Volume 15, Issue 1 – summer 2014

Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy!
Hello Parrotheads,
We now have a
our club. I encourage
everyone to post anything
that's going on with Charities,
social events and short
stories. It has been a long time
coming, and we can make this
into a lot of fun. It will also
bring more people to our web
site. This is your site so have
some fun with with it.
Fins Up, Captain
Email all information to
[email protected]
“If life gives you limes, make
Jimmy Buffett
The summer is in full swing and hopefully everyone has been
able to put his or her toes in the water and their ass in the sand
at least once. If not – thankfully you still have plenty of time
until our favorite season begins to turn into… well, we don’t
really need to think past summer now do we?
Along with breathing in that salt air, this summer has also
allowed for other adventures. The month of June – the first
month of the Summer Solstice brought us Zac Brown. He and
his band performed at Fenway in June and from those that
attended – the three hours of music was worth far more than the
price of admission! Not only did they play original material but
they covered songs from the Dropkick Murphy’s, Billy Joel, Pink
Floyd, and the Charlie Daniels Band to name a few. If you have
not yet seen Zac Brown live – you should! The month of July
brought our fearless leader, Jimmy Buffett back to “Great
Woods”! Yeah, yeah…I know, it’s called the Xfinity Center now,
but really – won’t it always be Great Woods?
Much like Zac in June, Jimmy did not disappoint in July. From
the tailgating atmosphere to the concert itself – this experience
left us longing for more and wondering how we are going to
wait another trip around the sun to get it. The 2014 tour titled
“This One’s For You” really did hold true. Some members even
made the Jumbotron, not once, not twice but three times from
footage filmed during the tailgate! Can anyone guess whom?
The month of August is looking good with the arrival of the
sunset cruise on the 10th, the annual NWPHC Pool Party at the
Angelo residence on the 16th and the Alferes party on the 30th.
So many parties – so little time!
Along with the fun festivities, don’t forget to come out to the
monthly meetings – the mainland meetings are always the first
Tuesday of the month followed by the Cape meetings the second
Calling all Nautical Whalers….
Have something to say? Got a story to share?
Want to invite us all to your house for a bedshot? Well this section is for you!
Please email material to
[email protected]
My flippers will be waiting ……
Can’t get enough of Jimmy…
Can’t get enough of that tropical escape? Here are the
rest of the 2014 This One’s For You tour dates. Tune
into Radio Margaritaville or Margaritaville TV to get
your fix! *Internet links provided below!
8-16-14 Bristow, VA
8-19-12 Camden, NJ
8-21-14 Wantagh, NY
8-23-14 East Troy, WI
8-30-14 Hershey, PA
9-26-14 Paris, France
9-27-14 Paris, France
10-18-14 Las Vegas NV
10-21-14 Portland, OR
10-25-14 Las Vegas, NV
Spotlight on Trop-Rock
Coral Reefer Mike Utley
Many of you know Mike Utley as being the
keyboardist for the Coral Reefer Band. But do
you really know anything else about him? Read
on and you will!
keyboard instruments on Buffett's first major
label album, A White Sport Coat and a Pink
Crustacean, in 1973. Utley continued to work
with other performers in the mid-1970s while
appearing on Buffett's subsequent albums until
Buffett's 1977 breakout Changes in Latitudes,
Changes in Attitudes when he joined the Coral
Reefer Band full-time. Utley is also the bands
musical director.
Mike Utley has also recorded with other
musicians including fellow Coral Reefer Band
member Robert Greenidge as a member of Club
Can’t get enough of Mr. Utley – well tune into
the Bing and Bong show on Margaritaville TV
and you can see him appear as “Bong” along his
sidekick “Bing”!
Michael Utley grew up in Arkansas and stayed
close to his roots attending the University of
Arkansas upon completion of high school. He
was heavily influenced by the sounds of
Memphis soul and New Orleans rhythm and
blues. Early in his career, Utley worked with the
house band for Atlantic Records in Miami,
Florida's Criteria Studios backing performers
such as Aretha Franklin, Jerry Jeff Walker, the
Allman Brothers and in California playing with
Rita Coolidge and Kris Kristofferson.
Jerry Jeff Walker recruited Utley to play
Waitress I need 2 more Boat Drinks!
1 oz white rum
½ oz dark rum
1 ½ oz limejuice
3 tbsp vanilla ice
Blend briefly with a half
a glassful of crushed ice
in a wine goblet.
