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At 6a.m. Saturday, Dec.
13, seven local residents representing the branches of the U.S.
Armed Forces placed flower
bouquets at the base of the Veterans Memorial Monument
in Tafuna, synchronizing the
12noon laying of wreaths at the
Arlington National Cemetery
in Virginia to commemorate
Wreaths Across America Day. It
is the first year American Samoa
has participated. See story inside
[photo: FS]
for details.
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Monday, December 15, 2014
Celebrating success: Meet Marcus Mariota makes
the 1st Samoan to earn
history: becomes 1st
a Corporate International
Master’s Degree
Samoan to win Heisman Trophy
by Teri Hunkin
Samoa News staff
A Corporate International Masters (CIM) degree is no small
accomplishment, and earlier this year, a local boy from Pago
Pago, born and raised in the territory, was the recipient of such
a degree. On Friday, October 31, 2014, Johnny Victor Toma
became the first Samoan in history to achieve this academic
milestone. The prestigious degree — meant to enhance leadership skills in an increasingly globalized business world— carries with it three diplomas:
1) Executive Master in International Business from
Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in
Washington, D.C.
2) Executive Master in Business Management from the
FGV/EBAPE Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration in Brazil; and
3) Corporate Master of Business Administration from the
ESADE Business School in Madrid, Spain.
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ASCC music
instructor published
in NZ literary journal
By B. Chen
Samoa News Correspondent
History was made this past Saturday when
21-year-old Marcus Mariota became the first
Samoan to win the coveted Heisman Trophy,
which is awarded every year to the most outstanding player in US college football whose
performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.
The winner of the Heisman is selected by
votes that are cast by sports journalists, previous Heisman Trophy winners, and fans.
Mariota won the Heisman by a landslide
with 788 first place votes, which is the third
most all-time. He is the 80th Heisman winner
and the 15th winner to receive more than 2,000
points overall.
The Oregon Ducks’ superstar quarterback
has, for the past few days, been the most featured college football player in the world — but
his climb was slow and steady. A third year
starter who was red shirted in his freshman year
at the University of Oregon, Mariota didn’t start
for his high school team, St. Louis High School,
in Hawai’i, until his senior year.
This past Saturday, he garnered 90.9%
of possible votes (2,534 points), the second
highest point percentage of a Heisman winner
in the past 50 seasons. But that’s just one of the
many highlights in his career.
The soft spoken graduate of St. Louis
High School accounts for a Pac-12-record 53
touchdowns (38 passing, 14 rushing and one
receiving). He has been described by Sports
Illustrated as the “most prolific quarterback in
Oregon history”.
He is also said to be the main reason why
the University of Oregon has earned a spot in
its first college football playoffs. A win there
would give the Ducks their first national championship title in the school’s history.
In addition, Mariota winning the Heisman
gives the University of Oregon’s football program their first ever claim to the Trophy which
has eluded them in years past. The Heisman is
considered the most prestigious individual college football award.
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By James Kneubuhl, ASCC Press Officer
Poe Mageo, music instructor
at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC), can
now add “published author”
to his already impressive list
of credentials, after having a
short fiction piece published in
SPAN 64: Journal of the South
Pacific Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies.
An academic publication
which focuses on postcolonial, neocolonial and diaspora
literature in English, mostly
from the British Commonwealth nations, SPAN is issued
biannually by SPACLALS, a
sub-group of the Association
for Commonwealth Language
and Literature Studies. Widely
referenced by literary scholars
for its critical articles and book
(Continued on page 14)
ASCC music instructor
Poe Mageo in addition to
his regular music-oriented
work also writes fiction and
recently had one of his short
stories published in SPAN 64.
[photo: J. Kneubuhl]
Marcus Mariota, who became the first Samoan Heisman Trophy winner, last Saturday, has
the best fans in American Samoa: his family. Pictured is Marcus (back row center) standing next
to his father Toa and the rest of his family members from Laulii when the Oregon superstar
[photo: courtesy]
attended his grandfather Taulauniu’s funeral in 2011.
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samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
Lolo says “not close to
finalizing a decision” on
Philippines based company
Local delegation led by Lt. Gov.
Lemanu returns after a site
visit to company
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
Lolo administration
eyes increase in pay
for police officers
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu
Samoa News Reporter
The Lolo and Lemanu Administration is looking at increasing
the salaries of police officers, addressing one of the biggest complaints by the men and women in blue, who say that they are
underpaid, given the work they do.
The salary increase was confirmed by the Governor’s Executive Assistant Iulogologo Joseph Pereira over the weekend,
According to Iu, the decision to address the salaries of Public
Safety Officers is predicated on the nature of the job relative to
safety issues and being exposed to dangerous and potentially
lethal situations, placing their lives in harm’s way.
“It is also to incentivize recruitment of high caliber individuals with regard to educational credentials, who are committed
to the job of protecting all of us.”
He pointed out that the recent “shooting spree and the gunning of the Leone substation” is indicative of changing times
and the severity and horrific nature of crimes deemed prevalent
only in the States.
Samoa News notes to date there have been no, or little information, received by the Criminal Investigation about the said
shooting — an act in which Commissioner of Public Safety,
William Haleck has called a “cowardly attack”.
The commissioner also appealed to members of the public to
help them find and apprehend those who committed the crime.
To date there have been no arrests made since the shooting and
Samoa News understands that the police report in this shooting
is not completed as investigations are still ongoing.
Last month Haleck told Samoa News there are leads, however
nothing concrete. In the meantime the Leone Village Council
has offered assistance to the DPS with policing the Leone village, and they have also offered to assist the police in every way
Iu told Samoa News that the Department of Human Resources
is currently conducting a survey of salaries of police officers in
the other Territories and States of similar population size, level
of crime, educational credentials and other pertinent factors.
“Upon completion of this study the entry level base will be
established from which the new salary scale will be developed.”
According to the police officers who are on their second year
on the force, the starting salary for a police officer is $12,000
Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga says the government is not yet ready to move forward with
finalizing the agreement with the Philippines
based company wanting to invest millions of
dollars in the territory and that the firm will
undergo a thorough background check.
The governor revealed in a letter to the Interior Department that there will be an agreed
upon repayment plan to the Philippines company, which is fronting the investment money
for American Samoa.
A.V.M. Bernardo Engineering made a presentation in October to the governor, Fono
leaders, lawmakers and other ASG officials.
The company says it wants to invest $106 million to set up in the Tafuna Industrial Park a
“multi-line food processing plant” focusing first
on frozen fish-based sausage, ham, nuggets and
Commerce Department director Keniseli
Lafaele told Samoa News in October this year,
that if everything goes as planned, AVM was
looking to start construction of the facility next
month (Jan. 2015) and be operational in 2016.
In a letter last month to Interior Assistant
Secretary for Insular Areas, Esther Kia’aina, on
issues dealing with economic and social development in the territory, the governor revealed
that AVM is proposing “to up-front $106 million to finance the construction of the multipurpose processing plant with a repayment plan to
AVM for an agreed upon repayment period.”
Further the proposal would see the establishment of 700 jobs and proposed products to be
manufactured by the facility includes coconut
water, fish sausage and other items.
Asked about the status of the AVM proposal,
Lolo told Samoa News last Friday that the government “is not close to finalizing a decision”
on the matter, adding that there are a lot of
other issues for the Executive Branch to look at
before any deal is finalized.
“We’re not ready to move forward yet with
this proposal. It will take a little bit more time
before anything is finalized, while the Executive Branch does its own due diligence,” Lolo
said, noting that a local delegation of ten, led
by Lt. Gov. Lemanu Peleti Mauga returns to
the territory this week after a site visit of AVM
facilities in the Philippines.
Sen. Galeai Tu’ufuli had called on the administration not to expedite approval of this process
and for the government to conduct a thorough
background check of AVM on whether it’s a
legitimate firm, especially for the fact that it is a
foreign company.
Lolo said it has been the intention of the
administration to conduct a “thorough background review” of AVM as part of ASG’s due
diligence process.
“We are going through the entire process
reviewing the company including a complete
background check,” he said. “I understand the
concern by the senator, but this project is not
going to be expedited without due process.”
“This is one reason why the Fono was
included from the start, with Fono leaders
and lawmakers invited to the first briefing
in October, so they are fully aware of what’s
going on in our government,” Lolo said in a
phone interview. “I always tried to get the Fono
involved because it’s only fair when it comes
to such a large investment — in the millions of
“The Fono plays a major role in any major
investment in the territory. I don’t want the
Executive Branch to be the only one making a
decision on major investments,” he said.
“Our goal its provide jobs and we continue
to explore options to employ our people,” he
said. “However, we also have our own concerns
to be addressed first, for example, a background
check of AVM, and who is involved. Also to
ensure that the government’s resources are not
drained for agreeing to such a project.”
Commerce Department director Keniseli
Lafaele had told Samoa News in October this
year that the proposed venture is a public-private partnership arrangement, with AVM Bernardo Engineering building the plant. He said
contractors or subcontractor-entrepreneurs
would be used to operate the multi-lines, while
ASG would own the asset, or facility.
Asked if ASG is putting in any money for
the project, Lolo sad, “we’re not investing any
money in this proposal. At the same time, we
are not encouraging them not to come here and
we welcome any company who wants to invest
in American Samoa to boost the local economy
and provide jobs for our people. That is so very
Lolo emphasized again, “that this proposal is
not even close to being finalized” and stressed
that there are a lot of issues involved that need
thorough review by the government before the
proposal is final and an any agreements are
signed. He also pointed out that the Fono will
get all the necessary information on the AVM
Samoa News understands that more than one
company was visited by the group while in the
Philippines, and hospital facilities were also on
the tour. The group is slated to return tonight,
via Hawai’i.
(all ANSWERs on page 14)
Samoa commemorates “Wreaths
Across America” — our way
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
About twenty local residents, including a handful of
military retirees, represented
American Samoa in joining for
the first time, the commemoration of Wreaths Across
America, last Saturday during
a brief ceremony at the American Samoa Veterans Memorial Center in Tafuna.
It was a quite cloudy Saturday morning, with winds
clocked at 15 mph when the
local ceremony began around
5:50a.m — when seven local
residents stood a few feet away
from the base of the monument,
holding seven bouquets of
flowers — instead of wreaths
— prepared and donated by
the SOFIAS, the Sosaiete of
Faafafine in American Samoa,
four of whom attended the
The local commemoration
was organized this year by
the local U.S. Army Reserve
Survivor Outreach Services
(SOS) Family Program, which
volunteered to support efforts
and celebration of this special
day, spearheaded by Wreaths
Across America Organization,
a non profit group based in
Washington D.C.
Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col.
Mapu Jamias led other local
residents with bouquets of
flowers, walking up the short
flight of stairs to the base of the
monument. The residents represented the six branches of the
U.S. Armed Forces — Army,
Marine Corps, Navy, Air
Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine — and one resident represented U.S. service
members from all branches of
the military whose last known
status was either a Prisoner of
War or Missing in Action.
“On behalf of the United
States of America and American Samoa we are here... to
honor all of our brothers and
sisters, fathers and mothers,
who have fought for our
freedom,” Jamias said at the
ceremony,before the flowers
were placed at the base of the
monument. “This is a great
Jamias, who is also the local
Civilian Aide to the Secretary
of the U.S. Army, thanked the
territorial government and the
Memorial Center management
for putting together “this special commemoration” to honor
those who have served in all
branches of the military but
have since passed away.
