Weekly Capital Projects One Week Look Ahead

Construction - Two Week Look Ahead
Public Works Capital Projects
Dec. 22, 2014 – Jan. 4, 2015
The following is a summary of Sarasota County construction, repair and maintenance projects
that are expected to have an impact on local traffic or public areas during the two-week period
beginning Monday, Dec. 22, and continuing through Sunday, Jan. 4, 2015. This summary
includes all road or lane closures approved by the county engineer.
Bay Island Park Seawall Replacement, Sarasota: Notice to Proceed was issued on June 9,
2014 to the new General Contractor, Duncan Seawall, Dock & Boat Lift, LLC (Duncan). The
installation of new seawall panels was temporarily suspended on Sept. 12 while the Contractor
addressed some concerns with panel installation. Work is expected to resume on site Dec. 8,
2014. The project no longer includes the replacement of seawall panels to the City of Sarasotaowned (northern) portion of the park, although Duncan will be restoring the City property and will
repair a short section of seawall at the northwest corner. Improvements on the County-owned
(southern) portion of the park include removal and replacement of the existing seawall panels,
installing a new concrete seawall cap, sidewalk improvements and pavement restoration. As a
result of the temporary suspension of work, the project is expected to be complete in late winterearly spring of 2015. The park will remain open during construction and chain link fencing will
separate the work area from the areas open to the public. Pedestrians, motorists, and boaters
should exercise caution while using the park.
Daniel Lee Cruz, project manager, 941-861-0664
Beach Access 12, Siesta Key: Notice to Proceed was issued on Nov. 10, 2014 to Frederick
Derr & Company, Inc. This week (December 8-14) work will include final grading of the sand
over the “geoweb” and “tensar” mattresses, preparing the parking lot turn around area for the
installation of the Pave Drain interlocking blocks. The project is on schedule and construction is
expected to be substantially complete by Dec. 17, 2014, with final acceptance by Dec. 24, 2014.
Beach Access 12 will remain closed during construction. Pedestrians should use Beach Access
13 to access this portion of Siesta Key. Brad Robertson, project manager, 941-243-1075
Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota: Sarasota County has contracted with Westra Construction
Corporation of Palmetto to construct the Bee Ridge Road Improvements, from Mauna Loa
Boulevard to Iona Road. It will include roadway, county and private utility improvements. The
construction began on Monday, July 7 and is expected to be complete by the Summer of 2016.
The contractor is expected to work only half a day on Wednesday, December 24 and will not be
returning until Monday, Jan. 5, 2015. However, private utility contractors for Comcast and
Florida Power and Light (FPL) are expected to work with smaller crews during this time.
During next two weeks, the contractor will continue to install and test the underground utility
infrastructure on the north side of Bee Ridge Road at various locations and on the south side of
the road at the Bent Tree lift station. The crews will also be installing stormwater pipe along the
north side of the road from Sarasota Golf Club Boulevard to the creek on the east side of the
church. Crews will continue with the installation of a concrete block wall on the north side from
the box culvert, to the west of Gary Player Boulevard. Other crews will be working on final
finishing and clean up at the location where the barrier wall was installed on the box culvert near
Hidden Glen.
The contractor will be receiving deliveries for concrete pipe and stormwater boxes, which will be
stockpiled at the pond site and along the north side of Bee Ridge Road. Motorists need to be
aware of the flatbed trucks and other heavy equipment entering and leaving the roadway to
unload material.
FPL will continue to install hardware and transfer services to the new power lines on the new
poles on the north side of Bee Ridge Road from Wake Avenue to west of Gary Player
Boulevard, while Verizon continues their relocation work throughout the project. Comcast is
expected to begin their relocation as well. If your service is disrupted, please report the outage
to your utility service provider.
On Friday, the contractor will be patching and repairing the existing roadway in various locations
where they had to remove asphalt to install pipe during the week.
There will be intermittent single lane closures throughout the project area with flagmen from 9
a.m. to 5 p.m. as needed, while crews are working within or close to the existing roadway, minor
traffic delays are expected. The speed limit for the entire project has been lowered to 35 mph.
Alex Boudreau, project manager, 941-650-0765
Bermuda Brook Weir Rehabilitation, Sarasota: This project will include repairs to an existing
concrete weir, removal and replacement of a portion of failed seawall next to the weir, drilling of
holes in the remaining seawall to allow groundwater to drain through to relieve pressure on the
wall, and placement of “rip-rap rock” to support the seawall. Local residents can expect
construction activities between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday – Friday, with occasional truck traffic
on Tanglewood Drive, between Webber Street and South Tuttle Avenue. The project began on
Dec. 2, 2014 and is scheduled to be completed by May 1, 2015.
