Miynd Shadow Contents

Miynd Shadow Contents
So, what do you get as you work through the Miynd
Level 1 Self Hypnosis Course
Level 2 Intermediate Self Hypnosis Course
Ongoing Advanced Modules
Personal Email Support
James’s Log Book
Meditation & Self Hypnosis Audio Downloads
Exclusive Membership of the Website
Members Forum and More...
1) The Level 1 Self Hypnosis Course
This provides an excellent starting point and a solid foundation for a healthy attitude
to... everything. It’s not about being lectured to and having somebody’s philosophy,
religion, or spirituality sold to you. It’s about joining a few dots and allowing yourself to
see the connections in your mind that have been guiding you so far. It’s actually all
about awareness.
“I found the course very stimulating, making me aware of things in the mind that I have
never been aware of before. All of the notes were very clear and understandable.”
The exercises taught on the level 1 course show you
how to make changes to how you deal with the present
and the future, and also how you feel about the past.
Using examples and empirically tested techniques you can
learn to make adjustments which will improve your
knowledge of yourself. But it all starts with learning how to
relax properly and understanding the skill of mindfulness.
©James Lovett 2013
“It’s about Awareness.
Being able to make
the right decisions at
the right time. Letting
go of everything that
you no longer need...”
Miynd is administered by James Lovett ADCHyp GQHP
Miynd Shadow Contents
The 6 Modules: Below is a guide to what is covered in each monthly module. Every
Mession is divided loosely into two parts; the principle understanding of an element and
some basic tools to use in its development.
Start to take control of your
Reframing (the Past)
Make a solid foundation to
build upon and look after.
Presence (the Present) Bringing everything to bear
in the moment.
Visualising (the Future) Conscious
subconscious beliefs.
Forward with Self- Confidence
Relaxation, mindfulness, simple
1-2-3 method.
Reframing the past and
uncovering hidden gains.
Role modelling, and developing
manifestation, Essence method.
Roles, Goals, and making things
exercise. Becoming Fluid.
Within one month you will notice yourself developing a very different perspective
on life. In each module there are concise explanations and examples, exercises,
opportunities for reflection, and homework tasks which together will guide you through
your practice in the following weeks to maximise the effect of what you have learnt. And
it goes further. The awareness you experience will stay with you and more and more
connections will become apparent in your mind: your thoughts will become even more
“I found the whole course very interesting and very beneficial. Each session was delivered
very professionally, making sure I had a good understanding of the topic. I would certainly
recommend Miynd’s courses to anyone who is interested in Hypnosis and Coaching.”
2) The Level 2 Intermediate Self Hypnosis Course
If Level 1 Self Hypnosis was about awareness, then level 2 is about practical application;
moving from seeing to doing...
©James Lovett 2013
Miynd is administered by James Lovett ADCHyp GQHP
Miynd Shadow Contents
The Level 2 Intermediate Self Hypnosis Course takes all of the knowledge and ‘lightbulb moments’ from level 1 and brings them into everyday situations. Once you have
realised how to alter your attitudes and beliefs, the next step is to use your
understanding in day to day situations and events to make even greater changes.
We look at language in everyday life and what it means; seeing the effect that words
have on you and the effectiveness of using clean language yourself. This makes a good
transition into the intermediate level and leads smoothly into metaphors and their
power. The three very practical uses that follow (regression, relationships, and physical
wellbeing) culminate in getting creative: the final session looks at how you will go on to
adapt everything so far into new situations when they arise. You now have the tools.
The modules included in the advanced course are as follows:
Clean Language
Use of Metaphors
Methods of Regression
Relationship Health
Physical Wellbeing
Beyond Boxes
What you say to yourself
and others is important.
The language of the
subconscious mind.
Analyses of an issue with
Responsibilities to others...
and ourselves.
Finding and entering the
Clean Language, Commands,
and Subconscious Mantras.
River of Life example.
Regression and Time Line
Harmony, Perspective, and
Pain reduction techniques and
Physical Visualisation.