Local residents — such as
Ben Lausen, Vince Iuli, Moana
Hatcher and Taua’a — who
represented the branches of the
military, spoke briefly, saying
that they were at the ceremony
to honor and pay tribute to
their relatives who served in
active duty and have since
passed away.
Iuli honored his cousin,
Marine Lt. Col. Max A. Galeai,
an American Samoa native,
killed in 2008 in the Iraq war.
“God rest his soul,” he said.
Jamias added that “I ‘d like
to honor Army Staff Sgt. Frank
Tiai, who was one of my squad
leaders in the old days when
we started the local Army
Reserve.” Tiai died in 2005 in
the Iraq war.
After the brief statements
were made, the representatives stood for a few minutes
to observe a moment of silence
bowing their heads. When it
was 6a.m. in American Samoa
the local residents took two
steps forward and placed the
flowers just inches from the
base of the monument.
Timing to lay the flowers
at 6a.m. local time was synchronized with the 12noon
time when holiday wreaths
were placed on graves at the
Arlington National Ceremony,
in Virginia. Similar ceremonies were carried out in other
military cemeteries across the
Others who attended the
local ceremony were Mareko
and Folola Milo, parents of
23-year old US Army Spc.
Avealaloleiasasaumani “Ave”
Milo, who died in Iraq in 2007
when his unit was attacked by
While it’s very difficult for
a parent to deal with the loss
of the life of a soldier, Folola
Milo said, “I am thankful for
them (the soldiers) for offering
their service in the name of
freedom, in which we have
As parents “we will never
forget our children in our hearts
and soul”, she said, adding that
she is very thankful that this
day is being made important
in American Samoa — to lay a
wreath or flowers on graves of
those who died in the military.
She asked all of American
Samoa “not to forget our sons
(Continued on page 12)
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014 Page 3
Mareko Milo became emotional when responding to reporters’
questions about his son, US Army Spc. Avealaloleiasasaumani
“Ave” Milo, who died in Iraq in 2007, during last Saturday’s
local commemoration of the Wreaths Across America Day.
[photo: FS]
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Page 4
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,
It’s two weeks before Christmas and a family of three were
evicted by their landlord into the streets. All their belongings,
A father, mother and 1 year old infant. This family was
found huddling under the covering of a business building in
the middle of the night. They are now under the protection of
the Emergency Shelter.
Later on the same day another mother and two young children were turned out into the streets by her uncle. Thank you
for the American Samoa COALITION Against Domestic and
Sexual Violence, this family also was placed in the system for
protection and shelter.
Single parents, extended families and domestic workforce
with their own families who have been subjected to domestic
violence and abuse are also facing ruthless evictions from
hosting families and landlords.
These are considered unprotected people due to their
social standings and lack of money to pay for their existence,
expected/ demanded by some hosting families. Then, there are
those who can barely pay for their low income rentals.
Is progress stripping us of our humanity?
Every village is aware of a family in need, families suffering from neglect and abuse. Social ills of alcohol, drug and
gambling addiction have rooted and taken hold. Prostitution is
surfacing, as is promiscuity amongst our children.
I cannot but wonder where is the church? Is the church
strong enough to take in victims of abuse and neglect?
Is the church’s heart strong enough to reach out to embrace
the homeless and families who are dealing with a beloved’s
terminal care? Or are we only available when a natural disaster
occurs and federal funding is available?
What prevents our people from running to the church for
sanctuary, safety, food or comfort??
Are the directors providing social services doing enough to
meet the special needs. Or will victims also be turned away
because of the impending overflow. Is there an institution or
agency that protects renters from landlords?
As the new Year approaches do we see any relief or is it
just that we cannot envision beyond our noses or the blinders.
I believe everything is in place. It always has been.
Too many of us just cannot see beyond the limited funding.
Nor are we willing to go above and beyond the call of humanity.
It takes a phone call to report or to get help for someone or
a family in need.
Every organization is giving to the established institutions…how about to your neighbor.
It takes a hand to offer assistance or a can of food. Every
culture has the spirit of love, compassion, giving and concern.
What is happening … ua tatou tu’ulafoai(neglect) … ua
tatou manatu fa’atauvaa (indifference). Call your church
leaders, women society or prayer groups. Call the crisis hot
line or 911.
If there is no church, agency or institution that I can report
to and who can provide a donation of food or clothing for the
silent neighbor, I’m informing you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Ipu Avegalio Lefiti
Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,
In the past months, we have heard advertisements from the
staff and management of ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank that they
are upgrading to a new and better system and if there are any
questions, we should call in and ask.
However, it is very frustrating to call 633-1151 and no one
This is not the first time; I have no idea why the receptionists cannot answer the phone calls. I do not see why they have
phones and yet do not want to answer them.
American Samoa is suffering because BoH is leaving and
ANZ just has the worst customer service ever.
Honorable Governor, can we please get a BETTER bank
down here to serve our people. I thought ANZ was upgrading
to a better system but it just seems to me that they have downgraded to a worst system.
T. Prescott
Lolo administration looks
at submitting legislation to
begin Charter Bank
by Fili Sagapolutele
Samoa News Correspondent
The Lolo Administration plans to submit
legislation to the Fono to allow the government
to operate a Charter Bank, which they plan to
convert into a “commercial bank” later as part
of its long term vision to help with banking
needs in American Samoa.
Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga is calling on
the Department of Interior for support of this
initiative, which will also help with economic
development in the territory, whose economic
backbone for years has been the tuna canneries.
In a letter last month to Assistant Secretary
for Insular Areas, Esther Kia’aina, on issues
dealing with economic and social developments in the territory, the governor pointed
out efforts being made by the administration to
address banking needs, and the move to establish a Charter Bank.
He explained that Bank of Hawaii has significantly scaled down its banking services,
especially its loan services to business and residents of American Samoa and it’s preparing to
exit the local market once a replacement bank
is secured.
For ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank, the governor said the bank’s loan services are “very
restrictive” thus creating financial obstacles
for local businesses. Additionally, ANZ fees
charged for their services are cost prohibitive,
both for businesses and residents of American
Lolo informed Kia’aina that the Community
Bank of American Samoa’s application to the
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
“remains in limbo, thus causing lack of confidence” that the locally based bank “will be
operational any time soon”.
(Although not mentioned in the letter, the
governor and his administration have already
made known their support of the Community
Bank, since the proposal set forth by the bank
was first announced early last year.)
According to the governor, the most immediate and responsive option available to Amer-
ican Samoa is the establishment of a Charter
Bank, using the North Dakota state model,
which does not require FDIC approval.
“The long-term vision is to convert the
Charter Bank to a ‘commercial bank’ after two
to three years of operation,” Lolo said, adding
that ASG “needs DOI support” on this important matter.
In October this year, the governor signed
into law legislation which amended the American Samoa Economic Development Authority
(ASEDA) statute. The amendments modernize
and enhance the bond issuing capability of
ASEDA, whose board was reestablished last
year by the governor.
One of the ASG projects to be funded with a
bond is the establishment of the Charter Bank,
whose bond amount is $10 million.
When lawmakers convene next month for
the 34th Legislature, the Lolo Administration plans to submit legislation which allows
the local government to set up and operate a
Charter Bank.
The Fono is expected to request the administration to provide a lot of financial data and
other information dealing with a Charter Bank
as well as a guarantee that the government will
not suffer later by getting into the banking business, according to senior Fono staffers, who
asked to not be identified by name.
The staffers said that some lawmakers don’t
want a repeat of the ASG Employees Federal
Credit Union which was shut down about
two decades ago by federal regulators due to,
among other things, mismanagement and problems inside the credit union.
According to investopedia.com, a charter
bank is a financial institution whose primary
roles are to accept and safeguard monetary
deposits from individuals and organizations,
and to lend money out.
The details vary from country to country,
but usually a chartered bank in operation has
obtained government permission on some level
to do business in the banking sector.
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samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014 Page 5
tusia Ausage Fausia
O le vaiaso na te’a nei na fa’ailoa ai e le itu a le malo i luma o le fa’amasinoga fa’aitumalo, o le a leai ni moliaga fa’aopoopo e faila fa’asaga ia Fifita Pulumu,
ina ua mae’a isi suesuega fa’aopoopo a leoleo ma faia ai loa le fa’aiuga, o le a lava le moliaga o le fa’atupu vevesi i nofoaga faitele e molia ai o ia.
Sa taofia e leoleo i le vaiaso ua te’a ia Pulumu i le toese i Tafuna, ma tula’i ai i luma o le fa’amasinoga fa’aitumalo, ona o tu’uaiga i lo la tauaia lea ma lona
uso o ma’a ma atigi fagu i luga o le auala fa’apea ai ma le fale o se aiga i Leone.
E fetaui le taunu’u o leoleo i le nofoaga na tula’i mai ai le fa’alavelave ae vaaia loa le alu i le atoa o le ua molia, ma fai ai loa a latou tuliga ma leoleo, e le
i umi ae maua o ia e leoleo ma pu’e fa’apagota ai loa o ia.
Ina ua fesiligia e leoleo ia Pulumu i le mafua’aga o lona faia o lenei gaioiga, sa ia taua ai e fa’apea, o lona ita tele i tamaiti o le nu’u i lo latou taumafai e
fasi o ia, na mafua ai loa ona ia faia lenei gaioiga.
O le ali’i lea o lo o tu’uaia e le malo i lona toso fa’amalosi o se teineititi i se togavao ae fai i ai uiga mataga ua sauni e tu’uina atu lana tali ioe i luma o le
fa’amasinoga e tusa ai o tu’uaiga fa’asaga ia te ia.
O le aso Faraile na te’a nei na fa’atulaga ai le isi iloiloga ale ali’i o Tele’a Vaifale i luma o le fa’amasinoga maualuga, ina ia fa’ailoa ai le tulaga tonu o le a
o o i ai le mataupu, i le faia lea o se fa’amasinoga autu po o le faia o se maliliega e fa’amuta ai loa lenei mataupu.
Na fa’ailoa e le ali’i loia fautua ia Michael White o lo o tula’i mo Vaifale i luma o le fa’amasinoga e fa’apea, ua mae’a ona tu’uina atu e le malo sa latou ofa
mo Vaifale, ma, e manaomia se isi lua vaiaso e toe tolopo i ai le isi iloiloga o lenei mataupu, ina ia maua ai se avanoa la te talanoa ai ma le ua molia e fa’atatau
i le ofa a le malo. Na fa’amaonia e le loia a le malo ia Jessica Bargman i le fa’amasinoga e fa’apea, o le amataga o le vaiaso na te’a nei na ia tu’uina atu ai le
ofa i le loia a Vaifale, ma le fa’amoemoe e fa’amuta ai loa taualumaga o lenei mataupu.
O le ali’i o Vaifale, lea o lo o taofia pea i le toese i Tafuna i le taimi nei, o lo o tu’uaia i moliaga mamafa e fa e aofia ai lona faiaiga fa’amalosi i se teineititi;
faia o uiga mataga fa’afeusuaiga; tagofia o itutinosa o se teineititi e laititi i lalo o le tulafono; ma le faia o amioga fa’asotoma, ma le moliaga mama e tasi o lona
faia lea o ni uiga e lamatia ai le saogalemu o fanau laiti.
O le aso 9 Ianuari 2015 lea ua toe tolopo i ai e le fa’amasinoga maualuga le fofogaina o le fa’asalaga a Fa’asaina Park ma Lusia Tusi, ina ua talia e le
fa’amasinoga i le vaiaso na te’a nei se talosaga na faila e le Ofisa Nofovaavaaia, mo se avanoa e toe tolopo ai le lauina o le fa’asalaga a le fa’amasinoga, ona o
lo o gasegase le sui o le Ofisa Nofovaavaaia o lo o gafa ma le tusiaina o le ripoti e fuafua i ai se fa’asalaga a le fa’amasinoga fa’asaga i lenei mataupu.
