MPVM Ganga Gurukulam Holiday Homework 2014

MPVM Ganga Gurukulam
Holiday Homework 2014-15
Class IX
English: - 1. Read the novel- The Three Men in a Boat (Term-II) and write the summary in short for each
2. Lit. Reader Drama - The Bishops Candlesticks learn and write the speeches of Bishop,
Persome and convict (two speeches for each) on file paper.
Hindi: - 1&vkt ds lekt esa pkjksa rjQ ls izHkkoh “kks‘k.kdkjh rkdrsa fdl izdkj dh gSa] os rkdrsa gekjs thou
dks dSls izHkkfor dj jgh gSa\
2&vius u, o‘kZ ds ladYi ij ,d fyf[k,A
Maths: - Solve question from S. Chand book .Ex-7.3 Questions 1-6, Ex 7.6 Questions 1-5 , Ex7.8
Questions 1 to 5.
Science: - Physics- Solve 5 numericals each on topic of Kinetic energy, potential energy and power.
Chemistry- 1.Calculate the number of molecules present in 0.5 mole of water.
2. Calculate the number of Aluminium ions in 0.051 of Aluminium oxide.
Biology- Write a short note on the following topics (250 words).
i Systematic and basis of animal classification .
ii Adaptations in terrestrial and aerial organisms.
S.St:- Geography and Economics (Assignment questions for FA-4 to be done in file pages)
1 Discuss briefly the Poverty Alleviation Programme in India.
2 Find the information of four biosphere reserves in India which have been included in the world
Network of biosphere reserves.
History: - Choose any state and write about their clothing style. Collect dress material and paste them in
file pages.
I.T:- Create a PowerPoint presentation on newly arrived gadgets in information technology. Also create a
excel worksheet to compare prices of the different gadgets with their company names.