Conference Topics

Conference Topics
1. P olicy, Integrated C oncept
5. W ind E nergy
9. G eotherm al E nergy &
G round-S ource H eat P um p S ystem
・P olicy Instrum ents,e.g.FIT
・ O ffshore W ind P ow er
・S cenario
・R E and C lim ate C hange,tow ard C O 2 Z ero
・ A dvanced W ind Turbine T echnology
・ G rid C onnection and E lectricalS ystem s
・E xploration
G eotherm alField
・R E in the C ontext of S ustainable D evelopm ent ・ S ite A ssessm ents and Forecasting
・M itigation P otentialand C osts
・ P lant D esign and M anagem ent
R eservoir E ngineering
・E G S
・Financing and Im plem entation
・ O peration and M aintenance
P ow er G eneration
・R & D P olicy
・ T ow er and Foundation
P ublic A cceptance
・E nergy Technology Loadm ap
・InternationalC ooperation and
・ M easurem ent and M onitoring T echniques
・ A coustics and N oise Issues
G eochem istry
E nvironm entalA spects
C ollaboration
・ S m all/D istributed W ind P ow er
・G eo-H eat
2. P hotovaoltaic
・ C O E of W ind P ow er
G round-S ource H eat P um p
・ S ocialand E nvironm entalIssues
・D irect U se
6. B iom ass
・S olar resources
・C haracterization
・ B iofuels (B ioethanol,B D F including B T L)
・M onitoring
・ B iom aterials
・S m art G rid
・O peration and M aintenance
・ G asification and com bustion
・M icro-grid
・B ifacial
・C om pound S em iconductor Thin Film
・S olar C ells and M odules
・ B iom ass R efinery
・ M arine B iom ass including freshw ater biom ass
・ P yrolysis and carbonization including torrefaction
E nergy N etw ork
D istributed E nergy R esources
P ow er S torage and S ystem
・P erovskite S olar C ells
・ A naerobic D igestion
V ehicle to G rid
・M ultijunction S olar C ells
・Life C ycle A ssessm ent
・ C arbon N eutrality
・ Forestry
D em and R esponse
P ow er E lectronics
・P erform ance C haracterization M ethod
・ S ustainability
S uperconductor and S ystem
A dvanced E lectric C ar
3. S olar T h ernal A p plication
G eotherm alFrontier
7. H ydrogen & F uel C ell
10 . E n ergy N etw ork
11 . E n ergy C onservation
& H eat P um p
・S olar therm alcollector
・ H ydrogen E nergy S ystem s
・S olar based heat pum p technology
・ H ydrogen P roduction
・S olar C ooling
・ H ydrogen T ransportation and S torage
A ir-conditioning/H eat P um p
・S olar-fired pow er generation
・ H ydrogen E nd-U se T echnology
A rea E nergy and E nvironm entalM anagem ent
・S olar B inary P ow er G eneration
・T herm alE nergy S torage
・ T echnology and Fabrication
・ FuelC ellfor T ransportation
C om bined H eat and P ow er U tilization
E nergy C onservation and A ssessm ent
・S olar-therm ally driven chem icalprocesses
・ FuelC ellP ow er P lants
G lobalW arm ing/H eat Island and O ther
・S olar therm alutilization for hydrogen
・ FuelC ellfor C o-generation
E nvironm entalIssues
8. O cean E nergy
・and fuelproduction
N et Z ero E nergy B uilding/H ouse
・S olar desalination
・solar cooker
・ W ave Energy
・ T idalC urrent E nergy
R efrigeration and R efrigerants
R enew able E nergy U tilization
・solar therm aldetoxification
・ O cean C urrent Energy
T herm alE nergy Technology and S torage
T herm odynam ics and E nergy M anagem ent
4. Innovative B ioclim atic A rchitectu re
12 . S m all H ydro
& N on-C onventional E nergy
・V ernacular A rchitecture / P assive D esign
・ O ff-shore W ind Energy
・Z ero E nergy H ouse/ Z ero E nergy B uilding
・Z ero N et C arbon
・ U tilization w irh A quaculture
・ R esource A ssessm ent and M onitoring
H ydropow er D evelopm ent and U tilization
・A ffordable G reen H ousing
・ E conom ic A ssessm ent
P racticalE xam ples and Field (M odel) Tests
・B uilding S tock A ctivation / R efinem ent
・S m art C ity / IC T
・ O cean R esources for E nergy
・ O cean M arine B iom ass
M icro & P ico S ystem
U ndeveloped E nergy for H um an Life
・C om fort and Indoor C lim ate
・E nergy M anagem ent S ystem /C om m issioning
・E lem ents and M aterials
・ D eep S ea W ater A pplication
U nused E nergy R ecovery
・B uilding E valuation Index/T ool
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