my CV - Carlos Sousa

Senior UX/UI Designer
Strata3 2013 — Present
As a Senior UX/UI designer my main responsibilities are attending to
client meetings to gather information in order to get a sense of what is
the client’s requirements. Wireframing and doing information architecture
for later prototype concepts. And finally designing and doing frontend
development for responsive webdesign solutions.
Carlos Sousa
UX/UI Designer
Born in Madeira, Portugal in
85. Went to mainland in 2005
to college and now working in
Dublin, Ireland.
Senior UX/UI Designer
Active Media
2011 — 2013
Working in a small web studio and being the single designer I was
responsible for all visual communication for all our clients. My main
responsibilities were prototyping and designing responsive web solutions
as well as doing art direction and design for digital signage products.
UI Designer/Frontend
Controlinveste 2011 — 2011
Working in the biggest news media group in Portugal I was responsible
for collaborating in a redesign of one of the media group websites. I was
responsible for design, frontend and support the backend development.
Various 2008 — 2010
Between these two years I worked in other companies that helped me on
my personal and professional growth. I worked in news media industry,
mobile/web startup projects and telecommunications companies.
Tablet / Mobile Design & Development
EDIT — Portugal 2005 — 2008
Degree in Communications and Multimedia
ESE Santarém — Portugal 2011 — 2012
Information architecture, user experience, web design, responsive design,
frontend development, CSS3, HTML5, SEO, Google Analytics for UX
purposes, SASS, mobile design, art direction.
I like photography and pretty much all kind of music. I try my best to be
always updated with the new trends and technologies. I like fishing and I
love cooking while drinking a really good red wine.