CV Antoinette Nausikaä, 1973 Vlissingen, Netherlands,
Email: [email protected] / website:
2009 / 2010 Rijksakademie Research Residency, Amsterdam, NL,
2006 / 2010 Rineke Dijkstra, Assistant photography at foreign projects, NL,
2001 / 2004 Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Visual arts, Amsterdam, NL,
1998 / 2000 Academy of Photography, Amsterdam, NL,
Residencies - Research
2014 ACSL, research, art cultural studies lab, Yerevan, AM,
2012 Het Wilde Weten, RAIR, Rotterdam, NL,
2011 MeetFactory Center for Contemporary Art, Prague, CZ,
2010 Soho Nakano, research, ink drawing course, Shizuoka, JP,
2009 ACL, Atlantic Center for the Arts, FL,
2008 Het Vijfde Seizoen, Den Dolder, NL,
2007 Chinese European Art Center, Xiamen, CN,
2005 Contemporary Art Factory, Tokyo, JP,
Fellowships / Awards
2009 Foundation Niemijer Fonds, NL, (fellowship)
2008 Bouw in Beeld photography Award, winning project 2008, NL, (Award)
2007 Fund BKVB, Amsterdam, NL, (production fee)
2004 Fund BKVB, Amsterdam, NL, (starter fellowship)
Art collections
Huis Marseille Photography Museum, Museum Collection, Amsterdam, NL,
DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank), Art Collection, Amsterdam, NL,
Altrecht GGZ, Art Collection, Utrecht, NL,
LUMC, Art Collection, Leiden, NL,
Solo exhibitions / Projects
2014 LUMC Beeldentuin, (Sculpture Hall) installation comission on display until 2016, Leiden, NL,
2014 LUMC gallery, solo exhibition, ‘Sometimes you see it, Sometimes you don’t’, Leiden, NL,
2014 Kabinett Gallery, solo exhibition, ‘Intertwined’ Zlin, CZ,
2014 CBK Amsterdam, ‘A mountain in January’, performance / lecture, Amsterdam, NL,
2013 RE:Art Fair, solo presentation, ‘Where do I begin?’, Rotterdam, NL,
2013 Evening at Wanuskewin, talk+presentation, ‘Loosing track’, Wanuskewin Amsterdam, NL,
2012 Het Wilde Weten, solo exhibition + Talk + publication, ‘A way of getting closer’, Rotterdam, NL,
2012 Meetfactory Gallery, Residency exhibition, 1+1+1+1, Prague, CZ,
2011 KunstSchloss Ringenberg, What you see is ME, Solo project presentation + video screening in
the main Hall of the Castle, Ringenberg, curated by Gudrun Bott and Marcus Lutkemeyer, D,
2010 Rijksakademie Open Studios, solo presentation + publication + film screening, ‘Everything is
enough’, Amsterdam, NL,
2009 Rijksakademie Projectspace, solo presentation, Amsterdam, NL,
2009 Rijksakademie Open Studios, solo presentation multiscreen video + publication, Amsterdam, NL,
2008 Het Vijfde Seizoen, residency presentation, film screening + publication, ‘A summer in the Fifth
Season’, co-production with Marc Philip van Kempen, Den Dolder, NL,
2008 Music-hall ‘aan t IJ’ Amsterdam, winner of; 'Bouw in Beeld Photography Award 2008, NL,
Group exhibitions
2014 DNB, De Nederlandse Bank, ‘I am not doing anything until I feel the need’, Amsterdam, NL,
2013 CBK Amsterdam, Center for Visual Arts, Amsterdam, NL,
2013 LUMC Gallery, ‘A perfect day’, Summer exhibition, Leiden, NL,
2012 Huis Marseille Photography Museum, ‘Viewpoint’, Amsterdam, NL,
2011 Tetem Enschede, ‘Multi Solo’ curator; Robert Roos, Enschede, NL,
2011 Art Association Diepenheim, ‘Wat zijn mij wolken nog en wegen’, installation title: Don’t
Worry it may never happen, + film screening of film: ‘Everything is enough 2010’, NL,
2011 Gallery Studio Sandra Recio, ‘The Draughtsmans contract’, Curated by Carlos
Caraicoa, Geneva, CH,
2011 Carlos Caraicoa Open Studio 5.0, ‘The Draughtsmans contract’, Madrid, ES,