O le aso Faraile na te’a nei na fa’atulaga e tu’u atu ai le fa’asalaga a le fa’amasinoga fa’asaga ia Park ma Tusi, i le mae’a ai lea ona ta’usala o i laua e se vaega
iloilo iuga i le masina o Oketopa na te’a nei, i moliaga e aofia ai le la taumafai e fa’alauiloa faiga fa’atalitane, fa’apea ai ma moliaga mama o le fa’ao’olima i
le tulaga tolu.
Na fa’ailoa e le afioga i le ali’i fa’amasino sili ia Michael Kruse i loia a itu e lua e fa’apea, e ui o lea ua toe tolopo le aso e tu’u atu ai le fa’asalaga a le
fa’amasinoga, peita’i o lo o taoto pea i luma o le fa’amasinoga le talosaga na fa’aulu e le loia a Park o Fiti Sunia, e talosaga ai le fa’amasinoga ina ia toe liliu le
fa’aiuga o le nofosala lea na tu’uina mai e le Vaega Iloilo Iuga fa’asaga ia Park, ona e le o lava mau e lagolagoina ai le moliaga o lona taumafai lea e fa’alauiloa
faiga fa’atalitane fa’asaga i ni tama’ita’i se to’alua sa tagi i luma o le fa’amasinoga.
O lo o tumau pea tu’utu’uga o lo o tatala ai i tua Park ma Tusi, e fa’atali ai le fofogaina o le la fa’asalaga i le masina fou.
Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
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Page 6
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
Australian killed by shark
on Great Barrier Reef
BRISBANE, Australia (AP) — An 18-year-old man was
killed by a shark on Monday while spearfishing on the Great
Barrier Reef off the eastern Australian tourist town of Port
Douglas, police said.
It was the first fatal shark attack in Australia since September,
when a 50-year-old swimmer was killed at popular Byron Bay,
1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) to the south.
In the latest attack, the man from the nearby town of Mossman
was mauled while fishing with friends off Rudder Reef, police
said in a statement. He was pronounced dead after his friends
brought him to shore by boat.
He sustained massive injuries to his right upper leg, right
groin and right upper arm, Queensland state Ambulance Service
spokesman Greg Thiedecke said.
He also suffered a heart attack, likely due to blood loss, Thiedecke said.
Belgian police: 4 armed
men enter house in Ghent
Fa’afiafiaga a le Level 5 & 6 a le aoga a le SPICC i Fatu ma Futi i le aso Faraile na te’a nei, e
fa’alauiloa ai le agaga o le Kerisimasi ma fa’ai’u ai galuega a fanau aoga mo lenei tausaga.
[ata: AF]
GHENT, Belgium (AP) — Four armed men have entered an
apartment in the western Belgian city of Ghent, and police have
blocked off a wide perimeter around the area.
Police said Monday that a few hours after the men entered
the apartment it was still unclear whether they had taken any
At first sight, it didn’t appear to be an act of terror, said federal police spokeswoman Annemie Serlippens. “There appears
to be nothing political. And it does not seem to be going that
By midmorning a big police operation had been set up in the
working-class neighborhood to keep bystanders away from the
Media reported there already had been a hostage incident in
Ghent linked to extortion two months ago.
Jihadis capture army base
in northwestern Syria
Tusia: Akenese Ilalio Zec
Vaega: 123
Fa’atalofa atu i lou alafa’i mai i le manuia i
lenei taeao fou, i le tausiga alofa a lo tatou Matai
oi le lagi. E i ai pea le fa’amoemoe o lo’o aoina
le masina i le soifua laulelei o le atunu’u, tatou
momoli fa’atasi ai le vi’iga ma le fa’amanu i le
Atua Soifua, ona o Lana tausiga alofa mo i tatou
e le mavae.
Ae alo maia, o le a toe fa’aauau atu la tatou
tala mo lenei aso, ae ia manuia lou alo atu i feau
ma galueg o le a feagai ai. Na muta mai la tatou
tala, ina ua fai nei le fiafia a le aiga o Paulo,
ina ua i’u manuia le Fa’amasinoga na alo i ai le
aiga. O lea o lo’o potopoto uma i le fale o le tuafafine e to’atasi o Salamasina ma lona to’alua
Palagi o Larry.
A’o le i tu’ua e le aiga le fale o Salamasina ma lona to’alua, na maua ai le avanoa e
talatalanoa ai ma fetufa’ai ai Eseta, o Su’e ma
Lumepa. O se fetufa’iga fai mai na toetiti a
a pa’i lima ai le au nofo tane, ae o lo’o i ai le
aiga atoa o Paulo. ina ua iloa ma mautinoa e le
lo’omatua o Eseta le mulumuluga veve lea na
fai a Su’e ma Lumepa, na a’e ai loa sona manatu
e sili pe a talatalanoa ma i la’ua ia, ae le i sosolo
le papala leaga i totonu o le aiga.
O le mea ua tupu e fai le tau muimuiga a le
to’alua lea, ae o lo’o lagona uma lava e le teinei
o Malia, le afafine o le uso o le tama o Paulo
ma Sila, aua o lo’o nofonofo i talane o Su’e ma
Lumepa. Ua ta’u uma nei e le teine i a Eseta le
tulaga lea, o lea na manatu ai loa le lo’omatua
ua tatau ona fo’ia le fa’afitauli lea, ae le i sososolo i totonu o le aiga, ma fa’aleaga ai le nonofo
fealofani o aiga.
“Su’e ma Lumepa, e i ai le mea o lo’o
mamafa lava i lo’u loto ma lo’u mafaufau, ae ou
te talanoa fa’auso atu i a te oulua, va’ai oulua,
ua ou iloa uma lava le lua taumuimuiga lea na
fai e uiga i a ma’ua ma Salamasina.
“Ia oulua fa’alogo lelei mai lava i la’u tala
lea o le a fai atu, va’ai oulua, e tutusa uma lava
o tatou fai a i totonu o le aiga lenei, ae e tasi lava
lona ‘ese’esega, e te lua fesili muamua lava, o
ai e ulumatua o le fanau, o le tali o Paulo, uma
i’ina ma mea uma. O le isi itu, Su’e, sa i ai lava
lou manatu ua e alu i le galuega a le Atua, o oe
e tatau ona taulamua i mea lelei, e fealofani ai
aiga, e maua ai le fiafia ma le nonofo va lelei i
totonu o aiga, a’o lea ou te va’ai atu ua silisili oe
le leaga, e te ‘eli’eli i mea leaga, e le lelei ai se
aiga. Va’ai oe, tausi lou mamalu, o la’u tala le
na e fai atu i a te oe Su’e, tausi lou mamalu ona
lelei lea o le lua galuega ma Sila.
“Ua ou maua fo’i tala, mai le nu’u o lo’o
oulua galulue ai, e ‘ese le alolofa o le nu’u i a
Sila, a’o oe, ta fe fe Su’e, ta te le fia fa’alogo
lava i tala e fai mai, e maniti o ta tino, aua ta te
le masani ai, e le i a’oa’ia fo’i a’u e o’u matua i
ia uiga leaga fa’apea.
“Tu’u le fia tagata ma le fa’amaualuga, aua
na ona pau ifo lava i lalo pa le nono, manogi
leaga le ea na fai e le Ali’i e manava ai, ua e
fa’alogo mai i a te a’u, ma tu’u tonu lou fai’ai
i le mea e tatau ona tu’u ai, ae le o le tu’u i lalo
i le mea e manogi leaga, fai fa’alelei mai tatou
mea. ‘Aua e te lua taumafai e talepe le nonofo
fealofani o tama e le o se mea lelei, se e iloa lava
le tamali’i i ona uiga fa’atamali’i, e iloa fo’i le
tufanua i ona uiga leaga ma uiga tufanua.”
Fai mai e tau oso a’e le tala a Su’e, ae tali atu
le lo’omtua o Eseta, “Su’e, o la’u tu’ualalo lea
i a te oe le Faletua, polili teuteu mai au faiga a,
va’ai la lo’u lima e le i lavea lava i se tagata, ae
a fai so’o ou uiga tufanua ia, e vave lava ona e
lavea i lo’u lima.”
E faia pea…
BEIRUT (AP) — Jihadi fighters captured a Syrian army base
Monday in the northwestern province of Idlib after two days of
intense fighting that killed dozens of gunmen, activists said.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and
an Idlib-based activist who goes by the name of Mohammed alSayid said members of the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front and other
rebel factions captured the Wadi Deif base Monday morning.
A Twitter account run by the Nusra Front in Idlib province
said fighters are now removing mines from the area after the
“Wadi Deif camp was liberated.”
The capture of Wadi Deif is a blow to the Syrian government that has managed to hold the besieged post for more than
two years and repelled repeated attacks by opposition fighters.
Rebels and the Nusra Front control much of the countryside of
Idlib province while government forces dominate the provincial
capital city — also called Idlib.
The capture came a day after rebels and Nusra Front fighters
took over seven government checkpoints around Wadi Deif and
the nearby base of Hamidiyeh. The Wadi Deif and Hamidiyeh
bases outside the town of Maaret al-Numan have long been
prized targets for the rebels, who have launched multiple sieges
since 2012.
“Most of the troops have withdrawn to Hamidiyeh,” said
Idlib-based activist Asad Kanjo, adding that a major battle
appears to be looming over control of that base. He said the
government still holds the town of Ariha in Idlib as well as the
Qarmid base near the provincial capital.
The Nusra Front has become one of the most powerful factions in Idlib province after it defeated last month the moderate
Syria Revolutionaries Front headed by Jamal Maarouf, who has
since fled the area.
The Observatory said that at least 31 government soldiers
and 12 opposition fighters have been killed in the clashes since
The latest round of fighting came as European Union foreign
ministers met in Brussels Monday to discuss ways to help implement a U.N. plan for a localized cease-fire in the northern Syrian
city of Aleppo.
The foreign ministers met informally Sunday with the U.N.
special envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura. The U.N. has been
trying to bring about a strategic de-escalation of violence in
Syria to permit the delivery of humanitarian aid and set the stage
for peace talks.
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014 Page 7
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samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
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Mapusaga Fou 3rd Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on stage at the
Malaeoletalu, Fagatogo Pavillion yesterday afternoon to open the 37th Annual Holiday Music
Festival, hosted by the American Samoa Council on Arts, Culture, and Humanities (ASCACH).
Over the next three days it will feature local groups — mostly youth groups and church choirs
— performing early evening. The festival is supported by an award from the National Endow-
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014 Page 9
In Loving Memory Of O ur B eloved
Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather
Sunrise: April 24, 1952 ~ Sunset: Dec 2, 2014
Friday, Dec 12, 2014
Dad will arrive on the Hawaiian Airlines flight and will be taken to the LBJ Hospital Chapel for a
short prayer service.
Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014
7:30 am
Dad will be escorted from the LBJ Hospital to our home in Malaeimi for viewing.
Friends and Families will gather at the Nu’uuli LDS Hall for his Family Service
Followed by his Final Service in the Chapel.
He will then be laid to rest at our home in Malaeimi.
