Great Value on newsletters from Charisma Media—half the normal

Great Value on newsletters from Charisma Media—half the normal price
Plus you will run free any time we have unsold inventory
To help you sell and get more engagement on our newsletters we are offering packages. You can mix and
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Charisma News Daily
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Prophetic Insight
1x per week
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Standing With Israel
1x per week
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1x per week
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Fire in My Bones
1x per week
43,394 opt - in
SpiritLedWoman Emag
1x per week
35,522 opt - in
MinistryToday Report
2x per week
30,096 opt - in
New Man Emag
1x per week
26,851 opt - in
Daily Devotional 3-in-1
7x per week
17,739 opt - in
Charisma Mag
2x per week
15,582 opt - in
CR Digital E-Blast
1x per week
8,000 opt - in
CR Update
2x per week
8,516 opt - in
Insp Gift Mart Bulletin
1x per week
9,816 opt - in
Leadership Weekly
1x per week
7,504 opt - in
Charisma Health
1x per week
6,583 opt - in
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