Second Five Second Five days 2014 in Puglia

Bulletin 2. 4th February 2014
Second Five days 2014 in Puglia
Event centre in MONOPOLI
5.Oct - Sunday: Free day
6.Oct - Monday: (afternoon) race in Monopoli
historical centre (stage 1)
7.Oct - Tuesday: races in Chiatona sea-pine
forest (stage 2 and 3),
3) lunch on the beach
8.Oct - Wednesday: Free day. Possibility of trip
to Castellana Grotte.
9.Oct - Thursday: race in Alberobello (stage 4),
lunch in Alberobello.
10.Oct – Friday: race in Bari Historical Centre
(stage5), Shopping
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4. Oct – Saturday: Race in Matera – PWT
Trophy (optional). Categories as five days.