Page 10
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
WHEREAS, motor vehicle crashes kill over 40,000 people and injure three million people every year, at a
cost to society of some $150 billion annually; and
WHEREAS, alcohol-related crashes account for approximately 40 percent of those deaths and injuries; and,
WHEREAS, last year in American Samoa there was one fatality and a total of 133 drivers arrested for drunk
driving; and
WHEREAS, the holiday season is traditionally one of the most deadly times of the year for alcohol-impaired
driving; and
WHEREAS, for thousands of families across the nation, the holidays bring a somber reminder of the loved
ones they lost to an impaired driver during a previous holiday season or at any time during the year; and,
WHEREAS, community-based programs involving consumer education, effective laws, and police
enforcement have proven to be successful in reducing impaired driving; and,
WHEREAS, organizations from our Territory are joining the Department of Human Social Services and the
Department of Public Safety in promoting the “Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention Month” and “Over
the Limit, Under Arrest” campaigns by supporting anti-impaired driving programs and policies; and,
WHEREAS, American Samoa is a partner in national efforts to make our roads and streets safer;
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga, do hereby proclaim December 2014 as National
Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month in American Samoa and hereby call upon all citizens,
government agencies, business leaders, hospital, schools and public and private institutions in American Samoa to
promote awareness of the impaired driving problem, to support programs and policies to reduce the incidence of
impaired driving, to promote safer and healthier behaviors regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs, and to
provide opportunities for all to participate in the National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month and
“Over the Limit, Under Arrest” campaigns this holiday season and throughout the year.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my signature and Seal of the Office of the Governor on
this 8th day of December, in the year of our Lord two thousand fourteen.
Governor of American Samoa
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014 Page 11
Poloa’iga Fa’alaua’itele
TALUAI, o ta’avale lavevea ua maliliu ai le silia i le 40,000 tagata, ma manunu’a ai le tolu miliona, ma le tau e tusa e 150
piliona tala i tausaga ta’itasi; ma
TALUAI, o fa’alavelave e feso’ota’i ma le ‘ava malosi ma fuala’au fa’asaina, o lo’o mafua ai le 40 pasene o maliu ma manu’aga
ia; ma
TALUAI, o le tausaga ua te’a i Amerika Samoa, e tusa ma le 133 ta’avale na taofia ona o le ave ta’avale ona, e to’atasi le soifua
na maumau ona o le ave ta’avale ona; ma
TALUAI, o aso malolo ia Tesema o taimi ia e matua tele ai e maliliu ona o le ave ta’avale ma le ona; ma
TALUAI, mo le afe ma afe o aiga o le malo tele, o aso malolo ia Tesema e fa’amanatu mai ai aiga pele ua maliliu ona o
aveta’avale onana i so’o se taimi o le tausaga; ma
TALUAI, ona o le polokalama e faia i nu’u e pei o a’oa’oga, le tausiga ma le fa’amalosiaga o tulafono, ua fa’amaonia lo latou
aoga mo le fa’aitiitia o le ave ta’avale ona; ma
TALUAI, o fa’alapotopotoga i le atunu’u ua galulue fa’atasi ma le “Matagaluega Alaga Manuia Tautua Lautele” (DHSS) ma le
Matagalueg ao le puipuiga o Saogalemu Lautele, e fa’alauiloa le masina o Tesema mo le puipuiga o le ave ta’avale ona e mafua i le
tagofia o le ava malosi ma fuala’au fa’asaina; ma
TALUAI, o Amerika Samoa o se pa’aga i le taumafaiga ia saogalemu o tatou auala ma nofoaga.
O LE MEA LEA, O A’U, LOLO M. MOLIGA, Kovana o Amerika Samoa, oute fa’ailoa atu fa’alauaitele le Masina o
Tesema 2014, e avea ma masina mo le puipuiga o le ave ta’avale ona, ona o le tagofia o le ava malosi ma fuala’au fa’asaina, ma ou
te talosaga atu i tagatanu’u, ofisa o le malo, ta’ita’i o pisinisi, falema’i, a’oga ma so’o se fa’alapotopotoga, in a ia fesoasoani e
fa’alautele le iloa e tagata o le fa’afitauli o le aveta’avale ona, ia lagolago atu i polokalama ma fa’ai’uga uma, ia fa’aitiitia ai le
fa’afitauli, ia saili auala saogalemu ma aga talafeagai o le fa’aaogaina o le ava malosi ma fuala’au, ma saili avanoa mo tagata uma e
auai i taumafaiga e puipui ai le ave ta’avale ona, aemaise lava i le masina o Tesema atoa ma le Tausaga Fou.
UA OU FA’AMAONIA LENEI POLOAIGA FA’ALAUA’ITELE i lo’u sainia lea ma tu’uina i ai le
fa’amaufa’ailoga a lo’u Ofisa i le aso 8 lenei o Tesema, i le tausaga lua afe sefulu ma le fa.
Kovana o Amerika Samoa
Page 12
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
➧ Marcus Mariota makes history…
Continued from page 1
This past week has included a whirlwind of activities for Mariota, who was born in Hawai’i,
but whose ties to the Territory are strong. On Thursday, he upheld his trend of perfection, going
three-for-three in Florida when he swept the College Football Awards Show, taking home the
Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award, the Maxwell Award (presented to the college player
of the year), and the Walter Camp National Player of the Year Award. Afterwards, Mariota headed
to Baltimore, Maryland to pick up the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award. He added the Heisman
to his trophy case on Saturday evening. The only thing missing now is the NCAA championship
title, which he will play for if the Ducks win the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on New Year’s Day
(January 1, 2015) where Mariota and the No. 2 Ducks will take on 2013 Heisman winner Jameis
Winston and No. 3 Florida State Seminoles. There are a lot of expectations that Mariota will
deliver — and the pressure is on. But you would never be able to tell. Mariota is very composed –
both on and off the field – and he doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeve so it’s hard to tell what
he’s thinking or feeling.
His aunt, Vaosefa Mariota-Grey, a local teacher at Laulii Elementary School, told Samoa News
last week that Marcus gets his quiet demeanor from her father (Marcus’s grandfather) Taulauniu
Mariota, who passed away in 2011. Marcus was in the territory for the funeral and it was the last
time he visited American Samoa. Mariota has never been known to boast about his achievements.
During post-game interviews and press conferences, he consistently credits his teammates and the
coaching staff for their wins. On Saturday evening, though, something happened. The monotone,
emotionless superstar broke down during his acceptance speech. Samoa News joined the rest of
the Polynesian community and football fans worldwide on Saturday night to watch highlights and
clips of the Heisman presentation which was held at the Best Buy Theatre in New York.
When his name was announced, Mariota turned around and hugged his parents who were
seated behind him before he headed for the stage — as several hundred fans and supporters were
on their feet, applauding. During his acceptance speech, Mariota said he hoped and prayed that
this is only the beginning. “Young Poly athletes everywhere, you should take this as motivation
and dream big and strive for greatness,” he said. There were a few pauses as he got choked up
when he thanked his parents for everything — all the “sacrifices” and providing every opportunity
for him and his brother Matt. “I am truly grateful to have you in my life,” he said, as his mother
Alana Deppe-Mariota looked on while his father Toa tried to fight back tears.
Mariota ended his speech by saying “faafetai tele lava” a Samoan phrase that translates to
“thank you very much.” Afterwards, Mariota was showered with fresh, colorful ulas or leis, which
he told reporters is the traditional Samoan and Hawaiian way of saying “congratulations”. Those
who were there to witness the momentous event included Mariota’s former coach and teachers at
St. Louis High School in the Aloha State, as well as family, friends, and fans. In his usual manner,
Mariota shared the spotlight that night with his teammates, his family, and the state of Oregon —
which now has two Heisman winners in state history. (Oregon State’s Terry Baker won in 1962)
He also focused in on Hawa’ii, where he was born and raised. Mariota is the first player from
Hawai’i to win the Heisman. The closest the Aloha State came was in 2012 when Notre Dame’s
Manti Te’o came in second. “It’s a pride thing for people of Hawaii,” Mariota told reporters. “I’m
thankful to be from there and it’s a blessing. ... In Hawai’i, if one person is successful, the entire
state is successful. To be a part of that, it’s so special… it’s hard to explain.”
Locally, Mariota’s family members beamed with excitement after the official announcement
was made on Saturday evening. His aunts, uncles, and cousins had spent most of the week producing homemade banners imprinted with his name, jersey number and messages of support that
hung from their home in Laulii, where Marcus’s father Toa was born and raised.
Mariota’s aunt Vaosefa told Samoa News that their way of supporting Marcus is by cheering
for him from across the ocean and praying that his football career continues to flourish. “We are
all very proud of Marcus and his accomplishments.”
Mariota’s uncle Jimmy Grey told Samoa News that they are looking forward to the Rose Bowl,
and they hope Oregon wins so the Ducks can advance to the national championship game. “We
wish Marcus the best.” Mariota is a potential No. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL draft.
With his Heisman win, Mariota joins an elite fraternity that includes members like O.J. Simpson
and Ricky Williams. ESPN says that winning the Heisman Trophy is worth at least $800,000 over
a lifetime ($200,000 for autograph deals, $200,000 for public appearances and speeches, and
$400,000 for a shoe deal). Mariota is the ninth quarterback to win the Maxwell, Davey O’Brien,
and Heisman Trophy awards in the same season, and the first since Auburn University’s Cam
Newton did it in 2010. Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin also congratulated Marcus Mariota as this year’s recipient of the Heisman Memorial Trophy Award.
“I offer my congratulations to our newest Heisman Trophy winner, Marcus Mariota, on his
historic achievement,” Faleomavaega stated in a press release. He added “What I am also particularly proud of is Marcus’ decision to return to college this year. Just one day before winning the
Heisman, Marcus earned his Bachelor’s Degree and accomplished another of his many goals for
2014.” “I also recognize and honor his parents, Toa and Alana, and his extended family for the
countless sacrifices and support they have contributed towards Marcus’ many accomplishments.
His success on and off the field continue to inspire our young Samoan students and athletes across
the Nation. Again, I congratulate Marcus on this historic occasion and I pray for his continued
success as he moves forward in his career,” Faleomavaega concluded.
Samoa News joins the rest of the Polynesian community here and worldwide, in congratulating
Marcus Mariota on his achievements and we wish him the best of luck in the Rose Bowl. Malo
lava Marcus! Alo i ou faiva.
Marcus Ardel Taulauniu Mariota’s family hung banners from their home in Laulii (Aumi)
over the weekend, as a show of their support for the first Samoan to ever win the Heisman
Trophy. Marcus is the star quarterback for the Oregon Ducks and the potential #1 pick for the
2015 NFL draft. [photo: BC]
Saudi Arabia: 1
officer killed in
hostage rescue
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) — A Saudi security officer
was killed in an operation to free three foreign laborers taken
hostage by a gunman in the capital, Riyadh, according to a
police statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency
on Monday.
Saudi police said an attacker armed with an assault rifle
seized the workers Sunday evening near a mosque and opened
fire when surrounded by police.
Police said they were able to free the hostages after a heavy
exchange of gunfire.
The attacker was wounded and captured in the shoot-out.
In addition to the slain officer, a civilian and a member of the
security forces were also injured.
Security officials did not disclose the identity of the
attacker, possible motives for the attack or the nationality of
the hostages.
Also on Sunday, a Saudi policeman was shot and killed in
the eastern town of al-Awamiya by an unidentified assailant.
The town is heavily populated by minority Saudi Shiites
and is the hometown of revered Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, an
outspoken government critic who was sentenced to death in
October for inciting violence and sectarian strife — charges
which he denies and which have outraged his supporters.
