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January 2015
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Happy New Year
and welcome 2015!
Morning Pointe donated
hundreds and hundreds of toys
for children in our area. We
couldn't have done it without
your help. Thanks so much to all
who donated!
Morning Pointe of
Chattanooga Team
Executive Director
Holly Metcalf
Business Office Director
Marla Gatlin
Resident Services Director
Stephen Wright
Food Services Director
Beverly Spates
Maintenance Director
Greg Moore
Community Relations Director
Emily Thibodeau
Life Enrichment Director
Holly Holcomb
Annual Toy Drive
for the Samaritan Center
Once again, Morning Pointe
communities teamed up for our
annual toy drive. Morning Pointe
is a proud sponsor of the
Samaritan Center in Ooltewah,
TN. Every year, our local
communities collect toys during
the entire month of November.
Each community fills a barrell with
toys and needed items for
families in our area. The families
are able to "shop" at the
Samaritan Center and purchase
items for their children, who might
otherwise not have a Christmas.
Thanks to our residents and family
Residents are working with
the Chattanooga Food Bank
Residents worked with the
Chattanooga Food Bank helping
to decorate food bags for area
children. During December, the
children who received bagged
meals, received them in
decorated holiday bags. The
residents partnered up with
students from Chattanooga
Christian School to decorate 250
festive bags for the holiday
season, using stickers, markers
and paints.
Juanita Bankston 1/5 P.D. Booth 1/10
Residents are collecting
individual sized bottles of
shampoo, body wash, small bar
soaps, etc. for the
Chattanooga Rescue Mission.
Please drop off donations to
Holly Holcomb.
Liillian Samuel 1/11
Kathleen Browning 1/19
Bettye Northcutt 1/20
Willie Spratling 1/26
Talk About It
Cantalina Choir
Grace Academy
Grace Baptist Academy brought
nearly 100 children, all 3rd-5th graders,
for a special Christmas performance.
They also brought homemade
goodies and gifts for residents. They
are led by Tyler Steele.
Holly Metcalf
Executive Director
The year went by so fast!
Remember to look back
on all we have
accomplished in 2014,
with one major event
that took place on
November 18th, when
we moved into our new
community. We are
pleased to announce
that we have added a
new member to our
team. Please welcome
Holly Holcomb, Life
Enrichment Director to
Morning Pointe of
Chattanooga. Holly has
been the Life Enrichment
Director at Morning
Pointe of Hixson for
approximately 5 years.
We look forward to new
activities in 2015!
Chattanooga Girl's Choir
led by Delores Beery
Members of The Catalina Choir helped
start the holiday music showcase at
Morning Pointe with a special concert.
The young performers are part of the
Chattanooga Girl's Choir, led by
Delores Beery.
2014 Winners
Packed Morning Pointe
with their elementary school choir
for the Bluegrass region. LuAnn
Hanchett, life enrichment director for
Morning Pointe of Clinton, TN won for
the Smoky Mtn. area. And, RSD Tommie
Westfield of The Lantern at
Collegedale, TN won in the Lookout
region. Congrats to everyone!!
Exceeding Expectations
Top 3 Corporate Winners
Holly Holcomb
Life Enrichment Director
Morning Pointe Senior Living
recognized three of the best associates
in the field at its annual holiday party
for 2014. Cody Beatty, a Certified
Nursing Assistant at Morning Pointe
Ridge, KY won
Morning Pointe Recognizes
the best in the field
Daniel Rardin
Daniel opened his own
business in 1954
born in Athens, Ohio
May 17, 1921
Daniel Rardin grew up in Athens, Ohio,
where he was born in May of 1921.
Just out of the Army, he was set up on
a blind date where he met Maida
Cooke. They married in June of 1946,
after dating for about a year. Daniel
and Maida have three children;
Rodney, Michael and Dale. They also
have five grandchildren and five
great-grandchildren. Daniel was
working for Abbott Laboratories in
North Chicago, IL when he was
offered a job in Chattanooga at
Cutter Laboratories. He was the
supervisor over Quality Control. He
and his family moved to Chattanooga
in 1951. After a few years at Cutter, he
decided that he needed to make a
change. Learning that Cutter may be
bought out, he decided that he
needed to leave. That is when he
went into business for himself, opening
a rental equipment store,
Chattanooga Rent All Store. That was
the best decision he could
have made because about five years
later, Cutter, in fact, closed. He ran the
store for 60 years and has only been
retired for the last three years. The
store is still in business today and is run
by his son.
Some of Daniel’s hobbies are
gardening and dancing. He and his
wife danced for nearly 20 years,
taking many classes learning square
dancing, line dancing and ballroom
dancing. Daniel will tell you that his
favorite is square dancing. They only
quit dancing about five years ago.
Ramona Madaris
Handmade Cards
Leona Fast
Weekly Bible Study
Natalie Walker
The Nutcracker
Daniel and Maida
married June 1946
Daniel also enjoys traveling and
played basketball in high school. If
asked, he will tell you that owning his
own business is one of his greatest
accomplishments. His wife agrees!
Tim & Thelma Delaney
Salvation Army
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Thank you to the Dulcimer's and Accompaniment for a wonderful holiday performance
at Morning Pointe of Chattanooga at Shallowford Assisted Living Community.