Abstract submission is now open! Hurry up

 Fifth announcement, 2 April, 2015
SETAC Latin America
11 Biennial Meeting
Organizing Committee
Pedro Carriquiriborde
La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Gustavo M. Somoza
Chascomús, Buenos Aires,
Abstract submission is now open!
Abstract submission for the SETAC Latin America 11th Biennial Meeting
from 7–10 September in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is now open. The
deadline is 20 April. You can upload your abstract at
Two abstracts are allowed for each registrant.
The process is simple:
Horacio Asprea
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Afonso Celso Dias Bainy
Universidade Federal de Santa
Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil
Ricardo Barra
Universidad de Concepción
Concepción, Chile
Julie Brodeur
Castelar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sandra Demichelis
Universidad Nacional de Lanús
Lanús, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Damián Marino
La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Karina Miglioranza
Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires,
Sebastián Reynaldi
Universidad Nacional
Medellín, Colombia
Déborah Tasat
Universidad de San Martín
San Martín. Buenos Aires,
First, register for the meeting at sla2015.setac.org.
Then, go to sla2015.setac.org/abstract-submission and follow the link
to submit your abstract.
You will then be redirected to the SETAC Meeting Management
System, where you will be asked to log in.
All pertinent information and instructions will be there. You will be
asked to select the track and session, and to fill in authors, title
(maximum of 150 characters) and abstract (maximum of 2,500
characters including spaces).
You can select from 22 sessions in 14 session tracks.
Hurry up! Early bird registration deadline
is 15 April.
Registration is open and can be completed online at
Registration rates (in US dollars):
SETAC Member: $190
Nonmember: $250
SETAC Student Member: $80
Student Nonmember: $120
Guest: $50
Registration fees can be paid online by credit card or PayPal. Registrants
from Argentina will be able to pay by bank transfer (select “bill me” as the
payment option, and we will email you instructions).
Are You a Student?
SETAC Latin America
11 Biennial Meeting
Meeting Supporters
Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and programs about:
New registration category for undergraduate students (thanks to
the SETAC Latin America Student Chapter)
PhD Student Travel Grants
Student Meeting Assistant positions
ET&C Special Section
Presentations submitted to the meeting will have the opportunity to be
published in a Special Section of the SETAC journal Environmental
Toxicology & Chemistry. If you are interested in publishing your work as a
full paper, send a tentative title and list of authors to [email protected]
and [email protected]
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Contact us:
[email protected]
This Special Section in ET&C will consist of manuscripts prepared by
experts who wish to explore a particular subject area relevant to the
journal. All manuscripts will be subjected to independent peer review,
which is managed by the journal.
Join the SETAC Global Horizon Scanning
Research Prioritization
Project (GHSRPP)
Workshop in Buenos
Help increase the quality and relevance
of environmental research, decrease
scientific uncertainty in assessing and
managing environmental risks, and
increase the credibility of technical and
policy responses to global environmental
stressors. Complete the electronic
survey and participate of the GHSRPP
workshop that will be held during the
Buenos Aires Meeting.