The Eastern Province was rocked last month when seven
Shiite worshippers were shot dead in an attack that police say
appears to have been carried out by supporters of the extremist
Islamic State group.
Police have also arrested several people in the shooting and
wounding of a Danish man in the capital Riyadh in November,
an attack which was claimed by IS supporters.
There are growing concerns about militant attacks in the
kingdom in retaliation for its role in the U.S.-led coalition battling the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria.
Saudi King Abdullah met with Jordan’s King Abdullah II
in Riyadh on Sunday to discuss regional issues, according to
the Saudi Press Agency.
Jordan is also part of the U.S.-led group of nations conducting airstrikes against the IS group.
➧ “Wreaths Across America…
Continued from page 3
and daughters who made the ultimate sacrifice” and also to pray
for our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, still serving in
the Armed Forces.
Mareko Milo added, “I didn’t think that my son would leave
us so soon, but there is nothing we can do when God calls upon
our loved ones. It’s very difficult for a parent to lose a child.”
Another parent who attended the ceremony was Misitaunese
V. Ofagalilo, whose 26-year old son, Ioane John Viliamu Kirifi
Ofagalilo of the U.S. Army died in 2001, while stationed in
Frankfurt, Germany.
Mrs. Ofalilo said that while she is happy with American
Samoa for recognizing this important day, it also “brings sadness to me if I think back about my son”.
Taua’a told reporters that “all of us have a relative” or a
someone that we knew had served in the military who has since
passed away. So the importance of the Wreaths Across American Day is to remember them and their service,” he said.
During the media interview, Hatcher was just few feet away
playing her ukulele and singing the Samoan song, “Mo’omo’oga
Sa Molia i Talosaga”, which is an old traditional song that is
many times heard during funeral services, especially at the
gravesite before the coffin is lowered into the ground.
After the interviews, each of the 20 people who attended
the ceremony joined Hatcher in singing the Samoan song —
bringing the local commemoration, which was without any big
fanfare, including government speeches, to a close.
Samoa News understands that the local organizer was only
contacted less than two weeks before Dec. 13 to put together the
local program and allow American Samoa to join in the national
It’s hoped that next year, more people will join the local
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014 Page 13
People stand next to a house that toppled over the eroding
ocean shoreline of North Cove, Wash. on Friday, Dec. 12, 2014.
Stormy weather blew out of Washington state on Friday, but left
houses in the area listing and waves continuing to lap against
(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)
sandy embankments. 10 arrested in
French jihadi recruiting
PARIS (AP) — The Paris prosecutor’s office says about 10
people have been arrested, most of them in the south of France,
as authorities dismantle a network sending would-be jihadis to
Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre, spokeswoman for the Paris prosecutor’s office, said four of those detained Monday were already
jailed for unrelated minor crimes. She did not know how many
people the network had recruited.
Thibault-Lecuivre said the investigation into the network was
opened in December 2013.
European officials fear that radicalized fighters will return
from the battlefields of Syria and Iraq and attack at home, and
France has made it a crime to recruit or be recruited for fighting
A Frenchman linked to Islamic State extremists has been
accused in a deadly shooting at a Brussels Jewish museum.
Death toll from Indonesian mudslide rises to 51
BANJARNEGARA, Indonesia (AP) — The death toll from a mudslide that flattened much of
a village in central Indonesia rose to 51 on Monday before rain forced rescuers to halt their search
for dozens of missing people, officials said.
Police rescue coordinator Lt. Col. Wika Hardiyanto said 11 bodies were recovered Monday,
raising the confirmed toll to 51.
“Supported by excavators and dogs, we managed to pull out the bodies of six men and five
women,” Hardiyanto told reporters.
More than 3,000 rescuers, including soldiers, police and volunteers, have been mobilized to
dig through the mud and wreckage after the landslide Friday buried more than 100 houses in Jemblung village in Central Java province’s Banjarnegara district.
Many people in the remote farming village heard a deep rumbling sound just after dusk Friday
and managed to flee to safer ground, while others were either at home or in the local mosque when
mud, rocks and trees tumbled onto their village.
The search for more than 55 people believed still missing was halted Monday as rain prompted
fears of another mudslide. Local army chief Lt. Col. Edy Rahmatullah said it would be resumed
Indonesian President Joko Widodo, who visited the area Sunday, pledged to relocate hundreds
of people left homeless by the disaster and promised government aid for the injured. Eleven villagers were hospitalized.
Seasonal rains and high tides cause frequent floods in Indonesia. Many of the country’s 250
million people live in mountainous areas and fertile flood plains near rivers.
According to the national Disaster Mitigation Agency, about 41 million people live in regions
prone to landslides.
Page 14
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
➧ 1st Samoan Corprate Int…
Continued from page 1
Traveling between three continents is an education in itself,
and the culmination of Toma’s effort and perseverance — the
graduation ceremony — was held in Brazil at the FGV/EBAPE
Brazilian School of Public and Business Administration in Rio
de Janeiro, Brazil.
Johnny took his mother, Velonika Nikolao, to Brazil for
the graduation, and it was there he defended his thesis, on
Wednesday, October 29, 2014.
His thesis harkened back to the place he cares most about: it
was on finding new ways to improve the economy of American
During the 14-month long International Program, Toma travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Shanghai and Beijing, China; and
Madrid, Spain; with stops in Canada and Panama to interact with
— and learn from — business leaders from around the world.
On Saturday, November 8, 2014, Johnny’s relatives from
Washington state, New Mexico and North Carolina flew in to
join family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and members of the
Samoan community in the Washington, D.C. metro area at the
historical Glenview Mansion in Rockville, Maryland, to celebrate his graduation with an elaborate party that included a
catered buffet, open bar, live Samoan entertainment, and a photo
slide presentation of Johnny’s overseas modules during his academic program.
A congratulatory letter from Governor Lolo M. Moliga was
read aloud at the party.
“You have changed the stereotyping perception restricting
and equating Samoans’ prowess to the football field, discounting
the achievements that we have accomplished in the intellectual arena, which is being further affirmed by your educational
achievements,” said Governor Moliga.
A degree such as this warranted much celebration, and on
Friday, November 21, 2014, the Office of the Dean for Research
at the Georgetown University Medical Center, the Georgetown
University Medical Center Finance Office, and the Department
of Neuroscience at Georgetown co-sponsored another graduation party for Johnny at the Georgetown University Medical
The Dean expressed how proud he was of Johnny — not only
for his academic accomplishments but also for all of his contributions to the Georgetown University Medical Center over
the past nine years that Johnny has worked there. He included
something one hears of Samoan people in all walks of life —
that Johnny always does his job with a smile.
Toma sent a letter to Samoa News earlier this year to thank
everyone who helped and supported him throughout the years,
as well those who celebrated his success and sent gifts and congratulatory greetings from around the globe.
The CIM holder was born in Faga’alu, American Samoa, to
Velonika Nikolao and John Kolio Toma. He is the grandson of
the late Rev. Catechist Nikolao and Mrs. Kolotita Filipo who
served the Catholic Church in Futiga, Faga’alu, Amouli and
Fagaitua for four decades.
He told Samoa News, “My role model growing up was my
grandfather, the late Rev. Catechist Nikolao Filipo. He was the
perfect example of manly commitment to God, his wife (my
grandmother), his family, his church, and his community. He
was a man of integrity and was fiercely loyal to his mission. His
personal profile challenged me to strive to be a man of moral
On his mother’s side, he has genealogical roots to the Mageo
clan in Pago Pago, the Tuitele and Iuli families in Leone, the
Talamaivao clan in Fagaloa, the Auva’a clan in Falealupo, and
the Leota family in Solosolo and Leulumoega.
On his father’s side, he is descended from the Mailo family
in Faleasi’u.
He graduated with top honors from Matafao Elementary
School in 1990, and was the valedictorian of Samoana High
School’s Class of 1994. He was selected from among all of the
high school graduates in American Samoa that year to receive
StarKist Samoa’s HJ Heinz Foundation Scholarship.
Toma went on to graduate summa cum laude with an Associate of Science degree in Accounting in 1996 and summa cum
laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting in 1998
from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode
In an email interview with Toma, he shared some thoughts
with Samoa News. When asked who inspires him now, he said,
“Pope Francis inspires me today because of his preference for a
humble and simple way of life to make the office of the papacy
as well as the church more accessible to all people.”
He added, “I am also inspired by American Samoa Congresswoman-elect Aumua Amata for her perseverance, hard work
and determination. Despite many odds, she never gave up on
her dream to serve the people of American Samoa in the U.S.
Samoa News looks forward to publishing more this week
about Toma’s remarkable accomplishments and his thoughts
about American Samoa, his home — its struggle to develop a
successful economy within its culture and on the international
➧ ASCC music instructor published in NZ…
Continued from page 1
reviews on postcolonial literature of the South
Pacific, a typical edition of SPAN will contain
eight to ten scholarly articles, one or two book
reviews, and a wide selection of poetry and
Mageo’s story, “From Josten’s With Love,”
focuses on a group of students graduating as part
of Samoana High School’s class of 1982. “The
events take place on the day the caps and gowns
arrive from Josten’s company,” explained
Mageo. For those long out of the graduation
loop, Josten’s has for many years been the primary supplier of graduation supplies and paraphernalia across the United States. “It tells of
a flurry of heightened emotions when one realizes that graduation spells the end of a four-year
itch,” the author continued.
“The setting is the Lee Auditorium where
the seniors, perhaps for the last time, summon
courage to say the most difficult things. The
story highlights the ‘coming of age’ for most
young people and celebrates the courage of one
particular girl who can’t allow fear to paralyze
her conscience.”
An adjunct faculty member of the ASCC
Language and Literature Department since
2005, and a full time instructor from 2009 in that
department until fall of this year, Mageo made
the connection with SPAN through his good
friend, renowned author and former American
Samoa resident Sia Figiel, who hosted a visit
to the Territory by University of Auckland literary professor and current SPAN editor Selina
Tusitala Marsh.
“I had the privilege of meeting Mageo some
years ago when visiting with Sia,” said Marsh
via email from New Zealand. “His modesty
prevented him from showing me his manuscript
of short stories, and possibly a novel, until my
last day in Pago Pago. Discovering this ‘closet
writer’ turned out to be the highlight of my
trip! Mageo’s sharp eye for detail and deft use
of language alongside a deep appreciation of
cultural nuance makes for a riveting reading
A member of the Fine Arts Department since
this semester, Mageo also runs the Dancing
Fingers piano academy. Given his extensive
involvement with music, to many who know
him it came as a surprise when his literary talents came to the fore.
“Like every one else who likes to write, or
likes to work in the garden, you do it when you
have the time,” Mageo reflected. “I usually try
to write when things slow down on the weekends, and I always try to find something to edit
during the holidays.”
His experience as a former literature
instructor gave him more than a passing familiarity with the basics of fiction writing. “In my
classes, I would introduce the basic literary elements such as the plot, point of view, character,
setting, figurative language, and theme before
we read and analyzed a story. Like poetry,
short fiction as a genre has its own conventions,
which conventions are universal. Most importantly, the way each writer manipulates a certain element like conflict or irony is what ‘sells’
a story.”
Among his literary inspirations, Mageo
cites novels by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (“My
all time favorite!”), Toni Morrison, Harper
Lee and Edith Wharton, as well as the short
stories of Anton Chekhov and Stephen Crane.