2011 Huis Marseille Photography Museum, ‘The silver hands of Peter Svenson’, Amsterdam, NL,
2011 Xyz, artist initiative Tokyo, [FAXINATION JAPAN], Tokyo, JP,
2010 Shizuoka “Granship”, with Soho Nakano, workshop results, Shizuoka, JP,
2010 Kunstraum Dusseldorf, 10 ausgewählte Positionen, Dusseldorf, D,
2009 Photo festival Naarden, Book exhibition, (Kees Schererprijs), NL,
2009 Gallery LUMC, 'Uit Japan', Leiden, NL,
2008 ACF Centre for Photography, 'A perfect book', Amsterdam, NL,
2007 Gallery LUMC, 'Paradise Gained', Leiden, NL,
Workshops and other projects
2014 CBK Amsterdam, A mountain in January, performance / lecture, Amsterdam, NL,
2013 Bodhitv, monthly contribution for the Buddhist broadcasting company, NL,
2013 Evening at Wanuskewin, ‘Loosing track’, talk+presentation, Wanuskewin Amsterdam, NL,
2012, Huis Marseille Photography Museum, Life itself, workshop, Amsterdam, NL,
2012 Het Wilde Weten Art space, Talk: ‘A way of getting closer..’, search for religion and art
in everyday life. With Zen teacher Maurice Knegtel Sensei & Annewieke Vroom MA,
philosopher of religion, Rotterdam, NL,
2012 Centraal Museum Utrecht, Drawing performance at Poetry Night, NL,
2010 Het Juwelenschip, contributing articles for online philosophical magazine, NL,
2009/2010 Rijksakademie, Zen at the Rijksakademie, self initiated workshop for fellow
residents with Zen master Sensei Maurice Knegtel, Amsterdam, NL,
2010 AKV/St. Joost, 'They're all individuals, I'm not', workshop facilitator, Den Bosch, NL,
2009 AKV/St. Joost, ‘A special day’, workshop facilitator, Den Bosch, NL,
2006 Huis Marseille photography museum, ‘Origami Party’ Museumnight event, exchange between
Dutch and Japanese Artists, Amsterdam, NL,
Artist Books
2013 ‘Clouds Gone, The Mountain Appears’, Mt Fuji - Amsterdam 2013, NL,
2012 ‘A way of getting closer’ Issue #2 Winter 2012, Amsterdam, NL,
2011 ‘I touch things so I can feel them’, Issue #1 Winter 2011, Amsterdam, NL,
2010 ‘Everything is enough’ drawings, Rijksakademie Open studios 2010, Amsterdam, NL,
2009 ‘Sarphatistraat 470’ Amsterdam, Rijksakademie Open studios 2009, NL,
2008 ‘A summer in the fifth season’ co-production with Marc Philip van Kempen, Den Dolder, NL,
2008 'Het is niet belangrijker dan al het andere om je heen', Bouw in Beeld Award, Amsterdam, NL,
2007 'To go', Amsterdam, NL,
2006 'For Pogy', Amsterdam, NL,
2005 'Cloudtrain', Tokyo, JP,
2003 'Between you and me', Amsterdam, NL,
2014 De Marseillaise, 15 year collecting of Huis Marseille Museum of Photography, Amsterdam, NL,
2013 De Nederlandse Bank, Collection, Amsterdam, NL,
2012 Het Vijfde Seizoen, Den Dolder, NL,
2009 Met stip, Fonds voor de beeldende kunsten, Amsterdam, NL,
Articles and Reviews
2014 MF Heute, exhibition review on ‘Intertwined’, Kabinett Gallery Zlin, CZ,
2013 Leids Dagblad, Exhibition review, ‘A perfect Day’ LUMC Leiden, (july 2013), NL,
2013 BoeddhaMagazine, Article, (march 2013), NL,
2012, review on, A way of getting Closer at Het Wilde Weten, 10-12-2012 by Jeroen
Bosch, Rotterdam, NL,
2013 B.O.S Radio, interview, Hemelsbreed, Buddhist Broadcasting Company (05 January) NL,
2012 Artycok TV, item on 1+1+1+1 exposition in the Meetfactory, (1 June 2012) Prague, CZ,
2010 mr Motley, miss Hanne Hagenaars on my open studios Rijksakademie, (30 Nov), NL,
2009 De Telegraaf, 'Bouw in Beeld quickly becoming important award', Rob Hammink, (22 June), NL,
2006 NRC Kiek, De Bron van Alles. Rosan Hollak (8 december), NL,