Youth Home Eggshibition 2014
Friday, April 4, 2014
UALR’s Jack Stephens Center
Twenty-three years ago a new and unique event, featuring a silent auction of eggs decorated by artists and
celebrities, raised approximately $20,000 for Youth Home. Since that first Eggshibition in 1992, the event
has raised approximately $2 million for Youth Home’s kids and has become one of Little Rock’s favorite high
profile annual auction events. From the beginning, the idea of the humble egg as a powerful symbol
representing growth and development in the lives of teens we serve has been paramount. It is an idea to
which Youth Home is dedicated.
Artist Hank Kaminski has made the large plaster Eggs available to Youth Home since the first event in 1992.
The state’s leading artists, as well as new and emerging artists, will create egg-shaped art masterpieces.
Celebrity eggs will be featured, signed by figures from the worlds of sports, politics, and entertainment. The
“Eggs in Schools” program will feature eggs decorated by local high school art students. The 2012 event
raised over $117,000 to support the programs and services for Youth Home’s kids. It was attended by over
600 Youth Home friends and supporters and we were honored to be voted a runner up for Best Charity
Event in the Arkansas Times Reader's Poll.
Eggshibition 2014 will also feature themed gift baskets and other silent auction items as well as live music
and other fun! Come help us celebrate the eggs-quisite art, hors d’oeuvres, and libations.
Since 1966, Youth Home’s mission has remained constant: to help emotionally troubled adolescents
overcome social, behavioral, emotional and academic problems so they can find their own inner light and
let it shine through brightly. Youth Home is changing lives and saving families, and you can help fulfill that
mission by supporting Eggshibition 2014!
For more information about Youth Home, Eggshibition, or to take a tour of
our facilities, contact Chrissy Chatham at [email protected],
501.821.5500 ext. 228, or visit www.YouthHome.org.
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Amber Wilson Bagley
Board Member
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Eggshibition 2014
[email protected]
Lynn Wright
Board Member
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Eggshibition 2014
[email protected]
Chrissy Chatham
Youth Home Development Director
[email protected]
501-821-5500 x228
Youth Home Eggshibition
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Youth Home, Inc.
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Phone 501.821.5500 ex. 228 Fax 501.821.5580
Email [email protected]
What is Youth Home, Inc.?
Youth Home is a private, non-profit psychiatric treatment facility for Arkansas adolescents and families. The mission of Youth Home,
Inc. is to help emo onally troubled adolescents and families become healthier, contribu ng members of society.
How long has Youth Home been in existence?
Youth Home is 45 years old and was founded by Carol Burns Smelley in 1966.
Who does Youth Home serve?
Youth Home primarily serves adolescents (ages 12 to 18) and their families in Intensive Residen al, Day Treatment and Community
Residen al programs. Our outpa ent clinic, Family Therapy Services, also serves children, adolescents, families and adults. Our school
based program serves elementary and middle school aged children and adolescents.
How many people does Youth Home serve annually?
Approximately 1,600 youth and family members benefit from Youth Home’s services each year.
Is Youth Home accredited?
Yes. Youth Home is state licensed and is accredited by The Joint Commission, the na on’s oldest and largest accredi ng body of
healthcare providers.
Is Youth Home, Inc. a profit or non-profit agency?
Youth Home is a private, non-profit agency that was awarded IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in 1967. It is not a state agency.
What kind of schooling does Youth Home provide?
Youth Home has an on-site special educa on school, fully approved by the
Arkansas Department of Educa on for grades 7 through 12 for our Residen al
and Day Treatment pa ents.
What programs does Youth Home provide?
Youth Home provides Intensive Residen al Treatment, Community Residen al
Treatment and Day Treatment. We also provide outpa ent services at Youth
Home’s Family Therapy Services and have school based programs in several
public schools.
What kinds of clinical services are provided?
Youth Home offers individual, family, group, educa onal, recrea onal and
specialized group therapies. Specialized group focuses include sexual abuse,
drug/alcohol relapse recovery and at-risk teens.
How is Youth Home funded?
Youth Home is funded through Medicaid, limited state funds, private insurance
and private dona ons.
Are there any adolescents not appropriate for Youth Home?
Yes, developmentally disabled or extremely an -social adolescents are generally
not appropriate for Youth Home. Our primary funding source – Medicaid –
prohibits admission of teens into our intensive psychiatric residen al treatment
program who have not sought treatment in less restric ve treatment se ngs.
Where is Youth Home located?
Youth Home’s main campus is on 52 acres at 20400 Colonel Glenn Road, just 25 minutes from downtown Li le Rock. Our outpa ent
clinic, Family Therapy Services, at 10 Corporate Hill Drive suite 330 in Li le Rock. Our girls’ Community Residen al Treatment Program
has recently moved to the newly renovated Beth Cartwright House on our campus. Our school based therapists work in College Sta on
Elementary, Oak Grove Middle and Sylvan Hills Elementary Schools.
Is Youth Home affiliated with other agencies?
Youth Home is affiliated with the UAMS Department of Psychiatry.
What is the success rate at Youth Home?
This is a difficult ques on to answer. Adolescents leave our program with a wealth of informa on and new problem solving skills.
Moreover, young people who enter our program have individual problems to address; many of them leave with personal, individual
success. Success is when a former Youth Home pa ent who was physically or sexually abused as a child calls Youth Home years later to
thank staff for teaching him/her to be a be er parent and for stopping the cycle of abuse. Success is when a family func ons more
effec vely and a pa ent a ends school regularly with passing grades.
Youth Home is a safe place for the adolescents we treat. While here, most pa ents are able to successfully resolve some of their issues,
and almost all move in a posi ve direc on toward healing. We provide the tools they need to con nue the healing process a er leaving
Youth Home.
For more quan ta ve results, the Youth Outcome Ques onnaire (YOQ) is completed at the me of admission, again at discharge and
finally three months a er discharge. The results of YOQ indicate significant improvement in symptom reduc on for the majority of Youth
Home pa ents.
Who is in charge at Youth Home?
David Napier, Execu ve Director
Mark Andersen, MD, Medical Director
Melody Piazza, President, Board of Directors
Pat Roberts, ACSW/LCSW, Clinical Director
John Webber, MD, Assistant Medical Director
How many people can Youth Home serve at one me?
70 – Intensive Residen al Treatment Program (46 boys; 24 girls)
8 – Community Residen al Treatment Program (8 girls)
30 – Day Treatment Program
Unlimited – Outpa ent Program
How long would it take to get my son or daughter into Youth Home’s residen al program?
Youth Home does not take emergency admissions. It usually takes at least one or two weeks to get all the needed informa on for
admission into our residen al program. The more documents the parent or case manager can provide (e.g., school records, psychological
evalua ons, medical records, etc.) the quicker a determina on can be made.
Who comprises the clinical staff who work at Youth Home?
Our clinical staff use a mul disciplinary team approach to restore the whole
health of the child. Teams are comprised of board-cer fied child/adolescent
psychiatrists, Master’s level clinical therapists, Bachelor’s level residen al
treatment counselors, nurses, die ans, teachers and educa onal and recrea onal specialists.
How do I find out if Youth Home can help my child?
To find out if Youth Home can help, call 501.821.5500. Our admissions staff will
help you assess whether Youth Home can provide the services your child needs
and guide you through the process.
For informa on about outpa ent services, call 501.954.7470.