Security Awareness Week observed at ONGC Videsh Headquarters

Security Awareness Week observed at ONGC Videsh Headquarters
The inaugural function of Security Awareness Week was held at ONGC Videsh Ltd on 15.12.2014. The
programme was formally inaugurated by Shri Narendra K Verma, MD, in the presence of Shri AK Sharma,
IPS, Joint Secretary(Security), Cabinet Secretariat, Mr. S P Garg, Director (Finance), Dr. Anil Bhandari,
Director (Exploration), Mr P K Rao, Shri SN Singh, IPS, ED-Chief Security, ONGC and other senior
MD- CEO, ONGC Videsh welcoming the Chief Guest on the occasion, Mr A K Sharma, IPS, JS in the
Cabinet Secretariat, GOI. (On the right) Mr. A K Sharma during the presentation to the house
Shri AK Sharma, IPS, delivered a talk on the present security scenario world over and particularly about
the countries where ONGC Videsh is operating. With his vast experience in the disturbed areas of Punjab
where he was posted in the eighties till the middle of nineties, he very vividly brought out the intricacies
of the militancy and the precautions to be taken in terrorist threatened environment. He brought out
very useful lessons on the Security management in disturbed countries abroad and various existing
channels available for support in emergency situations.
The entire Board of Directors at rapt attention during the presentation
Col B K Chaudhary, I/C Security compered the event and briefly narrated why Security Awareness Week
is observed from 13 - 19 December every year because on 13th Dec 2001 terrorist attacked our
Parliament. It is also to remember all those who have sacrificed their lives for the security of the
A view of the house during the ongoing presentation by the Chief Guest
I/C Security also gave the details of various programmes and competitions being held during the week.
The weeklong scheduled programme is being organized with the active support and participation of
Team HR.