ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all I raise my heart in

First of all I raise my heart in gratitude and humble myself before God Almighty,
who has given me an opportunity to carry out research work and successfully completing
the thesis. Let me thank Him for endowing me with enough health, circumstances,
potency and people with willingness to help. Above all I am indebted for His immense
blessings in each and every step and to find solutions to difficult circumstances
throughout the work.
I express my gratefulness to my guide Dr. G.S. Regini Balasingh, former VicePrincipal and Head of the Department of Botany & Research Centre, Scott Christian
College, Nagercoil for consenting to be my guide, esteemed guidance and scholarly
suggestions and valuable help.
I sincerely thank Dr. M. Jezer Jebanesan, Principal Scott Christian College,
Nagercoil and former Principal’s Scott Christian College, Dr. S. Chellakumar Rose and
Dr. E. James Reynold Daniel and the Management of Scott Christian College, Nagercoil
for providing necessary laboratory facilities to undertake the research work.
I wish to thank to Dr. P. Charles, Head of the Department of Botany and Research
Centre and Dr. C. Kington, former Head of the Department of Botany and Research
Centre, Scott Christian College, Nagercoil for rendering all possible help. I indeed thank
teaching and non-teaching staff in the Department of Botany for their assistance during
the period of my research work. I render my gratitude to Mr. T. Moses, Department of
Botany for his kind help during the study period.
I remember with gratitude to Dr. Anand, the eminent personalities and research
scholars, CAS in Botany, Chennai for all the necessary facilities provided, advice and
help in the identification of micro algae, suggestions and relevant thoughts regarding the
My special thanks to Dr. Sam Manohardhas (Head of the Department of Zoology
and Research Centre, Scott Christian College, Nagercoil), Dr. V. Shobha (Rtd. Head of
the Department Aquatic Biology and Fisheries, University of Kerala) and Dr. Geetha
(Rtd. Head of the Department of Botany, H.H. Maharaja’s Government College for
Women, University of Kerala) for their timely help and worthy suggestions in several
ways during the tenure of research. I wish to express my sincere thanks to all M.Phil and
Ph.D scholars who helped me a lot in completing the investigation.
I also place on record Kerala Agriculture University (KAU), Geological survey of
India (GSI-Kerala), Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS-Kerala), Soil analysis lab
(Tamilnadu), TWAD Board (Tamilnadu), Expression Biotech (Tamilnadu) and Scudder
Diagnostic Centre (Tamilnadu) for rendering me all possible assistance. I am thankful to
all Libraries for providing me all facilities and giving permission to collect necessary
I am happy to express my heartfelt thanks to my father Mr. M.V. Joseph, mother
Mrs. Annie Mary Saroja. D and sisters Miss. Jibi Joseph and Miss. Jissy Joseph. I owe
much to each and every one of my family for their valuable prayers, whole hearted
support, tolerance, unlimited patience and encouragement.
I gratefully acknowledge all persons rendered helping hand in need and all those
who helped me directly or indirectly.