MRA Donation Drive App - Mesquite Resort Association

Policy for Donation Request
It is the intent of the Board of Directors to distribute charitable donations into Mesquite and its surrounding
communities through a yearly budget. The monies are given to charities that provide service and resources
that aid in the development and betterment of the community. The MRA Advisory Board is tasked with
assisting in the selection of these charities.
Organizations that would like to be considered for a donation from the Mesquite Resort Association
(MRA) will comply with the following guidelines.
1. Obtain application and submit to:
Mesquite Resort Association
950 W. Mesquite Blvd
Mesquite, NV 89027
2. Request must be received by December 1st prior to the next funding year. Only applications from
organizations which service Mesquite and surrounding areas will be considered.
3. MRA will notify organizations of approval or denial of request by February 28.
4. Upon approval of requested donation, a date and time will be set for the organization to appear before the
MRA Board of Directors. At this time, the MRA will request a brief presentation to be made regarding the
organization’s activities and use of funds.
5. Applications must be submitted on a yearly basis. Funding in any one year does not guarantee automatic
approval in future years.
6. Schedule of donation request process:
December 1st – applications due
December – review applications and develop preliminary budget for approval
January – obtain final approval from Board of Directors
7. For other questions and concerns, or to download an application go to our website:
MRA Donation Request Form
Formulario de Requisición de Donación de MRA
Request must be received by December 1st prior to the next funding year. Charitable organizations must attach backup documentation
that identifies the organization as a nonprofit 501c3 entity. Please do not attach any supplementary materials to your application.
Peticiones deben ser recibidas antes de Dec iembre 1 anterior al presupuesto del próximo año. Organizaciones de caridad deben adjuntar
documentos que las identifiquen como organizaciones sin fines de lucro entidad 501c3. Favor de no adjuntar ningún material adicional a
su aplicación
1. Name of organization, address and phone number:
Nombre de La organización, dirección y numero de teléfono y dirección de email:
2. Name of contact person, phone number and email address:
Nombre de la persona a contactar y numero de teléfono y dirección de email:
3. Name of alternative contact person, phone number and email address:
Nombre a un contacto alterno y su numero de teléfono:
4. Briefly describe your organization:
Brevemente describa su organización:
5. Amount of request:
Cantidad requerida:
6. How will the funds be used?
¿Cómo serán usados estos fondos?
7. Which quarter of the funded year would be best suited to receive funds?
¿Qué cuarto del año financiado sería el mejor recibir fondos?