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Embedded circuit design skills and work experience through Arista, as well as through six engineering
internships. Fluent in project management through Apple Co-op
Passionate about electrical and mechanical design shown through Sparkdrive, NASA project and autonomous
boat project
24 months of engineering work experience in data center, consumer electronics, automotive, digital cinema,
and aerospace industries
CAD: Cadence OrCAD and Allegro, Altium Designer, DxDesigner, Solidworks, Unigraphics NX, Google
Measurement/Analysis: LTSpice, Matlab, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, multimeters
Other: Verilog (Questasim, synthesis with Xilinx ISE and Altera Quartus), C/C++, PLC ladder logic, Microsoft
Office, Visio/Omnigraffle
Lab: SMT soldering as small as 0201, circuit prototyping, metal and plastic machining (mill and lathe)
Arista Networks
Board level hardware design of high speed network switches, from design spec and
schematic capture to layout guidance and bringup
Designs are very complex –featuring multi-gigabit data traces (10Gbps+), high power
consumption and dissipation (150W+), and constrained layout space
Designed switch controller test card from start to finish, from Spec definition to
Schematic design to bringup:
Adapted Verilog code for controller test card, programming on-board FPGA and CPLD
using Xilinx ISE and Altera Quartus tools
Investigated and Evaluated multi-phase CPU Core power supplies for performance under
high current transient loads
Lead manager for field failure analysis (FA) of new Lightning based accessories for
iPhones, iPods and iPads, as well as new EarPod earphones
Interpreted and reported FA results in the most extensive reporting of accessory product
releases to date
Initiated and managed a unique unit tracking system, and developed process flow for
sustaining FA to be conducted by accessory manufacturers
Designed circuit/schematic and component selection of automotive grade battery
management Tank controller:
Hardware Design
Board featured 16 bit MCU, 4 isolated power domains, 20 high side load drivers,
Hardware Engineer
June 2014 to Present
Arista Networks
Hardware Engineering
May 2013 - Aug. 2013
Engineering Project
manager (EPM) Intern
Sept. 2012 – Dec.
Ethernet, CAN, SPI, LINBus & SMBus connectivity, and designed to tolerate harsh battery
Jan. 2012 – Apr. 2012
Optimized high voltage surge stopper circuit via simulation in LTSpice, and prototyped
circuit elements for tradeshow demo of battery management system
Christie Digital
Improved cooling of cinema processing FPGA by 30°C for over 2000 in-field projectors
Presented tests results to senior engineers and managers, and recommendations to be
implemented in future circuit boards
May 2011 – Aug. 2011
Developed and performed extensive impedance test and analysis of PCB bypass
Bachelor of Applied Science, Honours Mechatronics Engineering
University of Waterloo - Waterloo, Ontario (Sept. 2009-May 2014)
Relevant courses (and concepts covered):
Integrated Analog Electronics (differential gain stages, feedback amplifiers, output stages)
Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing (parallel and serial buses, synchronization)
§ for specifics
Radio and Wireless Systems (transceiver architectures, Analog and Digital Modulation, system figure of
Sensors and Instrumentation (op-amp circuits, filters, signal conditioning)
Microprocessors and Digital Logic (Combinational Logic Design, Sequential Logic & state machines)
Member of 4 person team that designed and built an electric skateboard for
university final year design project:
Responsible for selecting and assembling electronic components needed to power
and control the board
Project won alumni entrepreneurship award for best final year project, as well as
award for best advertising video
Designed autonomous boat with 4 other students as part of design workshop
Controlled with Arduino microcontroller and uses 3 proximity sensors in order to
travel the circumference of a rectangular pool of water
Tied for 1st place for fastest circumnavigation of pool out of 23 competing teams
Jan. 2014 –March 2014
Autonomous Boat
Jan. 2013-April 2013
NASA Space
Settlement Design
NASA Ames Research
Center (2006-2009)
1st Canadian winner in international contest’s history, competing against 874 students
from 13 countries
Presented design at numerous venues, including 2009 International Space
Development Conference and Google TechTalks program
Entry published on NASA website
Design concepts
Biomimetics/Bionics, Passive dynamics/Underactuation, Remote-Control/Autonomy
Rapid Prototyping
Data Visualization and Infographics
Watching TED talks and "How It's made", Lego building, techno-thriller novels, playing piano
Rock climbing, badminton, bowling, snowboarding