Paul Semenec, project manager, 941-232-5541
Blackburn Point Park, Venice: The East Node pervious concrete is complete. Site utilities are
in progress. Bio-swales Bold and Gold, topsoil bio-swale planting and bio-swale pine straw
mulch are complete. Subgrade, base, and curbing are underway. The parking lot roadway is 80
percent complete). Dock pilings, and boardwalk framing are 60 percent complete. The shade
structure foundations are complete and ready for support beams to be installed. The east node
boat ramp is in progress. The east node restroom carpentry remains in progress with carpenters
finishing up on the hand railing and trimming out restroom structure. The ADA railing should
begin by end of December, 2014. Electrical rough-in is complete with the electrical wiring being
installed. The east node Roof is dried-in with a membrane. Irrigation lines and site plantings are
65 percent complete. The west node restroom masonry and tie beams are complete. The
carpenters started hanging the trusses Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014. The west node electrical
and plumbing rough in is 90 percent complete. Anthony Bell, project manager, 941-650-0874
Brentwood Sidewalks, Sarasota: The contractor will continue to form and pour the concrete
sidewalk and driveways on Parnell Drive, Yawkey Avenue, Busti Way, Bond Place and on
McIntosh Lane. Final grading and sod to follow as areas are complete. The storm drain
installation continues on Cambridge Drive. There will be one lane, two-way traffic with flagmen
at a minimum. Alex Boudreau, project manager, 941-650-0765
Emergency Operations Center (EOC), Sarasota: Construction of a 2-story facility for the
EOC, a 911 Call Center, and the Enterprise non-emergency Contact Center is located on the
County-owned parcel on Porter Way. The facility is designed to withstand Category 5 hurricane
winds and to remain fully-operational for 72 hours post-event. Construction of the 250’
communications tower is complete. Utilities are in place and testing is underway. Connection to
the Sarasota County Data Center is being installed now. Site work is nearly complete, and the
project is on-target for Substantial Completion by late-January and Final Completion in April.
This project has limited impact to roadways with increased delivery traffic and no impact to
drainage. Kim Humphrey, Project Manager, 941-549-4549
FDOT Projects in Sarasota County
I-75: From Sumter Boulevard to River Road: Construction project: This project expands I-75
to six lanes. Crews are performing earthwork activities and placing drilled shafts for high
mast lighting. Workers continue bridge widening and jack and bore operations for
installation of drainage. Drivers should pay attention to traffic signs and barricades
throughout the construction project, stay alert, and use caution in the work zone.
Estimated completion is summer 2016. The contractor is Conalvias USA.
US 41 at SR 789: Maintenance permit project: The sidewalk located along the west side of US
41 from SR 789 to Ritz Carlton Drive and sidewalk located along the north side of SR
789 from Sunset Drive to US 41 will remain closed until construction of the development
located at the corner of US 41 and SR 789 is complete. Pedestrians should follow the
established detour.
US 41 from Marcia Street to Baywood Drive and from Reynolds Road to Gulf Gate Drive:
Construction project: Crews are resurfacing the roadway, installing highway lighting,
constructing sidewalk and making drainage improvements. Nighttime/overnight lane
closures occur from 7 p.m. to 11 a.m. Expected completion is Spring 2015. Ajax Paving
is the contractor.
SR 758 (Midnight Pass Road) from Stickney Point Road to Higel Street: Maintenance
contract project: Crews are making sidewalk repairs on the northbound side of SR 758.
Motorists should expect intermittent northbound daytime/nighttime/overnight lane
closures from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. through the mid-December,
weather permitting. Motorists should use caution while in the area and expect possible
SR 72 from Myakka Valley Ranches to the Myakka State Park: Maintenance contract
project: Crews are removing and clearing old vegetation within the right-of-way. Please
use caution.
SR 72 at Bee Ridge Road: Maintenance permit project: Crews are installing a new power pole.
Expect an eastbound lane closure with flagger directing traffic from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday, December 22.
Robin Stublen, Public Information Officer, 863-519-2362
Fire Station #16 (Hummingbird Lane): This project consists of the construction of a 13,000
square-foot fire station. Purpose of this project is to provide up-to-date emergency services to
the projected villages east of I-75 and decrease projected response times. The existing fire
station will remain in operation until such time that the new facility is operational. There will be
limited impact to the roadway with increased delivery and subcontractor traffic and no impact to
drainage. The project is expected to be finished in the Summer of 2015.