3) Ongoing Advanced Modules
The advanced modules will be in a similar format to the level 1 and level 2 modules, and
will again include explanation, examples, exercises, and further homework to complete.
At this stage we will be looking at more complex situations to deal with, how to work
fluidly with what you have trained in so far, other belief systems and what we can take
from them, plus more controversial subjects.
©James Lovett 2013
Miynd is administered by James Lovett ADCHyp GQHP
Miynd Shadow Contents
4) Personal Email Support
One of the main reasons behind limiting the total membership of Miynd Shadow is to
allow high quality personal email support. Everybody who is a current member has this
facility to use whether it is correspondence regarding the course modules, coaching to
reach a certain goal (such as losing weight, increasing wealth, or whatever you are
aiming for), or just general queries.
Many forms of coaching and therapy fall short because to have a qualified guide on hand
regularly for now and the future quickly becomes very expensive. Since building Miynd
Shadow the overriding mission has been to offer excellent personal support and
coaching to people for a very affordable price, and that is exactly what you get. So please
use this service and know that somebody is checking in on your progress, wants to
know exactly how you are doing, and will be very happy to see you succeed.
5) James’s Logbook
“There is a movie in here somewhere. Somewhere between a classic film noir and a
hang-over flick. Except this is real. It's a classic because I am in a hotel room in this
ridiculous heat watching a fan spin like it couldn't care less about the sweat running down
my face. It's a hangover sequel as I am desperately trying to recall the events for several
missing hours of my life two nights ago, and I am in the sort of hotel you couldn't dream
up. Outside my door in the courtyard is a stuffed monkey sat behind the steering wheel of a
model T Ford. With a whale bone strapped to the bonnet. Really. Only in Mexico. And what
the hell is that smell? Medication? Rum?
It hurts to move, and I very much wish I was writing a story,
not an account right now. Collecting my thoughts and the
laptop, I sit on the bed and try to think. None of it was
connected: there was the FBI in Los Angeles. The drunken
night in Vegas and the poker. I remember the guy here in
Cortez screaming in terror that I was a pirate. The strip joint
and hiding from the local Mexican drug dealers. The walking
skeleton of Katrina; the beautiful and flirtatious but dead
Mexican lady. But most of all I have the image of the Black
Wind in my mind... and the state we found her in.”
©James Lovett 2013
“Everything I teach has
been empirically tested
out there in the real
world. This is not a book
of ideals written from an
Ivory Tower; this is a
what you learn when
your face is in the dirt
and the end is looking
uncomfortably close...”
Miynd is administered by James Lovett ADCHyp GQHP
Miynd Shadow Contents
Yes, all of my adventures written down with every graphic detail, and most importantly
including all of the lessons along the way. The essence of the modules and where all of
this came from...
6) Meditation & Self Hypnosis Audio Downloads
Every month an audio download will be available exclusively to Miynd Shadow
members. Starting with general relaxing and meditation the collection of audio tools
will quickly build to cover the topics included in the modules, and more. Just like
everything else in Miynd Shadow, these are all included in your monthly subscription.
7) Exclusive Membership of the Website
Miynd Shadow is only open to a few hundred members worldwide. This maintains the
high quality of support available (see section 4) while enabling lively discussions within
the site (see section 8). You will always know that you are part of an exclusive club.
With a limited membership familiar names will turn up on the forum, the knowledge
contained within there doesn’t just become another public ‘feel-good’ site, and the study
materials remain available only to the people who are serious about using them wisely.
Plus there are one or two concealed areas for those that look carefully...
8) Members Forum and More...
The Forum is not just a place to catch me or any other officers of the club for a chat – it
is a place for members to interact with each other and share their own points of view
and experiences. Suggestions for the site will be picked up by myself, along with most
popular topic requests for meditation downloads, exercises, and so on. Make yourself
heard here.
The resources section of the site also includes links to further material of relevance,
along with a creative section for short stories etc that illuminate what is going on in
Miynd Shadow. But I have to leave something for you to discover for yourself...
©James Lovett 2013
Miynd is administered by James Lovett ADCHyp GQHP