Na bijna een jaar v an hard w erken en slapeloze nachten (e

Beste Sporters,
Welkom bij het Wereldkampioenschap Obstacle Running!
Na bijna een jaar v an hard w erken en slapeloze nachten (en hard trainen v an jullie
kant) is het dan eindelijk zov er – het allereerste echte onafhankelijke wereldwijde
kampioenschap obstacle running!
Dit unieke en onafhankelijke evenement hebben w ij georganiseerd om te v erenigen, te
promoten en om erv oor te zorgen dat er meer mensen enthousiast w orden om deze
sport te gaan doen. Het belangrijkste daarin zijn JULLI E – de gew eldige sporters en de
saamhorigheid die je ziet bij deze sport, dit maakt de sport nog specialer.
Jij hebt erv oor gekozen om samen met ons geschiedenis te schrijv en en dat betekent
w at…het betekent dat w ij met z’n allen pioniers zijn in deze sport en daar mogen jullie
supertrots op zijn! Hou dit gev oel v ast als je ov er de startlijn gaat, de obstakels
bedw ingt, rent over dit gew eldige terrein en v ol gas op de finish af gaat. Deze unieke
belev enis ga je maar één keer in je lev en meemaken en die heb jij v erdiend door je
toew ijding aan de mooiste sport ter w ereld!
Op het moment dat jij daar staat in je startv ak net v oordat het startschot klinkt, adem
dan goed in, kijk om je heen en neem een klein moment v oor jezelf. Dit is jouw moment
en neem het goed in je op. Er zal nooit meer zo’n moment zijn in je lev en!
Dit is jouw race! Laat de w ereld zien w aartoe jij in staat bent!
Een gew eldige race toegew enst,
Adrian Bijanada & het OCRWC Team
Friday, October 24
12:00 – 9:00PM
Athlete Check-in & Packet Pickup
12:00 – 9:00PM
Hourly Athlete Briefings
12:00 – 5:00PM
Platinum Rig demonstrations hosted by
5:00 – 6:00PM
Press Conference (King’s Domain Lodge) hosted by Obstacle
Racing Media
6:00 – 7:30PM
Opening Night Dinner w ith 2014 Guest of Honor Hobie Call
7:30 – 8:00PM
I cebug Footwear demos
Saturday, October 25
Gates open
7:00AM – 5:00PM
OCRUnited Village Open
8:00AM Elite Men
8:30AM Elite Women
9:00AM Men 30-34
9:20AM Men 35-39
9:40AM Women 30-34
10:00AM Men 25-29
10:20AM Women 25-29
10:40AM Men 40-44
11:00AM Men 13-17 & 18-24
11:20AM Women 35-39 & 40-44
11:40AM Women 13-17 & 18-24
12:10PM Men & Women 45-49, 50+
12:40PM Journeymen & Journeywomen
*Starting times subject to change based on final number of registrants and may be
altered on race day to optimize athlete flow .
2:00 – 2:30PM
BattleFrog Fitness Contest
2:30 – 3:15PM
I nternational Tug of War Contest
Aw ards Ceremony
Sunday, October 26
Gates open
7:00AM – 4:00PM
OCRUnited Village Open
9:00 AM Men’s Teams
9:30 AM Women’s Teams
10:00 AM Co-Ed Teams
Aw ards Ceremony
With the exception of the Elite and Journeymen/w omen Div isions w hich start
separately, all Age Group athletes are required to start in their assigned w av e, specific
to their age group. Athletes are not permitted to start in any other w av e under any
circumstances. Athletes found to be in v iolation of this protocol w ill be disqualified from
I n addition, please note the follow ing:
Athletes w ill receiv e their race day identification bracelet prior to the ev ent at
Athlete Check I n. This is required to start the ev ent and SHOULD NOT BE
REMOVED. Under no circumstances w ill athletes be permitted to start the ev ent
w ithout their identification bracelet.
Athletes must report to the start line ten (10) minutes before their assigned start
time for a mandatory race briefing.
As w ith all premier endurance races, the starting time for all athletes in a
particular w ave will be the “gun time” (e.g. if a w av e starts at 9:35, each athlete
in that w av e is assigned the same starting time).
All athletes are responsible for picking up their ow n race packets. I ndiv iduals may not
pick up participant packets on behalf of others.
Waiv ers must be signed at Athlete Check-In.
You must hav e a Photo I D w ith you to pick up your race packet and be checked
A parent or legal guardian must complete and sign the w aiv er for any
participant under 18 years old.
Bag Check is av ailable for both Saturday and Sunday’s races.
At race completion, your race number w ill be used to v erify your bag w hen you
pick it up.
Valuable items should not be checked.
The Ev ent Staff is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items.
The safety of all athletes, spectators, and staff is paramount. I n the ev ent of an
emergency, all parties should follow the explicit instruction of ev ent staff.
Athletes that assist in an emergency may be permitted to begin the race again at the
sole discretion of OCRWC officials.
The race w ill be held rain or shine. I f there is lightning in the area, the race w ill either
hav e a delayed start or, depending on the intensity of the w eather, be cancelled. The
determination w ill be made by the OCRWC staff.
OCRWC Lightning Policy
Race operations w ill shut dow n w hen lightning is estimated to be w ithin 10 miles of
ev ent. Ev ent operations w ill not resume until the lightning is 10 miles out mov ing aw ay
from the ev ent areas. OCRWC Staff w ill consult w ith King’s Domain Management on a
course of action to delay or cancel the ev ent.
Operation Enduring Warrior
OCRWC Organizers hav e partnered with Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW), a v eteran
operated non-profit 501(c)3 organization w hose mission is to honor, empow er and
motiv ate w ounded serv ice members through physical, mental and emotional
rehabilitativ e activ ities such as Obstacle Course Races.
A portion of race proceeds will be donated to Operation Enduring Warrior. I n addition,
participants hav e the opportunity to donate at the ev ent or online at
http://w w w .enduringw
The OCR World Championships aw ards monetary prizes to the top three finishers in
each div ision as w ell as to the top team in Team Competition.
These aw ards include:
Top 3 Elite Men
Top 3 Elite Women
Top 3 of each Male & Female Age Groups, Journeyman & Journeyw omen
Div isions
The follow ing aw ards w ill be presented on-site at the Aw ards Ceremony. Please note:
aw ards are based on Gun Time as specified in the OCRWC Rule Book.
As a thank your for your participation in the inaugural OCR World Championships,
racers w ill be granted exclusiv e rights to pre-register and reserv e their spot in the 2015
OCRWC at 50% off of registration. This is exclusiv e to 2014 participants and is not
transferrable under any circumstances.
Please note the follow ing:
Pre-registration spots are strictly limited and granted on a first come first serv ed
The 2015 OCRWC is anticipated to be held in October 2015.
Athletes must qualify to compete at v ia a 2015 qualifying ev ent.
Refunds may be granted in the ev ent the race is not held in an athlete’s country
of residence.
Pre-registration w ill open on