Rain Tree no Kuni

Rain Tree no Kuni
Japanese Theatrical Release: 2015 Winter Length: TBA
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Based on long seller romantic novel: “Rain Tree no Kuni” by Hiro Arikawa (“阪急電車Hankyu Railways –A 15-Minute Miracle”,” 図 書 館 戦 争 -Library Wars”) published by 新 潮 社
Directed by: Yoshishige Miyake (“阪急電車-Hankyu Railways –A 15-Minute Miracle”, “県庁おも
てなし課-Hospitality Department”)
Script by: Chiho Watanabe (“赤い糸- Threads of Destiny”, “Drop”)
Starring: Yuta Tamamori from “Kis-My-Ft2” (“ATARU The First Love & The Kill”, “TV drama; 信
長のシェフ- The Knife and the Sword series”), Mariya Nishiuchi (TV drama “GTO: Great Teacher
Onizuka”, “Scrap Teacher”), Ainosuke Kataoka (“The mother”, “TV drama; 半沢直樹-Hanzawa
Naoki”), Ren Osugi (“100 回泣くこと-Crying 100 Times”)
Everything started from an unforgettable book that Shin liked when he was in high school.
Growing up, he got to know Hitomi who had a blog, which titled “Rain Tree no Kuni” via email,
and gradually grew his feelings for her. But there was a secret that Hitomi kept rejecting to meet
Ⓒ2015 「レインツリーの国」製作委員会
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