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 HOLOCAUST STUDY SEMINAR April 5 – April 19, 2015 Participating High Schools: New Milford and Midland Park [New Jersey], Blue Valley HS [Kansas] and Bishop O'Dowd High School Bishop O’Dowd Teacher/Project Advisor: Ms. Bonnie Sussman Deadline for Application: Friday, December 5, 2014 PARENT / STUDENT INFORMATIONAL MEETING An informational meeting will be held for interested students and parents. Past participants will be in attendance and video presentations will be made. The date of the informational meeting will be Tuesday, October 28th at a 6 p.m. in Room 201. Parents are requested to RSVP by emailing me so that I know how many materials to have available. History of the Holocaust Study Seminar Through our work with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., Colleen Tambuscio [New Jerey], Lisa Bauman [Kansas] and I became friends and have worked together on numerous projects for 17 years. One of our most special endeavors is the Holocaust Study Tour which was started by Ms. Tambuscio in 1999 and in which BOD has been able to participate since 2008. Itinerary The Holocaust Study Tour to Berlin, Germany, Prague in the Czech Republic, and Krakow in Poland will include site/study visits to Terezin, the new Berlin Holocaust Memorial, Plaszow and Zacopane, Auschwitz-­‐Birkenau, and related sites. Three years ago, in Trsice, Czech Republic, we dedicated a memorial to the people of that town recognizing their efforts to save the family of Otto Wolf, which has been a cooperative effort between the mayor and people of Trsice and our study tour. The memorial with BOD students is pictured at the top of the page. The story about the memorial was featured in a cover story of J Weekly and can be read online at [Archives, May 17, 2012 issue] Teachers and Additional Historical Scholars In addition to 4 teacher-­‐chaperones, we are joined throughout the trip by Shalmi Barmore, the former Director of Education at Yad Vashem, who provides much of the historical context and analysis for the students and sometimes, Alexandra Zapruder, author of Salvaged Pages: Young Writers’ Diaries of the Holocaust, whose book we read in our Holocaust class. Holocaust Study Tour Documentary and Blog: Students and parents are encouraged to visit our blog from last year at [email protected] You can view the documentary made from last year’s trip as well as read about our experiences. This will give you a realistic view of what the trip entails in order to determine if it is something from which you would benefit. Selection of Students Students are selected to participate in the Holocaust Study Tour after submitting an application and essay. The applications are read by all of the teachers who select the students together. It is preferable that students have taken or will be taking my semester course on the Holocaust, but is not required. I am looking for perhaps 6 students to join this year’s Study Tour. Participants will be expected to share their historical knowledge and personal insights gained from this experience when they return to school. This sharing may come in the form of a presentation to the Board of Regents and/or classes at Bishop O’Dowd, and perhaps to groups of donors. Each student also prepares a personal reflection essay which is included in a book provided to all participants and donors as a memento of the Study Tour. Students interested in this year’s Study Tour may borrow a copy of the 2014 book to review with their parents. Application Process Submit the following: 1.
The general application page including the names of 2 BOD faculty or staff who could be contacted for a recommendation. You are not to ask teachers for a letter of recommendation. 2.
A copy of the student’s transcript [3.5 GPA recommended, but is merely a guideline and student’s ability to participate on the trip and not negatively impact their standing in BOD classes will be judged on a case-­‐by-­‐case basis] 3.
A 2-­‐3 page personal reflection essay in which you (1) tell me about your life / an autobiography of sorts, and (2) why you wish to participate in the 2015 HST. I’d like you to address your current knowledge of the Holocaust, how you think this learning experience about the Holocaust will have an impact on your life and/or what you hope to gain personally from this experience? Application Deadline th
All application materials, which should be attached to the application cover page, are due to Ms. Sussman by December 5 Cost of the Study Tour The trip may be partially subsidized. I am in the process of applying for grants and seeking donations, but money is tight and the economy is still in recovery. As Bishop O’Dowd is a 501[c][3]] organization, donations to the ‘Bishop O’Dowd High School Holocaust Study Tour’, are tax-­‐deductible and if any parent knows of individuals or organizations who might be interested in supporting this unique educational experience and helping to defray student/parent costs, please let me know. Without any subsidy, the total costs [with no subsidy] are: Round trip airfare – last year $1,200 and the rest of the expenses [listed below] -­‐ $4,400 [last year] so about $5,500. The costs incurred by the Study Tour are below: Our Tour Features • Accommodations for 17 nights at 4 star hotels mentioned for Berlin, Prague, Krakow and in a superior 3-­‐star hotel in Olomouc • -­‐Buffet breakfasts daily • -­‐Dinners daily at hotel and local restaurants as indicated including 1 soft drink, choice of coffee or tea • 4 Boxed Lunches • All entrances to places to be visited in accordance with the itinerary • A cultural performance in Prague • Expert English-­‐speaking local guides [Berlin, Prague, Olomouc-­‐Trsice, Krakow] • Accompaniment by an internationally known historian scholar from Yad Vashem • Transportation in cities by deluxe coaches • Transportation between Berlin and Prague by train, 2nd class day train; between Prague and Krakow by deluxe coach with guide en route • Round trip Air from San Francisco including taxes [this cost will be paid directly to our travel agency. • Full inclusive group insurance, deluxe plan, which includes: trip cancellation up to the trip cost; trip interruption up to 150% of the trip cost; trip delay up to $750; missed connection up to $500; Baggage & Personal Effects up to $1,500; Baggage delay up to $300; Accident & sickness medical expense up to $25,000; Emergency evacuation/repatriation up to $100,000; worldwide assistance service. • Mandatory Diocesan Insurance through Myers-­‐Stevens Costs not covered-­‐ Suggested extra money : $100 per major city [$300 total] • About 6 lunches [2 each in Berlin, Prague, Krakow] • Souvenirs Websites for Additional Information 1. Past blogs and documentaries from prior years’ trips: 2. Website built by New Milford HS and Mrs. Tambuscio, originator and lead teacher on the tour: 3. BOD website -­‐ There is a separate link to Holocaust Study Tour from Student Activities QUESTIONS Students and/or parents with questions are encouraged to contact Ms. Sussman in Room 201 [for student questions] or e-­‐mail [[email protected]] for parent questions. HOLOCAUST STUDY SEMINAR 2015 APPLICATION -­‐ COVER SHEET Applicant Information: [Please print legibly] First Name _________________________ Middle _______________ Last Name________________________ Address _________________________________________________ City __________________________ State: CA Zip Code ________________ Current Grade ____________ DOB ___________________ Currently have passport? ___Yes ___No Two members of BOD Faculty/Staff for Personal Recommendations: Name _________________________________________ Connection [name class taken, club moderator, etc.] _____________________________________________ Name _________________________________________ Connection [name class taken, club moderator, etc.] _____________________________________________ Outside contact for Personal Recommendation: [optional if 2 BOD faculty named] Name _________________________________________ Connection/How known _____________________________________________ CONTACT INFO: Student E-­‐Mail Address: ________________________________________________ Parent E-­‐Mail Address: ________________________________________________ Student Cell Phone Contact: [____] _______________________ Parent Cell Phone Contact: [____] _________________________ Student Signature ___________________________________________ Date _____________________ Parent Signature ____________________________________________ Date _____________________ Application Checklist: ____ Completion of this Applicant Information sheet and all signatures obtained. ____ Copy of transcript from Bishop O’Dowd attached. ____ Personal Reflection/Autobiographical Essay ____ All materials hand-­‐delivered to Ms. Sussman in Room 201 by deadline of December 5, 2014