2014-2015 Training Courses and Workshops

2014-2015 Training
Courses and Workshops
Promoting Policy Dialogue and
Training of Tax Officials in the Africa
Course Programme
The aim of the program is to create a unique space for
real-world discussion to improve the capacity of tax
administrations to deal with cross-border tax issues,
and to provide a tax environment which is conducive
to investment. Whereas, many other training programs
that are offered to the government officials tend to
be purely instructive, this program includes a private
sector-business dimension, and is therefore more
This four-day training course is intended to help tax
officials to:
Focus Areas
• Transfer Pricing MNEs - Getting it Right
• Tax Treaties & Double Taxation Conventions:
Their Role, Negotiation & Implementation
• Value Added Taxes or Goods and Service Taxes
• Excises
Transfer Pricing Workshop
1-4 December 2014 – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
• Get a better understanding of the broad
principles that underlie any transfer pricing
• Gain the ability to apply these principles across
a range of sectors;
• Be aware of the different sources of
comparable information available to African tax
• Deal impartially with transfer pricing disputes;
• Understand how MNEs operate: their business
models, the way they go about conducting their
own transfer pricing analysis and the issues that
they typically face in Africa.
VAT Workshop
9-11 March, 2015 – Pretoria, South Africa
Recommended For
Transfer Pricing Workshop
Participants who are government officials from tax
administrations with at least 2-3 years’ experience or
more; are currently in middle-management positions
and are expected to progress rapidly in their careers.
Tax Treaties I
22-26 June 2015 – Location TBC
5-9 October 2015 – Vienna, Austria
Excises Workshop
November 2015 - Date and Location TBC
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