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Stuttgart, November 5, 2014
Solar Modules to Be Made with Green Power – Southwestern Solar
Alliance Initiates Feasibility Study for Brazilian Factory
'Green Silicon' gets off the ground with a contract for preparatory work signed
November 4 and the Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg coordinating the effort.
The Brazilian state of Paraná is to get a photovoltaics manufacturing plant of its own with an
annual capacity of 680 megawatts. The aim is to cover the entire value chain from silicon
production to solar module manufacturing without generating any carbon emissions. The
southwestern German industry association Solar Cluster and three research institutes in
Baden-Württemberg are now pitching in to conduct an in-depth feasibility study to determine if
this large-scale South American solar project, which goes by the name of 'Green Silicon,' is
actually practicable. The contract with the Brazilian partners was signed in Stuttgart on
November 4 with Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Economic Affairs Nils Schmid in
The study was commissioned by ITAIPU, a Brazilian-Paraguayan power company, and FIEP, an
industry association. Brazil is becoming a key market for photovoltaic power generation. The industry
in this state with 200 million inhabitants aims to satisfy this market's demand largely with locally
manufactured solar panels. The Green Silicon project was born of this idea. Efforts of the Solar Cluster
member organizations Fraunhofer IPA, Fraunhofer ISE and the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen
Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) to determine if it is technically and financially feasible have been
underway since November. The Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg is coordinating these efforts,
helping to conduct the market analysis and will draft a report summarizing the outcome. The results
should be in during the second quarter of 2015.
The project kicked off in 2013. Paraná, Baden-Württemberg's 'twin' state in Brazil, turned to the
network of research and industry experts based in southwestern Germany. "The inquiry and
subsequent tasking goes to show that expertise, particularly in renewable energy, from BadenWürttemberg is very much in demand," says Solar Cluster Managing Director Carsten Tschamber.
"The study and its analyses will help businesses and policymakers in Brazil make informed decisions
and drive the development of renewable power sources." Tschamber adds that more jobs for the
members of the Solar Cluster are sure to follow if the project is a go. This would secure and possibly
even create jobs in Germany.
PV factory alongside a hydroelectric power plant
The project certainly has its charms: The solar panel factory is to be built next to the hydroelectric
power plant boasting the world's highest annual energy production. Located on the frontier between
Paraguay and Brazil, ITAIPU Binacional's power plant provides all the energy needed to manufacture
solar modules - with zero carbon commissions and using just a tiny fraction of the green electricity it
Each of the three research institutes in Baden-Württemberg is bringing its respective skill-set to the
project: ZSW is investigating the potential of the Brazilian and global markets and how the
development of a local photovoltaic infrastructure would affect employment and value creation in the
region. Fraunhofer ISE is responsible for silicon photovoltaics, the solar cell manufacturing process
and advanced training. Fraunhofer IPA, a research institute for production engineering and
automation, is analyzing the supply chain infrastructure, economic feasibility and environmental
sustainability of the proposed project. The partners' collective results will provide an accurate picture
as to the advisability of operating a photovoltaic plant in the South American country.
Brazil has excellent conditions for exploiting solar power. Its yearly solar irradiation is around twice as
high as in Germany. An invitation to tender for photovoltaic power plants with nearly 900 MW capacity
was issued in late October, giving the green light for rapid market development. This is sure to be of
great interest to German companies seeking to branch out into foreign markets.
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The Solar Cluster Baden-Württemberg e.V. aims to raise public awareness for the financial, environmental,
economic and industrial policy benefits of solar energy. Based in southwestern Germany, this industry association
also wants to help erect the statutory framework necessary to further expand renewable energy and create a
sustainable market for solar power. Another objective is to drive research, training and the development of new
power storage and grid connectivity technologies. The Solar Cluster represents more than 40 members consisting
of solar industry and power companies, research institutes and public utilities.
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The dam of the ITAIPU hydroelectric power plant with the world's highest annual energy production
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Solar module manufacturing in action
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