Garnish with a slice of
lime, and a cherry and
Buffett Trivia
1. Zero Dollars
2. 40 Billion
3. None – the taxpayers footed the bill!
4. 90 Jillion
1. Jamaicans
3. Mobile Home Owner
2. Russians
4. Costa Ricans
Through Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, NWPHC has
sponsored a shark! This one-year sponsorship also
includes a buoy in Orleans or Chatham. Want to help
increase awareness – sponsor a Great White! Sponsors
will be promoted on social media and notified when there
are detections at your buoy. Click the link provided!
Buffett Trivia…Were you correct?
Answers at the end of this
Love and Luck Anniversaries
Another Phlocking Birthday
1 – Lisa Pare
8 – Claudette Hubert
3 – Manny and Maryann Gomes
7 – Scott and Lisa Pare
10 – John and Ann Peardon
12 – Peter and Verna Lucey
27 – Dan and Pat Pare
28 – Bob and Kathy Gauvin
30 – Tom and Anita Alferes
9 – Lynn Meehan
10 – Betsy Anderson
18 – Trace Pare
23 - Verna Lucey
23 – Alec Woolley
30 – Mitch Jarosz
4 – Wayne and Nancy Houghton
4 – Tom and Aimee Lafleur
5 – Bill and Dawn Mendes
14 – Rick and Colleen Ramos
17 – Deidre Fountain
2 – Tom Alferes
6 – Steve Depaola
26 – Judy Avilla
1-4 – Buzzards Bay
5 – Club Meeting
10 – Sunset Cruise
12 – Cape Meeting
16 – NWPHC Pool
17 – Falmouth
2 – Club Meeting
9 – Cape Meeting
13 – Beach Party
19-20 – Scallop
28 – Walk To End
7 – Club Meeting
14 – Cape Meeting
18 –Halloween
29-31 MOTM
1 – 2 MOTM
11 – Club Meeting
*Only 1 meeting
due to “Election
19 - NWPHC
Christmas Party
Click on the links below and check out some local entertainment….
So many parties, so little time!
CabanaBoys: http://www.cabanaboysduo.com/apps/calendar/showAgenda?calID=3021405&showPreviousEvents=1
Baha Brothers: http://personal.tmlp.com/baha95/cal.htm
Changes in Latitude: http://www.changesinlatitudes.com/schedule.html
Lynn Meehan
Steve Fortin
Jeff Dunn
Lisa Dunn
Katie DaCunha
Shaun Dacunha
Barbara Lamy
Elaine DePaola
Steve DePaola
Patrick Sallar
Stacey Sallar
Andy Springer
Carol Springer
Become a Nautical Whaler Today
Applications can be found under the
“Membership” tab.
We are hoping to have someone join the Social
Committee from the Cape. The volunteer would
solicit charitable and social events, along with
environmental causes on the Cape and Islands.
Lastly making recommendations to the Social
Committee Coordinator for club participation.
Nautical Whalers Parrot Head Club of Southern MA is a nonprofit organization comprised of pholks that have a kinship,
which is created through the music of Jimmy Buffett. These
pheathered phriends not only party together but we also are
dedicated to serving our community by volunteering our time &
effort to local environmental causes, human concerns & Buffett
related phundraisers.
Disclaimer - Nautical Whalers Parrot Head Club Inc is a chapter
of the National Parrotheads in Paradise (PHIP).
We are recognized by, but in no way attached to Jimmy Buffett
and his business interests in Key West, New Orleans, Charleston,
Orlando, Glendale, Niagara Falls, Myrtle Beach, Jamaica, and
Mohegan Sun. We are not associated with HK Management, MCA
Records, Island Records, Margaritaville Records or Mailboat
The Crew
John Peardon
[email protected]
1st Mate:
Helder Angelo
[email protected]
Nautical Scribe:
Jane Mello
[email protected]
Keeper of the Coins:
Dave Crowley
[email protected]
Until our next addition,
may all
of your
Membership Liaison:
Dan Paré
[email protected]
Website Editor:
Dan Paré
[email protected]
Social Committee Coordinator:
Collette Degagne
[email protected]
Lisa (Mermaid) Paré
[email protected]
Are you Really A Parrothead Trivia Answers:
Question 1: #4 90 Jillion Dollars to get a look at Mars
Question 2: #1 On January 16, 1996 Jimmy Buffett’s
Grumman HU-16 Albatross, dubbed the Hemisphere
Dancer, was shot at by Jamaican authorities as he
taxied the waters near Negril.
This newsletter is the work of volunteers,
errors can occur. Please excuse us if this happens.