wear your sash and tiara (girls) or medal and hat (boys) at all times when representing the Barrie
Fair and EDAS. Remember you are promoting our fair and agricultural society at events
throughout the year and we want you to be seen and visible.
Be respectful and answer questions appropriately. People will want to know who you are and
what your duties include.
When attending events assist in any way you can before and after your assigned task. If you are
unsure what you should be doing, ask the event co-ordinator.
As an Ambassador you will receive many prizes from local businesses. It is your responsibility to
send thank you cards to these businesses in a timely fashion. If you wish, your completed cards
can be returned to the EDAS for postage and mailing.
You will be required to write a reflection of your year as Ambassador and submit it to the Fair to
be published in the fair book for the following year.
Benefits Junior and Senior Ambassador:
You will receive a prize package donated by local merchants and/or a cash allowance which you
can use to purchase appropriate clothing etc. to perform your duties.
You will have the opportunity to take part in parades and community events.
You will have the opportunity to participate in leadership and public speaking workshops and
meet other Ambassadors from across our district (Jr. and Sr.)
You will take part in a weekend OAAS conference in Toronto and meet Ambassadors from all
across the province. (Sr. only)
You will have the opportunity to improve your knowledge of agriculture and your local
You will have the opportunity to meet new people and enjoy new experiences.
You can earn community service hours to fulfill the requirements for a high school diploma. (It is
the Ambassador’s responsibility to track hours and have them signed by a board member or
request a letter be written and signed by the board)
Upon successful completion of your year as Ambassador, you will receive a written
recommendation from the Board of Directors for future employment or post-secondary
We look forward to having you represent the Barrie Fair and Essa and District Agricultural Society! If you
have any questions please feel free to contact:
Christine Handy at (705) 726 1200 or [email protected]
Alternatively, ask any of the other Society Directors or check out our website at
Should I be awarded the title of Junior or Senior Ambassador,
I_________________________________________ agree to adhere to the duties and
expectations outlined above. I understand that I am responsible to ensure the above
contract is followed and agree to do my best to fulfill these requirements.
Signed:___________________________________ (Competitor) Date:____________
Signature of Parent/Guardian (if competitor is under 18)
Signed:________________________________ (Parent/Guardian) Date:___________
Events Ambassadors are Expected to Attend Include:
-Dates will be made available to the Ambassador as they become known.
-Dates may be added or deleted throughout the year. Ambassadors will try to
accommodate new dates into their schedule.
EDAS Board of Director’s meeting
Thank you notes due.
District 5 meeting (location to be announced) (contact: Christine Handy)
Barrie Christmas Parade (contact: Christine Handy)
Cookstown Christmas Parade (contact: Christine Handy)
Board of Directors Christmas Dinner
OAAS Convention at the Royal York Hotel (Feb 2015 ) (contact: ) (chaperone: )
Submit write up to Fair Board for the new fair book (contact Fair Coordinator)
Promenade Days
Kempenfest (Aug. ) (contact: )
Senior Ambassador CNE competition in Toronto
Alliston Potato Festival Parade (Aug ) (contact: )
Assist Barrie Fair Ambassador Competition by: attending the dinner and assisting new
competitors, deliver a speech/talk about your time as an Ambassador at the Opening
Ceremonies and crowning new ambassadors. (Aug. 2015) (contact: Christine Handy)