Besides his short stories and poetry, he also has
a novel near completion under the working title
of “Hearts Between The Mats.” The early version of the novel is currently under review by
the editors at Huia Publishers in Wellington,
New Zealand. “They’ll let me know sometime
in the next three months whether they’d like to
publish it,” said Mageo. “In the meantime, I’m
putting a collection of my poems in order with
a view towards having them published as well.”
Mageo got his first experience with fiction
writing while an undergraduate at UH Manoa.
“From Josten’s With Love” actually dates back
to an Autobiographical Fiction class he took
with UHM English professor Nell Altizer.
“Funny thing is, she believed that I could
write, even though I didn’t think so,” Mageo
recalled. Many years later, that same piece of
short fiction begun for Prof. Altizer came to the
attention of Prof. Marsh, and is now Mageo’s
first published literary work.
Marsh, who referred to Mageo “a writer to
watch out for,” expressed hope that his novel
will also reach the general public. “I and my
Pacific Literature students await his first book
with eager anticipation,” she said.
ASCC Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Kathleen Kolhoff-Belle also
commended Mageo’s publication.
“We’re highly proud that one of our faculty
members has contributed to the developing
genre of Pacific Literature,” she said, “and we
wish him the best of luck with his future literary
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014 Page 15
American Samoa
Power Authority
P.O. Box PPB
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Phone: (684) 699-5282
Facsimile: (684) 699-7067
In accordance with American Samoa Code Annotated (“ASCA”) § 4.1004, notice is hereby given to the public that the American Samoa Power
Authority (“ASPA”) intends to implement rate changes for Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Services for all its classes of service, to include
residential customers, commercial customers (small general service and large general service) as well as government and industrial customers.
In addition to the introduction of rate changes for the Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste services, the American Samoa Power Authority intends to
implement a rate reduction for Class E Electric Customers and present information on various rate reductions that were implemented since
January 2013. Finally, ASPA will present information on a new net metering rate for Solar Photovoltaic Customers, which is currently being
Interested persons may submit written data, views and/or arguments on the proposed rate changes by U.S. Mail or hand delivery to the following
American Samoa Power Authority
Attn: Utu Abe Malae, Executive Director
Tafuna Campus
P.O. Box PPB, 1st Airport Road
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Additionally, a public hearing on the rate changes for Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste services will be held on Wednesday, December 17, 2014
from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Veterans Memorial Center in Tafuna. All interested persons may submit data, views and arguments orally or
in writing. The comment period shall expire and no further written submissions shall be accepted after the date of the public hearing. All written
and oral submissions shall become public information upon receipt by ASPA and shall become part of the rulemaking docket.
I le ava ma le faaaloalo tele e tatau ai, ma ina ia tusa ai ma aiaiga o le Tulafono o loo i le Tusi Tulafono (“ASCA”) § 4.1004, e fofogaina ai le
mamalu lautele o le atunuu e faapea:
Ua fuafuaina e le Matagaluega Tumaoti o le ASPA se suiga i le tau o le Suavai Taumafa, Suavai Lafoa’i, ma le Aoina o le Lapisi Lafoa’i. O ia suiga e
aafia ai maota ma laoa o aiga ma aulotu, pisinisi (laiti ma pisinisi tetele) o le Malo o Amerika Samoa ma fale faigaluega tetele
E le gata i le suiga o le tau o tautua eseese o le Suavai Taumafa, Suavai Lafoa’i, ma le Lapisi Lafoa’i, ua fuafuaina foi e le ASPA le fa’aititia o le tau o
le Eletise mo i latou i le Vaega “E” o le Au Totogi Pili o le Uila, ma tuuina atu faamaumauga o nisi o tau ua faaititia talu mai Ianuari 2013.
O le a tuuina atu foi e le ASPA ni faamatalaga e tusa ai ma se suiga i le tau mo mita fou mo le polokalama o le Solar Photovoltaic (poo le uila e
maua mai le la e faaoga iai solar panels) lea ua amata ona faaogaina i le taimi nei.
Soo se tasi o le mamalu o le atunuu e fia malamalama atili, pe fia faaalia foi sona finagalo i fuafuaga ua ta’ua, ia tuuina mai se tusi e ala mai i le
falemeli i le tuatusi: ASPA Executive Director, P.O. Box PPB, Airport Road, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799, poo le nofoaga autu o le ASPA i
E faasilasila atu foi, o le a faia le fono faalauaitele e faatatau i le mataupu lava lenei ile suiga ole tau o tautua eseese mo le Suavai Taumafa, Suavai
Lafoa’i ma le aoina o le Lapisi, i le Aso Lulu, Tesema 17, 2014 mai le 10.00 i le taeao e o’o atu i le 12.00 i le aoauli. O lenei fonotaga o le a faia i
le nofoaga o le Veterans Memorial Center i Tafuna. Mo le mamalu o le atunuu e fia faailoa pe faaleoina foi sona taofi, o le avanoa lelei lea e
fetufaa’i ai ma le Matagaluega Tumaoti nei, aua o le a faagataina le avanoa mo manatu e fia faalia pe tusitusia foi, e uiga i mataupu ua ta’ua, pe a
ma’ea lenei fonotaga. O faamatalaga uma foi o le a tuuina mai i le ASPA, o le a avea ma faamaumauga lautele mo soo se tasi o le mamalu o le
atunuu e fia silasila i ai, ma o le a avea foi o se vaega o pepa e tapena a’i le suiga i le tulafono.
Page 16
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
Man onboard HA
flight arrested Friday
night upon arrival
by Joyetter Feagaimaali’i-Luamanu , Samoa News reporter
Moana Hatcher (third from left) playing her ukulele led local residents who attended last
Saturday’s Wreaths Across America Day local commemoration in singing the Samoan song,
“Mo’omo’oga Sa Molia i Talosaga”, which is an old traditional Samoan song that is often heard
during funeral services, especially at the gravesite before the coffin is lowered into the ground.
[photo: FS]
A local resident, who was alleged to be intoxicated while on
board the Hawaiian Airlines flight from Honolulu last Friday
night, was arrested upon arrival in Pago Pago and taken into custody. This case is being looked into by the U.S. Federal Bureau
of Investigation. Some passengers told Samoa News that the
male passenger in his 60s was allegedly acting disorderly, calling
flight attendants by certain unfavorable names, and appeared to
be intoxicated. One passenger said that a Pago Pago traditional
leader, who was onboard the same flight, had tried to calm down
the passenger because his behavior was frightening other passengers. When asked for comments about the arrest of a male passenger last Friday at the airport, the police commissioner’s special assistant Fuega Moliga told Samoa News yesterday morning
that he was unaware that a man was arrested at the airport.
However, a Territorial Correctional Facility officer said yesterday afternoon that a man was arrested by police officers as
soon as he got off the plane at the airport and that he’s being held
in jail and is expected to appear in the District Court today on a
public peace disturbance charge. Samoa News has opted not to
identify the male passenger by name at this time, until charges
— if any — are filed in court. Samoa News did provide the FBI
and Hawaiian Airlines the name of the male passenger, when
seeking comments. FBI Honolulu spokesman Special Agent
Thomas Simon Jr. said the FBI is “aware of the situation and is
gathering the facts.”
“Once we have a better idea exactly what occurred on the
flight, we will consult with the U.S. Attorneys Office who will
make a decision whether the suspect will face federal charges,”
he said from Honolulu yesterday morning.
Samoa News should point out that it is a federal crime to
interfere in any way with a flight crew when a passenger plane
is airborne. When asked for comments and details of what
occurred on board the flight, Hawaiian Air spokesperson Ann
Botticelli said from Honolulu yesterday that, “Out of deference
to the privacy of our passengers and crew, we won’t be adding
anything further to your report.”
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samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014 Page 17
Miss Pacific Islands Pageant
December 19, 2014 │ Apia, Samoa
“Talofa Lava! This is a humble
reminder to vote American Samoa as
Miss Internet. Please go to
www.misssouthpacificpageant.ws to
cast your vote for American Samoa
in this year’s Miss Internet category!
Thank you for your prayers and
Anneliese Fa’aitumalo Sword
Miss American Samoa 2014-2015
Miss American Samoa, Inc.
Cargo Services Ltd. (CSL Pago)
Team American Samoa
Stay updated on this event by viewing the
Pageant Website at www.misssouthpacificpageant.ws
or Miss American Samoa’s Official Facebook page at
Page 18
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
Materials Management Office
PO Box PPB, Pago Pago
American Samoa 96799
Phone No: (684) 699-3057
Fax No: (684) 699-4129
RFP No: ASPA.15.1244
Issuance Date: December 1, 2014
Closing Date & Time: December 30, 2014
No later than 2:00 p.m. local time
The American Samoa Power Authority issues a Request For Proposals (RFP) to invite qualified firms to
submit formal, written proposals for the:
“ASPA Utulei and Fogagogo Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Outfall Diffuser
Modification Project: National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Endangered Species Act
(ESA)/Essential Fish Habitat Assessment”
An Original and five copies of the Proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked: “ASPA
Utulei and Fogagogo WWTP Outfall Diffuser Modifcation Project.” Submissions are to be sent to
the following address and will be received until 2:00 p.m. (local time), Tuesday, December 30, 2014:
Materials Management Office
American Samoa Power Authority
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Attn: Nancy Tinitali-Mauga, Procurement Manager
Any proposal received after the aforementioned date and time will not be accepted under any
circumstances. Late submissions will not be opened or considered and will be determined as being nonresponsive.
The RFP package outlining the proposal requirements is available at The Materials Management Office at
ASPA’s Tafuna Compound and may also be obtained from our Website: http://www.aspower.com.
Right of Rejection
The American Samoa Power Authority reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals and to waive
any irregularities and/or informalities in the submitted proposals that are not in the best interests of the
American Samoa Power Authority or the public.
Approved for Issuance: Utu Abe Malae, Executive Director
American Samoa Government
Issuance Date: December 15, 2014
Closing Date: January 05, 2015
No later than 2:00 p.m. (local time)
Sealed bids are invited for the Department of Port Administration – Seaport Command
Center Office Hardening, located in the Village of Fagatogo, Territory of American
Sealed bids will be received by the Chief Procurement Officer, American Samoa
Government, Tafuna, American Samoa 96799, until 2:00 p.m. (local time), Monday,
January 5, 2015 at which time and place the sealed bids will be publicly opened and
A MANDATORY Pre-Bid/Site Visit Meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 23, 2014
at 9:00 a.m. at the Department of Port Administration Office – Conference Room in
Fagatogo. Bids will not be accepted from bidders who are not present at the pre-bid
conference and site visit.
Electronic copies of contract documents, including Plans and Scope of Work can be
examined or obtained from the Office of Procurement during regular business hours
free of charge.
5. The American Samoa Government reserves the right not to accept the lowest or any bid.
6. The American Samoa Government reserves the right to waive any informalities in
bidding as may be in the best interest of American Samoa Government.
“Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action”
Chief Procurement Officer
Sauni ni isi aufai
fa’atoaga tu’u atu
latou talosaga i le
ASPA i le siitaga o
tusia Ausage Fausia
Ua fa’alauiloa e ni isi o le aufai fa’atoaga a le atunu’u lo latou
sauni e tu’uina atu sa latou talosaga tu’u fa’atasi i le Pulega o le
Eletise ma le Suavai a Amerika Samoa (ASPA), mo se avanoa e
toe silasila ai i a latou si’itaga o tautua e pei ona fa’alauiloa mai
i se taimi ua mavae.
