For JST Project participants
FY2015 Edition
Guide to Adding a CITI Japan On-Screen e-Learning Course
生命医科学系7単元“責任ある研究行為:基盤編, Stage 1”
(Responsible Conduct of Research: Biomedical and others)
※“理工系” course don’t have English translation.
①Go to the CITI Japan Home Page(http://edu.citiprogram.jp/).
Enter your given user name and password(See below), and click on the login button.
Enter the same "user name" and "password" when you have
taken "Research Integrity Training (FY2015) ".
User Name: Your KUMAIL or KUMOI Address
Password: kyotodaigaku
※When Undergraduate students or researchers who do not
have an SPS-ID or ECS-ID would like to take course for JST
project participants Course, we will pre-register you .Please email <[email protected]>.
【New User】
←Enter your username
←Enter your password
←Enter your new password
←Please verify your password
②㻌 T he main menu appears on the screen.
Click “受講コースの選択(Select Course).”
The course selection page appears. Check the course of your choosing and click "Continue". (Though the following message appears ”Choose only one that apply.",
you can take one or more courses at a time.)
Registration has been complete. Go back to ”Main Menu” and take e-learning course.
If you would like to know more infomation such as how to print your
completion report, please check "A Step-by-Step Guide to Taking a CITI
Japan On-Screen e-Learning Course (For faculty and staff members, graduate
students, and fellows of JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientists)".
If you need any further clarification on the step-by-step guide, please e-mail
<[email protected]>.
For your reference:How to take the course when 責任ある研究行為:基盤編, Stage 1(Responsible
Conduct of Research: Biomedical and others).
Ⅰ.Click ”受講(Start)”.
Course name
・京都大学 全学共通基礎コース/Basic Course on Research Integrity(平成 27 年度~)
責任ある研究行為:基盤編(RCR), Stage 1
・JST 事業採択者向け研修(理工系 7単元 )(2015)
責任ある研究行為(理工系), Stage 1
・JST 事業採択者向け研修(生命医科学系 7単元 )(2015)
責任ある研究行為:基盤編, Stage 1
Ⅱ.Click ”受講に先立つ誓約(Assurance Statement)”, and click ”提出(Submit)
Ⅲ.Take all modules under ”必須受講科目(Required modules)”from the top downward.
IV. Select your Language.
V. Others
責任ある研究行為:基盤編(生命医科学系)(復習用), Stage 1
The modules for the required course cannot be opened after the Course
Completion Report is issued. Take these courses for reviewing as necessary.
The Course Completion Report is not issued for the completion of this course.