Scientific Program
- Don’t miss the PLENARY SPEAKERS:
SETAC Latin America
11 Biennial Meeting
Scientific Committee
Barceló, Damià (Spain)
John P. Giesy
Toxicological Evaluation of Perfluorooctane (PFOs)
In the Environment: Anatomy of an Environmental
Books, Bryan (USA)
Castro, Gerardo (Argentina)
Eguren, Gabriela (Uruguay)
Fillmann, Gilberto (Brazil)
Gaeta Espíndola, Evaldo (Brazil)
Gamboa Fuentes, Nadia (Perú)
Guilhermino, Lucía (Portugal)
Heinzen González, Horacio
Damià Barcelò
Fate and Effects of Pharmaceuticals in River
Catchments Under Water Scarcity: Global
Perspective and Management Solutions
Hernández, Félix (Spain)
Johnson Restrepo, Boris
Kookana, Rai (Australia)
Lemus, Mairin (Venezuela)
Paulo Saldiva
Maund, Steve (Switzerland)
McLaughlin, Mike (Australia)
Menzie, Charles (USA)
Monserrat, José María (Brazil)
Combining Greenhouse Gases Emission Mitigation
and Health Co-benefits Due to Reduction of Local Air
Pollutants: A Global Perspective
Nascimento Saldiva, Paulo (Brazil)
Navas, José María (Spain)
Oporto Pereyra, Carla (Bolivia)
Ronco, Alicia (Argentina)
Vance Trudeau
Silva de Assis, Helena (Brazil)
Trudeau, Vance (Canada)
Velasco-Santamaria, Yohana
Wunderlin, Daniel (Argentina)
Contact us:
[email protected]
Neuroendocrine Disruption: Causes and
Consequences for Vertebrate Reproduction
- Sign up for the PRE-MEETING COURSES:
SETAC Latin America
11 Biennial Meeting
Meeting Supporters
Assessing Air Quality Through
Lichenized Fungi
Martha S. Cañas
Cecilia Estrabou
Full day
US$ 35
Introduction to Environmental
Nanotechnology: Applications and
José H. Zúñiga
Paula Zuñiga
Half day
US$ 18
Ecological Risk Assessment and
Causal Analysis in Environmental
Pieter Booth
Charles Menzie
Half day
US$ 18
Endocrine Disruptors Analysis by
Mass Spectrometry
Boris J. Restrepo
Full day
US$ 35
Biomarkers of Toxicity in Sentinel
Gisela Poletta
Ma. Fernanda
Full day
US$ 35
- Participate in the PROPOSED SESSIONS and
The scientific program includes 27 sessions in 10 different tracks and 6
Special Symposia. You will be able to send abstracts for platform (oral) or
poster presentation to some of these sessions or to “other session.”
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[email protected]
Aquatic Toxicology and Ecology
Emerging Contaminants
Endocrine Disruption
Environmental Human Health
Environmental Analytical Chemistry
Landscape Ecotoxicology and Management, Ecosystem Services
Life Cycle Analysis and Sustainability
Pesticides in the Environment
Terrestrial or Wildlife Toxicology and Ecology
Special Symposium
Social program
Don’t miss the social activities:
SETAC Latin America
11 Biennial Meeting
Meeting Supporters
Welcome Cocktail (included with your registration)
Student Party (tickets available on-site)
Conference Banquet (US$ 35, tickets available online)
Closing Ceremony with Tango Show (included with your registration)
Sponsorship Opportunities
Meet face-to-face with more than 500 active researchers, and promote
your products and services to a diverse group of scientists.
Representatives from worldwide, regional, state and local government,
business, academic and nongovernmental organizations will want to see
what you have to offer. In addition to exhibits, the meeting program will
include poster sessions, interactive poster presentations, contributed
paper sessions, keynotes and several other symposia and workshops.
Additionally, you will have the opportunity to publish an advertisement in
the printed and electronic meeting program, a long-lasting take-home
bonus for your promotion.
Download the sponsor flyer with more information and return a completed
sponsor contract to SETAC, and welcome to Argentina!
Usina del Arte
Agustín Caffarena 1 and
Av. Pedro de Mendoza
La Boca
Buenos Aires
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Plan Your Trip
Arriving at Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza) international airport (30 km
from downtown)
By taxi: As you exit customs, you will find several booths offering taxi
services where you can prepay your trip (i.e., Manuel Tienda León AR$
410, Taxi Ezeiza, AR$ 350).
SETAC Latin America
11 Biennial Meeting
Meeting Supporters
By coach: Manuel Tienda León offers bus trips to their final destination at
Av. Eduardo Madero 1299 for AR$ 130. The buses leave every half hour,
less frequently during evenings. A smaller, shared van will deliver you to
any downtown address for an additional AR$ 50.
Arriving to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery airport (6 km from downtown)
By taxi: You can prepay your trip at the desk of one of the taxi agencies at
the arrival area of the airport (i.e., Remis Transfer Express, Remis Trans
Air or Manuel Tienda León, cost around AR$ 140).
By coach: The ArBus company takes you from Aeroparque to several
destinations throughout the city for AR$ 20. You can pay for the ride on
the bus if you already have a prepaid card SUBE. If not, you can buy your
ticket in the domestic arrivals area. Manuel Tienda León offers bus trips to
Av. Eduardo Madero 1299 for AR$ 55. The buses leave every half hour,
less frequently during evenings. A smaller, shared van will deliver you to
any downtown address for an additional AR$ 50.
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