O le vaiaso na te’a nei na feiloa’i ai le Samoa News ma ni isi
o le aufai fa’atoaga e tusa ai o lenei mataupu, ma ua latou sauni
e tu’uina atu sa latou talosaga i le Pulesili o le ASPA, le afioga i
le matua ia Utu Abe Malae i le fonotaga fa’alaua’itele a le ASPA
lea ua fuafua e faia i le vaiaso nei, e talanoaina ai finagalo o le
atunu’u e fa’atatau i a latou si’itaga, ina ia silasila toto’a i le
tulaga maualuga o lo o i ai le totogi o a latou tautua i le taimi nei.
Na taua e ni isi o sui o le aufai fa’atoaga i le Samoa News e
fa’apea, o le to’atele o aiga o le atunu’u i le taimi nei, latou te le
toe gafatia ni isi si’itaga i pili o le eletise, suavai atoa ai ma le
suavai lafoa’i.
“Afai toeititi lava le mafai e le to’atele o aiga e maualalo le
tamaoaiga i le atunu’u ona totogi pili a le ASPA o lo o i ai i le
taimi nei, e fa’apefea la ona gafatia e a’u ma lo’u aiga isi si’itaga
fou ua sauni e tu’uina mai?”, o le fesili lea a le tama matua ia
Lameta Samia, o se tama fai fa’atoaga mai Pava’ia’i.
Saunoa atili le susuga a Samia e fa’apea, o le to’atele o le aufai
fa’atoaga i le taimi nei, e o mai i aiga e maualalo le tamaoaiga,
latou te le toe gafatia fo’i ni isi siitaga i luga atu o totogi o lo o i
ai nei, e le gata ua taugata le tau o le soifuaga i Amerika Samoa
i le taimi nei, ae ua maualuga fo’i le si’i i tau o oloa.
Na taua e le Tomasi Liu ma lona faletua o Lani, o se ulugali’i
fai fa’atoaga mai le afioaga o Vaitogi e fa’apea, talu ai le utiuti
o le tupe maua a le la aiga, o le a faigata ai ona la toe gafatia isi
si’itaga fou a le ASPA e pei ona fuafuaina i le lumana’i.
Na taua e le susuga a Liu e fa’apea, e leai se isi o laua e faigaluega, sei vagana ai tupe o lo o maua mai i le la fa’atoaga o lo o
tausi ai le aiga, fa’atino ai mea aoga a le la fanau e to’atolu, toe
tali atu ai i manaoga tau tupe a le nu’u ma le Ekalesia.
“E maualalo le tamaoaiga o si o ma aiga, e le gatatia fo’i le
toe alu ese atu o se isi vaega tupe i ni isi pili fa’aopoopo, o le
mafua’aga lena ma te talitonu ai lava, e tele le a’afiaga o le ma
aiga i siitaga fou a le ASPA ua fuafua e fa’amamalu i se taimi e
le o toe mamao,” o a Liu lea.
O ni isi o le aufai fa’atoaga sa maua le avanoa e fa’aali ai o
latou finagalo i lenei mataupu, sa latou taua ai le taua o le fa’asoa
o lagona ma manatu i mataupu fa’apenei, ae pule lava le Pulega
a le ASPA i le fa’aiuga e fai, i le taliaina lea po o le teena o a
latou fautuaga ma talosaga.
O si’itaga fou i totogi o tautua a le ASPA e pei ona fuafuaina,
o lo o aofia ai le vaega o le Suavai taumafa, Suavai lafoa’i atoa
ai ma le vaega o le Lapisi.
E le i mafai ona maua se finagalo mai le Pulesili o le ASPA
ia Utu Abe Malae e tusa ai o suiga i totogi o tautua a le Ofisa ua
fuafuaina, ae na taua e se Ofisa Sinia e le fa’ataga ona ia talanoa
i mataupu fa’apenei e fa’apea, o suiga i totogi o tautua e pei ona
fuafuaina, e le gata o lo o fuafuaina ai le siitia o totogi mo ni isi
o tautua o lo o ofo atu e le ASPA, ae o lo o vaavaai fo’i le Pulega
i le fa’aitiitia o isi totogi o a latou tautua.
Na taua e le sui sinia lea e fa’apea, o fuafuaga e pei ona sauni
le ASPA e fa’ataoto, o lo o faitauina i totonu o tausaga e tolu,
mo se fa’ata’ita’iga, o lo o fuafua le sii o le totogi o le Suavai
taumafa i le .29 sene, ae fa’atoa faamamalu i le isi lua tausaga o
lo o lumana’i nei.
Ae mo siitaga i totogi o le suavai lafoa’i ma le lapisi, o lo o i
ai le fa’amoeoe e sii i le $2.76 le totogi mo ia tautua i le masina
e tasi, i totonu o le tausaga muamua o le a fa’amamaluina ai nei
Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014 Page 19
“If You Must Drink, Don’t Drive”
Let’s make this a safe and accident-free holiday season
Local contact Penikila Solomona
633-7634 or stop by the 2nd floor of the Lumana’i Bldg. in Fagatogo
Page 20
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
In Loving Memory of
Dearest Mother and Grandmother
When I leave this frail existence,
When I lay this mortal by,
Father, Mother, may I meet you
In your royal courts on high?
Then, at length, when I’ve completed
All you sent me forth to do,
With your mutual approbation
Let me come and dwell with you. The Hymn “O My Father.”
Funeral services for our dearest mother Ofaatu Seutatia Toiaivao Fano will be on December 20th 2014 at the
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- Provo Utah
Wasatch Tongan Stake Center ---1625 S Slate Canyon
Drive, Provo, UT. Family service will begin at 10am
followed by the Church Service at 12pm.
Bingham Fano
2051 E 160 S Spanish Fork,
UT 84660
Following the Church Service, she will be laid to rest, next
to our Father, Bingham Fano in the Spanish Fork City
Cemetery. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude and
heartfelt appreciation for the outpouring love and support
during this difficult time.
Momoli atu le fa’afetai tele mo talosaga molia ma lo
outou alofa tula’i mo le tina peleina. Ia alofa le Atua e
fa’atumuina mea ua fa’agaogaoina ona o le tina.
O le Fanau
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014 Page 21
In Loving Memory of
Glenise Rosary Curry Salā
Sunrise: Sept 20, 1952 ~ Sunset: Nov 27, 2014
Wednesday, Dec 17, 2014
Short Service @ LBJ Chapel
Enroute to Aoloau
Viewing At Aoloau CCCAS Church
10:30am Final Services Aoloau CCCAS Church
11:30am LUNCH - Aoloau CCCAS Hall
Burial @ Sala’s Residence in Ottoville
“E to’atele foi latou o e momoe i le
efuefu, o le eleele latou te ala mai,
i le ola e faavavau.”
- Tanielu 12: 2
Page 22
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
Ave fa’amuamua malo i
le puipuia o kamupani i’a
needed immediately!
Call 731-4014/770-9384 or 633-1150
tusia Ausage Fausia
In The High Court
of American Samoa
FDA/JR No. 53-14
Location: Room 209, Tedi of Samoa - Fagatogo
Office Hrs. 9am to 2pm
(684) 633-0179
Family owned & operated since 1998. We are
American Samoa’s only full time Pest Control
Company. We provide a very affordable and friendly
• We provide services for Houses, Boats, Cars, Offices,
Warehouses, Storage, Restaurants, Furniture pieces,
stores and cafeteria and health clinics
Iliili Village
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
NOTICE IS HERE GIVEN to the abovenamed respondents that a petition has
been filed before the High Court of
American Samoa to appoint a Legal
Guardian for your female child born on
May 29, 2004, at LBJ Tropical Medical
Center, Fagaalu, American Samoa. A
hearing will be held after two months and
ten days from the date of the first
publication of this notice, in which the
Court may enter an order appointing a
Guardian for your child. If you have any
objection, you must appear within two
months and ten days from the date of the
first publication of this notice and file an
objection or a claim with the Court.
lo’o ta’ua lou suafa i luga, ua iai se talosaga
ua failaina i le Fa’amasinoga Maualuga o
Amerika Samoa, in a ia tofia aloaia mai se
tasi e vaavaaia, fa’aaoga ma faia se
teineitiiti faapea sa fanau o ia i le aso 29 o
Me, 2004, i le Falemai i Fagaalu, Amerika
Samoa. Afai e te tete’e i lenei talosaga, e
tatau ia te oe ona faila se talosaga tete’e i le
Faamasinoga i totonu o le lua masina ma
aso e sefulu mai le ulua’i faasalalauga o
lenei mataupu.
Dated/Aso: September 25, 2014
Clerk ofC ourts
Published 11/14 & 12/15/14
American Samoa Government
RFP No: RFP-011-2015
Issuance Date: Decembe 05, 2014
Date & Time Due: December 19, 2014
No later than 2:00 p.m. local time
The American Samoa Government (ASG) issues a Request For Proposals (RFP) from
qualified firms to provide:
“Physical Therapy Services for the Helping Hands Early Intervention Program (HHEIP)”
Original and five copies of the Proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked:
“Physical Therapy Services for the HHEIP”. Submissions are to be sent to the following
address and will be received until 2:00 p.m. (local time), Friday, December 19, 2014:
Office of Procurement
American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
attn: Tiaotalaga J.E. Kruse, CPO
Any proposal received after the aforementioned date and time will not be accepted under any
circumstances. Late submissions will not be opened or considered and will be determined as
beingn on-responsive.
The RFP Scope of Work outlining the proposal requirements is available at the Office of
Procurement, Tafuna, American Samoa, during normal working hours.
Request for Proposal data will be thoroughly reviewed by an appointed Source Evaluation
Board under the auspices of the Chief Procurement Officer, Office of Procurement, ASG.
Right of Rejection:
The American Samoa Government reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals and to
waive any irregularities and/or informalities in the submitted proposals that are not in the best
interests of the American Samoa Government or the public.
“Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action”
Chief Procurement Officer
O le taumafai e faia auala lelei uma ina ia puipuia ma
fa’atumauina kamupani i’a e lua o lo o fesoasoani malosi i le
tamaloaiga o le atunu’u, o le manulauti lea na taua e le afioga
i le ali’i kovana ia Lolo Matalasi Moliga i le fonotaga a lana
kapeneta i le vaiaso na te’a nei, o lo o ave i ai le fa’amuamua a le
la faigamalo ma le afioga i le Lutena Kovana ia Lemanu Peleti
O le mataupu na aofia i le saunoaga a Lolo, ina ua fa’asoa e
sui o le kapeneta sa malaga i le fonotaga sa faia i Samoa i le lua
vaiaso talu ai, lea sa talanoaina ai mataupu e fa’atatau i faiga
faiva i le Pasefika ma le lalolagi e aofia ai ma Amerika Samoa.
O se tasi o itu na faamamafa i lea fonotaga e pei ona fa’asoa
e le fa’atonusili o le Matagaluega o le Puipuiga Gataifale ma le
Siosiomaga ia Dr. Ruth Matagi Tofiga ma le fa’atonusili o le
Pulega o Uafu ma Taulaga ia Taimalelagi Dr. Claire Poumele, o
fa’afitauli o lo o fetaia’i ma le aufai faiva i le taimi nei, aemaise
lava i va’a fagota o lo o tauveina le tagavai a Amerika, i le tau le
maua lea o se i’a o lo o manaomia e gaosi ai taumafa tu’u apa o
lo o galulue i ai kamupani i’a, ae o le totogi mo laisene pisinisi i
va’a fagota ua matua fa’ateteleina i le tausaga.
