AVID Elementary Pricing Sheet

Commit to Student Success
2015–2016 Elementary Costs1
Three-Year Projections
Investing in AVID protects and transforms our students,
our teachers, our site administrators, and indeed, entire
communities. AVID raises expectations for all students
and provides support for students to reach them, which is
the first and most critical goal in education reform.
– Jack O’Connell, former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction
All value packages quoted are for good faith estimates and subject to change until agreement is in place.
Steps to AVID Elementary Membership
Step 1 The district identifies an AVID Elementary District Director
(DD) and commits the DD to Elementary AVID District
Leadership (Elementary ADL) training over a two-year period.
Step 2 The district will receive an email from AVID Center prompting
the district to complete the Contract and Quote Request
Step 3 The district completes the Contract and Quote Request
online and submits to AVID Center.
Step 4 The district begins the pre-planning process and commits
to sending a minimum of four members to an AVID Summer
Institute (includes site principal, implementing teachers, and
instructional coaches/specialists).
Step 5 AVID Center emails the AVID Services and Product
Agreement to the district contract contact.
Step 6 The district submits a signed AVID Services and Product
Agreement to AVID Center by June 30, 2015.
California Division
9246 Lightwave Ave., Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: 858.380.4800 • Fax: 858.268.2265
[email protected]
Western Division
5889 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Suite 210
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: 303.436.2200 • Fax: 303.741.0135
[email protected]
Central Division
11910 Greenville Ave., Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75243
Phone: 972.591.2550 • Fax: 972.664.1557
[email protected]
Eastern Division
3 Corporate Blvd., Suite 118
Atlanta, GA 30329
Phone: 404.963.9300 • Fax: 800.851.4159
[email protected]
www.avid.org to learn more
Commit to Student Success
District Costs
Year 1
Year 2
Elementary AVID District Leadership (Elementary ADL) Training—Elementary District Director (DD)
attends two sessions during Year 1 and two sessions during Year 2. Included is an AE implementation library.
Designated Elementary District Director attends AVID Summer Institute in sequential Elementary strands as part
of this package. Pricing shown is for districts that also have an AVID Secondary program.t
2015 AVID Summer Institute—Summer Institute registration is complimentary for the Elementary District
Director attending the DD strand and assisting with their district’s site teams. The district superintendent may
also attend Summer Institute free of charge. (Associated travel expenses are the responsibility of the district.)
Included Included
School Value Packages
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Annual AVID Membership—AVID Elementary membership entitles the school with access to AVID Elementary’s
online critical reading resource, AE Weekly, coaching and support by AVID staff, AVID publications, reproduction
of AVID student materials, site certification, limited use of AVID’s logo and intellectual property, and access to a
members-only website with electronic resources for staff development and learning. Please see the Sliding Scale
offered for districts implementing AVID in 10 or more schools..
2015 AVID Summer Institute—Summer Institute is high-quality professional learning conducted for content
and AVID teachers, as well as administrators over a three-day period. First-year implementation requires an
AVID site team of four (4 participants x $699 each) that includes the site principal, implementing classroom
teachers (SPED and General Ed), and instructional coaches/specialists. *Attendance at Summer Institute is
recommended for continued program quality, but is not required after the first year as part of the Agreement.
Fee shown is for early-bird pricing, which requires registration by May 1. (Associated travel expenses are the
responsibility of the school.)
AVID Library Package—Package includes all curriculum, resources, and materials needed to implement AVID
of 4
Year 3
$2,876* $2,956*
4 at
4 at
Elementary with fidelity. ($665 + $60 shipping and handling.)
Cost per student per school day for known costs (100 students per day for Year 1, 200 students per day for year
2, 300 students per day for Year 3).
AVID Elementary District Director (DD)
AVID Program Managers will provide guidance, support, and training to the
Elementary DD and schools throughout the year. Careful consideration
should be taken when selecting an Elementary DD. The ideal Elementary
District Director candidate is a district-level person who has worked as
a coordinator or director of one or more educational programs, as an
assistant superintendent, and who will be able to stay in the Elementary
DD role for several years.
Elementary ADL training sessions are rich in content design and
include relevant research studies on academic achievement and
AVID. Participants will navigate the AVID Elementary curriculum
library and resources, collaborate through hands-on activities,
visit an implementing AVID Elementary site, learn the AVID College
Readiness System, refine coaching skills, and deepen understanding
of AVID’s Elementary Certification system.
The time commitment for the Elementary DD will vary based on
the number of AVID schools, school
locations, and the depth and breadth
of the implementations of AVID in
your district. AVID Center can provide
guidance if you have questions
regarding selecting the right person
with the appropriate skill set as an
AVID Elementary District Director.
Sliding Scale by Number of Schools in a District
Elementary AVID District Leadership (ADL) Training
Number of Schools
AVID Elementary Membership
per School Site
1 to 9
10 to 19
20 to 29
30 to 39
40 to 79
80 +