Kim Humphrey, Project Manager, 941-549-4549
Fire Station #17 (University Town Center): This project consists of the construction of a
13,300 square-foot fire station located on Desoto Road close to Honore Road. Purpose of this
project is to provide up-to-date emergency services and Sarasota Sheriff Office presence to the
University Town Center area. The existing, temporary, fire station will remain in operation until
such time that the new facility is operational. Site clearing is complete, site preparation will
continue through January. There will be limited impact to the roadway with increased delivery
and subcontractor traffic and no impact to drainage. The project is expected to be finished in
Fall of 2015. Kim Humphrey, Project Manager, 941-549-4549
Gulf Gate Library Replacement, Sarasota: The replacement of the Gulf Gate Library at 7112
Curtiss Ave., Sarasota, began in June 2013 with demolition of the existing library and site
preparation for construction of the planned two-story, 25,000-square-foot building at the same
site. Work will be in progress on the southbound lane of Curtiss Avenue and the east-bound
lane of Gulf Gate Drive. There are no planned lane closures, however, drivers should exercise
caution while traveling in the area. The new library will have expanded parking facilities,
stormwater facilities, enhanced landscaping and an after-hours book return with a dedicated
drive aisle. The project is expected to be finished in Winter 2014. The library has temporary
quarters in the Westfield Sarasota Square Mall, 8201 South Tamiami Trail.
Coleman Knott, project manager, 941-232-3043
Honore Avenue/Pinebrook Road Extension, Phase VII: Sarasota County has contracted with
Russell Engineering to construct the Honore Avenue/Pinebrook Road Extension, Phase VII
project, which is from Laurel Road to State Road 681. Construction began on Monday, May 19,
2014 and is scheduled to be complete by Spring 2016. The Contractor’s work activities for the
next two weeks include the following: grading & sodding of ditches and slopes at the north end
of the project; placing sod at Pond 3-4; excavation of Pond 1-2 South of Salt Creek; placing
embankment for proposed roadway; storm drainage installation; grading subgrade for curb
pads; formwork for bridge bent caps.
Robbin Levar, Project Manager, 941-650-9815
Honore/Richardson Roundabout Construction: Construction is nearing completion for the
replacement of signalization at the intersection of Honore Avenue and Richardson Road with a
new Roundabout. The project was temporarily suspended while the vegetation and planting
plan was modified. The final paving has been completed and the project is substantially
complete. Alex Boudreau, project manager, 941-650-0765
Lift Station Rehabilitations Project, Siesta Key: This phase of the project shall provide
needed upgrades to the existing Mangrove Point Road Lift Station and increase the wet well
capacity. The Contractor, TLC Diversified resumed work on Dec. 15, 2014. Final completion is
scheduled for mid-January. There shall be single lane closures on Mangrove Point Road
throughout the duration of the project. A road closure is scheduled to take place on Monday,
Dec. 18, 2014. A second road closure is anticipated the first week of January. Motorists should
use caution when driving through the work zone.
Jack Gibson, project manager, 941-650-2606.
Lyons Bay Sunaire Estil Dredging Project, Nokomis: This maintenance dredging project is
intended to restore navigability to an upland-cut canal that has become filled with sediment and
overgrown with vegetation. TSI Disaster Recovery, LLC will remove approximately 2,500 cubic
yards of material from approximately 1,550 linear feet of canal, and dispose of it at the Sarasota
County Central Landfill. Local residents can expect construction activities between 7 a.m. and 5
p.m., Monday – Friday, with truck traffic on Estil Drive and Avenida de Palma. The project
began on Oct. 15, 2014 and is scheduled to be complete by Feb. 11, 2015.
Paul Semenec, project manager, 941-232-5541
Myrtle Street at U.S. 301 Turn Lane and Sidewalk Improvements, Sarasota: Crews will be
forming and pouring cast in place for drainage structure lids on the north and south sides of
Myrtle Street. Road base materials are being placed and new curbs will be poured on the south
side of the street. The project is approximately 700-feet-long from the east side of Gillespie
Avenue to the west side of U.S. 301. The Myrtle Street widening will be constructed to an
undivided two-lane urban roadway with right and left turn lanes onto U.S. 301.