Saunoa le ali’i kovana e fa’apea, o se tasi o itu taua o lo o
ia maitauina i le faigamalo o lo o i ai i le taimi nei, lea e aofia
ai vaega e tolu faapea ai ma ta’ita’i fa’aleaganu’u a Amerika
Samoa, o le galulue fa’atasi lea o tagata uma e saili auala e
fa’amautu atili ma fa’aleleia ai kamupani i’a o lo o maua ai le
tele o galuega i le atunu’u.
Na taua e le ali’i kovana le vavala mai o isi fa’amanuiaga
mo Amerika Samoa, ina ua tu lata mai le taimi e tatala aloaia ai
le tautua a le kamupani i’a o le Tri-Marine, lea ua maituaina le
to’atele o tagata ua amata ona gasolo i ai mo le fa’atumuina o ni
a latou pepa mo avanoa faigaluega.
Sa ia fautuaina afioga i fa’atonusili ma fa’auluuluga uma o
Matagaluega ma Ofisa tumaoti a le malo, ina ia galulue fa’atasi
uma mo le tuu faatasia o auala e fa’atumau ai le tautua a kamupani i’a i le atunuu.
Sa ia talosagaina fo’i ta’ita’i o le malo e aofia ai ta’ita’i
fa’aleaganu’u o lo o i ai le tomai i mataupu tau faiga faiva, ina ia
tutu faatasi e faasoa auala eseese e mafai ai ona fa’atumauina le
lelei o faiga faiva i totonu o ogasami o Amerika Samoa.
Na saunoa Lolo e fa’apea, o letiute o le faigamalo, o le fa’asoa
atu lea o fa’amatalaga uma e fa’atatau i fa’afitauli o lo o feagai
ma tulaga tau faiga faiva aemaise ai kamupani i’a i luma o le
Fono Faitulafono, ina ia silafia ai fo’i e lea vaega o le faigamalo
auala o lo o mana’omia e fesoasoani ai i le fa’aleleia atili o le
auaunaga a kamupani i’a.
A o taumafai ai le faigamalo e saili auala e saga fa’atumauina
ai le tautua a kamupani i’a e lua i le atunu’u, o le lua vaiaso talu
ai na vaaia ai le tumutumu o le Ofisa o Leoleo i Fagatogo, i le
mamalu o le atunu’u na lolofi atu mo le faia o a latou kilia faigaluega, aemaise ai le Ofisa o Femalagaaiga, mo i latou sa lolofi
atu i le faia o kilia e fa’ataga ai ona galulue i le kamupani i’a fou
o le Tri-Marine.
O ni isi o i latou nei sa mafai ona fesiligia e le Samoa News,
o tagata o lo o galulue i le kamupani i’a o le StarKist Samoa, ae
ua filifili e saili ni a latou avanoa faigaluega i le Tri-Marine, ona
o ni isi o mafua’aga eseese sa latou taua.
Ae mo le kamupani a le StarKist Samoa, o to’atele o ana
tagata faigaluega sa mafai ona fesiligia e le Samoa News i le
vaiaso na te’a nei, ua fa’amaonia lo latou sauni atu e malaga i
Samoa e fai aso fiafia ai, i le taimi o le malologa a le kamupani e
lua vaiaso, lea ua fa’amoemoe e amata i le aso 20 Tesema 2015
ae mae’a i le aso 4 Ianuari 2015.
Na taua e le to’atele o tagata faigaluega na fesiligia e le
Samoa News e fa’apea, ua leva ona tulimata’i la latou vaai i
le malologa umi lea a le kamupani, o le a mafai ai ona maua le
avanoa e asiasi atu i aiga i Upolu ma Savai’i e asi matua ma aiga
ua leva ona valavala.
Na taua e Fofogaolevai Lepuia’i ma lona to’alua o Makerita
e galulue i le StarKist Samoa e fa’apea, ua mae’a ona totogi a
latou pasese ma le la fanau e to’afa i le Lady Naomi, o le vaiaso
nei lea ua fa’amoemoe latou te malaga atu ai i Samoa e asiasi i
matua ma aiga, lea na gata mai le latou feiloaiga i le Kerisimasi
o le 2009.
O le aso Faraile nei, Tesema 19, 2014 ua faamoemoe e
tapunia ai galuega a le StarKist Samoa ae toe amata i le aso
Gafua, aso 5 Ianauri 2015.
Ua fa’amoemoe fo’i tagata faigaluega e silia i le to’a 2,000 a
le kamupani, o le vaiaso nei e tufatufa ai a latou meaalofa o pusa
wahoo mai le kamupani, e pei ona faia i tausaga ta’itasi.
Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014 Page 23
Atugalu Utu i le COME CELEBRATE
fa’aletonu tautua Paradise Pizza’s
malo i luga o le
uafu tele
tusia Ausage Fausia
O se tasi o mataupu na fa’ailoa i le fonotaga a le Kapeneta i
le vaiaso na te’a nei, o se atugaluga mai le Pulesili o le Pulega
a le Eletise ma le Suavai (ASPA), afioga i le matua ia Utu Abe
Malae, i le fa’aletonu o le tautua a le malo i le taimi e kilia ai
pasese o va’a ma taunu’u mai i le uafu i Fagatogo.
Sa taua fo’i e Utu i lana saunoaga se tasi o fa’afitauli o lo o
maitauna, o le tapunia lea o le uafu i fa’aiuga o vaiaso ona o le le
mafai lea e le malo ona totogi itula ova taimi a tagata faigaluega,
ae tatau fo’i ona silafia lelei e le malo, o le isi lea auala o lo o
fa’amoemoe i ai lana tupe maua, o le tautua a le uafu.
“O le tatou uafu o lo o fai ma auala e fesootai ai vaa
femalagaa’i, e tatau la ona tatala le uafu i aso e 7 o le vaiaso, ina
ia mafai ai ona tatou sailia auala e tali atu ai i manaoga o tagata
femalagaa’i nei”, o le saunoaga lea a Utu.
Mo se fa’ataitaiga e pei ona taua e Utu, e le tatau ona teena e
le malo se va’a fagota e taula i le uafu, pe afai e taunu’u mai le
va’a fagota ae o lo o tapuni le uafu, ina ua le mafai e le malo ona
totogi itula ova taimi a ana tagata faigaluega.
Na faamanino e Utu i luma o le kapeneta e fa’apea, e tele
naua tautua eseese a le malo a Amerika Samoa o lo o i luga o
le uafu, e pei o kamupani i’a, Vaega tosova’a, uafu o va’a faila,
atoa ai ma le auaunaga eseese o lo o tu’uina atu e le vaega a le
Na taua e Utu e fa’apea, e matua laititi lava le tupe e fa’aalu e
le malo e totogi ai ova taimi a tagata faigaluega, pe a fa’atusatusa
i tupe e mafai ona maua mai i auaunaga o lo o maua mai i luga
o le uafu, e aofia ai ma pisinisi o lo o aga’i mai mo le pikiina o
a latou uta ma oloa.
Sa ia taua fo’i e fa’apea, e le tatau ona tuai taimi e tali atu ai
tagata faigaluega i le fa’atinoina o a latou tiute tauave, ae tatau
ona ave le fa’amuamua a so o se tagata faigaluega i le fa’atinoina
o lana tautua.
Na taua e le Fa’atonusili o le Pulega o Uafu ma Taulaga ia
Taimalelagi Dr. Claire Poumele i sana imeli sa tu’uina atu i ofisa
o lo o gafa ma le kiliaina o pasese i luga o le uafu, e pei o le Ofisa
o le Loia Sili, Ofisa o Fa’atoaga atoa ai ma le Matagaluega o le
Soifua Maloloina, sa ia fesiligia ai faauluuluga o ofisa nei, po o
ai tonu o i latou e gafa ma le kiliaina o pasese a va’a e taunuu mai
i le uafu i Fagatogo, e pei o le va’a mai Samoa, le Lady Naomi.
Na taua e Taimalelagi i lana imeli sa maua e le Samoa News e
fa’apea, so o se ofisa lava a le malo e gafa ma le kiliaina o pasese
a le va’a mai Samoa, o lo o i ai le fale i luga o le uafu ua faapitoa
mo ofisa o le malo e mapu i ai ma fa’atino ai la latou galuega.
Sa ia taua fo’i se talosaga sa tu’uina atu e le loia sili ia
Talauega Eleasalo Ale i le amataga o le tausaga, ina ia i ai se
vaega o le fale e fa’aaoga e sui o le Ofisa o Femalagaaiga o lo o
galulue i luga o le uafu i le kiliaina o le va’a.
Na teena e Taimalelagi ripoti e faapea o lo o taofi i luga o le
sami le va’a fa’atoa aumai i totonu o le uafu pe a ta le itula e 8:00
i le taeao, o le taimi fo’i lea e amata ai galuega a le malo.
Na faamalamalama e Taimalelagi e fa’apea, a o le i taunu’u
mai le va’a mai Samoa, e logo muamua e le Ofisa o Va’a le latou
Ofisa i le taimi e taunu’u mai ai le va’a mai Samoa, ona tapena
ai fo’i lea o lana aufaigaluega o lo o galulue i luga o Va’a Toso
va’a mo le fa’aulufaleina mai o le va’a i totonu o le uafu.
Sa ia fa’amanino atili e fa’apea, e afa itula e taunu’u mai ai
lana aufaigaluega e galulue i luga o va’a toso va’a mo le tapenaina o vaega uma e mana’omia i le galuega, ae o le i o o i le
taimi e taunu’u mai ai le malaga a le va’a mai Samoa.
Na taua e le tama’ita’i fa’atonu i lana imeli, ua mafua ona
ia manatu e fa’asoa nei mafaufauga, ina ia fesoasoani ai i le
fa’atinoina o le latou galuega fai fa’atasi mo le manuia o le
faigamalo a Amerika Samoa.
O le mataupu lenei na alia’e mai ina ua tuai ona kilia le pasese
a le Lady Naomi i le masina na te’a nei, ma e silia i le itula talu
ona taunu’u ma le va’a ma tapena vaega uma mo le pasese e
ulufafo mai ai i le va’a, ae fa’atoa taunu’u sui o le Ofisa o Femalagaaiga e kilia le pasese.
Na taua fo’i e se sui o le uafu i le Samoa News e fa’apea, i le
vaiaso fo’i na te’a nei, na toe tula’i mai ai fo’i le fa’afitauli lava
lea e tasi, i le silia laititi lava ma le afa itula na tuai atu ai sui o
le Ofisa o Femalagaaiga e kilia le pasese o le va’a, e ui ua mae’a
ona logo e le Kamupani va’a le taimi e taunu’u mai ai le malaga
a le va’a mai Samoa.
Fesootai mai i le tusitala ia [email protected]
BUY TWO 12” PIZZAS (2 toppings)
for only
for only
BUY TWO 16” PIZZAS (2 toppings)
for only
$25.99 15%
when you buy 3
or more pizzas!
Offer ends Dec 23rd
Thank You American Samoa for your support
from the Staff and Management of Paradise Pizza
We are located in Satala- across from Starkist 731-6020 or 644-7492
Se vaaiga lena i se tasi o fa’afiafiaga a le Level 4 mai le aoga a le SPICC i le vaiaso na te’a nei,
[ata; AF]
lea e pei ona fa’alauiloa ai e fanau le agaga o le Kerisimasi o lenei tausaga.
Page 24
samoa news, Monday, December 15, 2014
Ph: 699-­9770
MonFri 8AM to 5PM
Sat 7:30AM -­ 2PM
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