Quick Guide to Registration XXI

Quick Guide
to Registration
This document contains all the information you need to complete your registration for HACIA Democracy’s XXI Summit of
the Americas, including details about conference dates, location and accommodations, deadlines and fees, the registration
process itself, and the Special Application Programs. As conference positions are limited, we invite you to register as early
as possible!
Conferences HACIA Democracy’s XXI Summit of the Americas will take place between
Dates March 12th and March 15th, 2015 in Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe Hotel, Riviera
Maya, Mexico.
All delegations must register in person with the HACIA Democracy staff at Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe between 8:00pm and 10:30pm on March 12th, 2015. All
the delegations are expected to remain at HACIA Democracy until the end of
Closing Ceremonies at approximately 9:00pm on March 15th, 2015.
Location &
The HACIA Democracy 2015 Summit of the Americas will take place at Hotel
Barceló Maya in Riviera Maya, Mexico. All delegates traveling from outside of
Riviera Maya are required to stay at Barceló Maya Palace Deluxe Hotel or at
another of the Barceló Complex hotels, which are located within walking
distance. Please note, however, that we can only guarantee prices at Barceló Maya
Palace Deluxe Hotel.
HACIA Democracy is delighted to offer the following special room rates at Barceló Maya. All rates are USD per person, per night, in an all inclusive plan:
Single Rooms: US $320.00
Double Rooms: US $200.00
Third/Fourth Pax: US $160
We strongly encourage all HACIA 2015 registered schools to book their rooms as
early as possible, as the room availability and the rates shown above are part of a
special deal for HACIA Democracy that we can only guarantee up until December 22, 2014.
In order to make your accommodation reservations at Barceló Maya you will have
to register through the hotel’s official website www.barcelo.com using a specific
code that we will make available to all schools that register for HACIA Democracy 2015.
1 | Quick Guide to Registration
Deadlines & The registration deadlines for the XXI Summit of the Americas are as follows:
Early Registration Deadline: October 12th, 2014
Regular Registration Deadline: November 30th, 2014
Late Registration Deadline: December 28th, 2014
Registrations received after the Late Registration Deadline will be reviewed only
on the basis of space availability.
In order to complete the registration process, all delegations must also fully pay
the registration fees outlines below. PLEASE NOTE that ‘Early’ and ‘Regular’ Registration rates apply only when the registration is fully completed
(including payment) by those respective deadlines. For example, if a school
submits the online registration form before October 12 (deadline for Early Registration) but does not pay the fees until December (Late Registration period), they
will still be subjected to Late Registration fees.
• Delegation Registration Fee: All delegations must pay a standard registration
fee of US $75.00
• Additional Advisor Fee: The Delegation Registration Fee entitles each delegation to register up to two Faculty Advisors. Each additional Faculty Advisor must
pay a registration fee of US $25.00.
• Delegate Fees: All delegates must pay an individual registration fee. Delegate
Fees vary across program and registration deadline. Please see the box below for
a summary of specific Delegate Fees.
Early Registrants
Regular Registrants
Late Registrants
Delegation Registration
US $75.00
US $75.00
US $75.00
Additional Advisor Fee
US $25.00
US $25.00
US $25.00
Committee Delegate Fee
US $190.00
US $220.00
US $250.00
Press Corps & NGOs
US $190.00
US $220.00
US $250.00
Junior Staff Fee
US $175.00
US $175.00
US $175.00
2 | Quick Guide to Registration
Registration To register for HACIA Democracy 2015, follow these five quick steps:
Process 1. Review this Quick Guide to Registration Document and complete any
Special Applications.
Students wishing to participate in one of the three crisis cabinets, the Press
Corps & NGOs Program, and the Junior Staff Program (Junior Co-Chairs
& Junior Crisis Directors) must submit the corresponding special application
form. All Special Application documents are available on the HACIA website:
2. Complete the HACIA Democracy 2015 Registration Form.
This is the main registration document. Before you begin, please collect
information about your Faculty Advisors, your school, and the number of
students in your delegation. Special Applications must be uploaded as part
of this main registration form.
After you complete the Registration Form, you will receive a confirmation
e-mail with a copy of your responses.
You may access the Registration Form here: http://www.haciademocracy.org/english/register/
3. Submit all registration fees and reserve your accommodations at Barceló Maya Hotel.
Within a week after you submit your Registration Form, you will receive a
confirmation of your registration fees invoice. Please note that your registration will not be considered complete until we receive the totality of your
registration fees and, if you are traveling from outside of Riviera Maya, until
you have made your room reservations at the hotel. Please allow up to five
business days upon receipt for our team to process any payments.
4. Receive and distribute your country and committee assignments.
After you have submitted your Registration Form and Registration Fees, you
will receive your delegation’s country and committee assignments. Country
and committee assignments will be emailed on a rolling basis starting on
3 | Quick Guide to Registration
November 3rd, 2014. You will also receive results for any Special Applications submitted. Please note that unsuccessful applicants will automatically
receive a position in a regular committee.
After you receive your assignments, you will be asked to submit basic information for each delegate in your delegation.
5. Get ready for HACIA Democracy 2015!
Your registration process will be complete after you submit details for each
of your delegates. Leading up to conference, we will post a range of resources to help you prepare successfully for the Summit of the Americas!
Most delegates participating in HACIA Democracy 2015 need not complete any
individual applications or forms. However, those delegates wishing to participate
in the following programs and committees must submit a Special Application
Press Corps & Non-Governmental Organizations Program
Junior Staff Program
Comité Histórico: Leyes de Reforma, México, 1861
Gabinete Ejecutivo de Salvador Allende, 1970
Crisis Cabinet: Honduras in the 1920s
All Special Application Forms must be submitted electronically as part of the
delegation’s HACIA Democracy Application Form. All forms are available on the
HACIA Democracy website in editable PDF format: http://www.haciademocracy.org/english/register/special-application-forms/.
Please note that unsuccessful Special Program applicants will automatically
receive a position in a regular committee in their preferred language.
For questions regarding the Special Application Programs, please contact Director of English Committees Sarah Fellay ([email protected]) or Director of Spanish Committees Tábata de Pontes ([email protected]).
Questions If you have any questions about the Registration Process, please e-mail us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help!
4 | Quick Guide to Registration