Myriam Murphy, project manager, 941-650-3553
Nokomis Sidewalks: The Nokomis Sidewalk Improvements project will be not be working the
week of Dec. 22-28, 2014. Crews will be working December 29 to January 2 on Dona Way from
Portia Street to Albee Farm Road. The pipe crew will be installing the new storm system in this
area. Daytime flagging is expected in the area to allow this work.
Robbin Levar, project manager, 941-650-9815
Red Bug Slough Preserve Restoration, Sarasota: This wetland restoration project in the Red
Bug Slough Preserve is intended to remove exotic invasive vegetation, restore and enhance a
historic marsh, increase aquatic habitat and enhance recreational use by the public. The project
is nearing completion, although the contractor has to address some final “punch-list” items. The
preserve is open to the public. Paul Semenec, project manager, 941-232-5541
Rothenbach Park, Sarasota: Construction project to pave two existing shell driveways and
upgrade the park entrance driveway. Driveways to the RC Flyers parking lot and to the trailhead
parking lot in the southern end of the park will be closed periodically beginning in midSeptember for re-grading and paving. The entrance driveway into the park will be closed
beginning in late October for approximately one month for drainage upgrades and repaving.
Specific closing dates will be posted as construction progresses. Construction areas will be
closed to visitors.
CAUTION: For safety reasons, the public will not be allowed to use portions of the park
while construction is underway.
For construction questions call:
Myriam Murphy, Project Manager, Capital Projects, 941-650-3553
For park facility use questions call: Lynda Becherelli, Parks Naturalist, 941-961-8816
Sanitary Manhole Rehabilitation: This construction project consists of preparation, ring &
cover installations, and rehabilitation. The manhole rehabilitation will be in the following areas;
The Oaks I & II, Misty Creek, Heartland Health Care, and Tri-Par Estates.
Jason Brown, project manager, 941-650-3728
Siesta Key Large Water Meter Replacement: Work will continue on the replacement of six
large water meters on Siesta Key. The work will be taking place on Midnight Pass Road
between Stickney Point Road to the south and Beach Road to the north. All work will be taking
place outside of the right-of-way, within utility easements, however, there will be occasions of
large equipment and trucks entering the roadway as well as deliveries of materials along the
route. Please use caution while driving on this portion of Siesta Key. The project is expected to
be complete in February of 2015. No work will take place from Dec. 24, 2014 through Jan. 4,
2015 in observance of the Holidays. John Saputo – Project Manager, 941-650-0022
Tree Maintenance, Laurel Road, Venice: Monday and Tuesday there will be tree maintenance
(pruning) on Laurel Road, from Pinebrook to Knights Trail. No interruption of traffic is expected.
David Godson, project manager, 941-650-0737
VENICE: Indian Avenue and Bahama Street: On Dec. 19, repair work will begin at the
southeast corner of Indian Avenue at Bahama Street to alleviate water ponding at this corner. A
section of the curb and sidewalk will be removed and replaced and the asphalt will be
reconfigured. The curb and sidewalk will be removed on Friday and Saturday, Dec. 19-20.
Concrete forms will be set on Monday, Dec. 22 and new concrete poured on Tuesday, Dec. 23.
A temporary lane closure will be in place at this corner only. Flaggers will be in place to direct
traffic. On Jan. 5, the final lift of asphalt will be placed between 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. One lane will be
open during asphalt application and both lanes will be open by 1 p.m.
Pam Johnson, Marketing and Communications Officer, 941-486-2626, ext. 24005
Water Main (WM) Looping Project: Construction project consisting of three segments to
improve potable water quality in the Venice area. On Monday, Dec. 15, the final WM pipeline
segment at Venice By Pass/U.S. 41 and Gulf Coast Boulevard shall begin. On Gulf Coast
Boulevard there is the possibility of a temporary lane closure with flaggers. The construction
work is expected to take approximately three weeks to complete with testing and restoration
following after that. Motorists should use caution when driving through the work zone.
Jack Gibson, Project Manager, (941) 650–2606
West Dearborn LID Project : Phase 2 consists of a new parking lot at Green Street & Orange
Avenue and an expansion of an existing lot off of Cedar Street. The Green St. site opened last
week in time for the first Englewood Farmers Market of the season. Punch-list items will be
completed in the next week. The Cedar St. parking lot will be finishing the paver walkways and
irrigation. Phase 3 consists of the Veteran’s Memorial and Freedom Pavilion at the intersection
of W. Dearborn Street and Harbor Lane. The project has reached substantial completion.
Myriam Murphy, Phase 2 & 3 project manager, 941-650-3553